Oct 212008

I don’t usually do these, but for my Butterfly I will. She tagged me and it’s short* and painless. Mostly.

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1. I hate bananas. Anything even remotely banana-flavored….if bananas were in the fridge along with bread (my mother is guilty of that) I won’t eat the bread. Even if I perceive the side-flavor to be slightly banana, I’ll refuse to eat it. Also hate the smell of bananas. It stems from being forced-fed a liquid medicine as a kid that was banana-flavored. I projectile vomited it all over the kitchen curtains and wall.  Even more weird? I have an exception to this: girl-scout-camp campfire banana boats. Foil, a whole banana, split, with hershey bar blocks and marshmallows. close it up and toss it onto the coals.

2. Again on the “food” thread, I’m revolted by cloves. When I was….hmm…wanna say 14/15, I had all my wisdom teeth out. When I finally was awake enough later on to eat, the only thing I could eat was spaghetti with ALOT of sauce. For some reason the temp and taste covered up the lingering blood taste in my mouth. Well I apparently accidentally sucked on a few strands of sketti, and dislodged the clots in the 2 bottom sockets. Was up all night in excruciating pain from dry-socket. Bastard plugged up the holes with eeney-weeny rags soaked in clove oil. Fucking HELL that was nasty. Drank a shitload of Coke to drown out the taste all throughout the day (prolly why I hate Dr. Pepper). Clove cigarettes, cloves in ham…..*gag*

3. My first true taste of geekdom was with a Pascal programming class. Prior to that…..taking apart my Simon electronic game to see how it worked without it’s plastic housing.the programming class caused my major change to computer tech.

4. My late grandparents, born in 1910 and 1913, lived their life without knowledge of what the internet was. They were never on a “personal computer”. One day a few months before she died I tried to explain to my gram what the internet was. She wasn’t mobile and I didn’t own a laptop, so I couldn’t show her. Wow, that was hard. I recently recalled my first experiences on the internet, and now have a bit of sympathy for those who have only used AOL. I only used that, no “internet explorer” or whatnot for a good 3 years. AOL 2 I think, lol. After my dad died and my boyfriend and I upgraded the computer and internet stuff, he got me signed up with a local ISP. I couldn’t grasp the concept at first of what the internet would “look like” without the AOL interface.

5. I only have two “real” scars. On my right forearm, apparently they didn’t do a great job back then of sewing a person up. It’s kinda wide, like they didn’t sew it tight or somethin. I dunno. I’ll take a pic of it someday. I was 5 and was pissed at my cousin for using my favorite cup, slammed the porch door shut and my arm went right through the glass (before plexiglass was norm).  Right before my little tap-ballet class recital, hehe. I’m all cute in these little costumes, with a big ole bandaged up arm. Other scar is on my cheek. I was 3 and watched my babysitters husband shave in the morning, and thought I’d try it for myself. I see photos but I don’t recall it at all.

6. I’m really afraid of heights and I don’t know why. I didn’t use to be. And by heights I mean the top of a three-step ladder. I can’t stand on the edge of a balcony, even one on the second floor. I can do it sitting though. Worked at Staples long ago, and having to climb to the top of their big metal roaming “staircase” ladders….wow. Coming back down took me a bit. I think I had to do the first few steps on my butt. And that’s the -easy- kind of ladder!!

7. The first time I masturbated wasn’t until age 17. I didn’t really know where my clit was or “how to use it” till age 21. I didn’t have an orgasm (an “oh my god THAT was definitely an orgasm” type) from masturbating until age 28 when I bought my Pocket Rocket, my first clit vibe. All other orgasms prior to that vibe were of the g-spot kind but very subtle. And no, I didn’t know where my g-spot was. He just managed to hit it ;)

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*Ok so I’m “wordy”, it’s official. Happy now? ;P