Oct 092008

Before his lips ever touched mine, our first sexual contact was his hand firmly wrapped around my throat. Followed by his pelvis pressing to mine, trapping me against the wall. He stared me down until I broke eye contact; slowly but quickly his free hand snaked around behind my head, grabbed a fistful of hair, and forcefully pulled. My head went back just by a bit, as much as the wall allowed; it forced me to look at him again.

My heart was racing, my breathing was labored and my cunt undoubtedly wet. All this and the man hadn’t even kissed me!

But oh, that changed in short order. It was a kiss that claimed me. Consumed me. Owned me. His hand, still around my neck, gripped a little more. His fingers, still tangled in my hair, gripped a little more.

He pulled his lips away and I quietly protested; a whimper, a sigh, a flutter of eyelids closing. If I were not pinned to the wall I would not have been able to remain standing. He yanked my hair yet again and my eyes snapped open. I could now see the change in him; his jaw was tense, his eyes narrowed in lust and power.

He released me from his grip and took a step back. His palm cupped the side of my face and his thumb roughly traced my lips. One word, as a question:


“Yours, Sir.”

A small half-smile turned up the corner of his lips.

His hand continued down to my breast and he sharply pulled my nipple. He held it there, wordlessly waiting for my answer, before he would let go. A wince and a sharp intake of breathe before I could say, with a tremor in my voice:

“Yours, Sir.”

His hand cupped my cunt, and I repeated. He grabbed my hips, hard, and spun me around to face the wall. To catch my balance I put both hands up, palms pressed against the cool plaster. One cheek against the wall, meaning one ear turned towards him. His hand smacked my ass hard and then slid down the center and under the curve of my cheeks. He pressed into me and growled the question again in my ear; I faltered with my answer but still told him:


I felt and then heard a low rumble of a slightly sadistic chuckle from him. He smoothed my hair to the opposite side of my neck, deceptively gentle for all of 5 seconds before he grabbed a handful again at the nape of my neck. His lips assaulted the side of my neck where it meets my collarbone, the spot that makes my knees weak. He turned my head towards him a little more and his lips claimed mine yet again.



All this and we were still fully clothed…

  • Oh that was lovely. Thank you for writing, I just found your blog for the first time, and did a little bit of back reading. You’re wordy, and I like it. Can’t wait to read more soon!

    ~ Ha! You made me giggle lady. *grins* I’m “wordy”….I’ve never heard that one before! Nice to have you around, hope to see more of you :) ~L

  • I love your writing. :-)

    ~ Thanks lady :) ~L

  • Love it! I’m coming back for more!

    ~ Yay! A newbie! :) Welcome hon! ~L

  • Deviant Little Devil

    In a word, WOW!

    Oh how I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall watching that scene.

    ~ Thanks hon. I wouldn’t mind the fly’s view either, lol

  • maxintensity

    Smoking hot…I hope there will be more.


    ~ To be honest, who knows. We’ll see if I can pull out a continuance.

  • Next chapter please!

    Great job!

  • Excuse me while I go take a shower…your writing makes it seem like we are right there in the moment…

    My favorite part of course was the beginning when he had his hand wrapped around your throat.
    Love that stuff!

    ~ *grins* are you saying you feel dirty now? ;)

  • i smile 2 much

    Mmm. I luv the tease, anticpation and I luv your words …..

    YUM. Keep it up….

    *sweet smiles*

    ~ thank you thank you :)

  • James

    Wow, just when I thought I had to turn up the thermostat for the winter. So damn hot. As ever.

  • Cheating Wife

    Erotic, fantastic….yes.


  • Now that was just *lovely*.

    Your fantasy could have been mine, entirely. Wonderful.

    ~ Yes, I’ve thought the same on some of your more recent ones with Mr. Intelligent! ;)

  • Oooo now that’s just damn hawt. I want one of those where do I find me one haha xx That’s some damn fine writing my dear.

  • Riff Dog

    Love this! Some of the best parts of sex happen while fully clothed IMO.

  • Oh, this is just lovely and powerful and dark and tempting in all the right ways. I’ve always wanted to find someone who would treat me like this (with consent, of course)… but everyone I’ve encountered has been too afraid they’ll hurt me. *sigh* If you ever find a way to clone your Sir, I’d be happy to test-drive…. :)

    ~ thank you, I’m touched that you liked it. Don’t worry about cloning, I’m sure he’d ask you to join ;)

  • This story is so intense and you convey that intensity with your words. Wonderful writing.

    ~ Thank you, it’s amazing what he can do to me even in the midst of writer’s block!

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