Dec 062008

Black Suede Flogger |

When I chose the flogger, I chose it because it is simple. Kinda small, easily could fit into my current toy storage bags. It’s not big and bad, and it’s a material of flogger that I’ve not tried before.

When I first received it, I was a bit underwhelmed. It’s -really- simple. But then I used it. And I looked it over more, and felt it and fell in love with it. Seriously? This is a really great quality flogger.

It is basically 5 strands of 1/2″ wide black suede, folded over a metal O-ring and then the handle is made by the top ummm 10″ I think (lost my ruler) being wrapped spiral-like and then there is a plastic/rubber/ I don’t know “sleeve” over that wrapped portion that is shrink-wrapped I guess, to protect the wrapped end and make for a nice handle. Since the strips are continuous up over that metal ring…they’re not going to ever fall out. This flogger appears to be able to withstand many years of use. It’s affordable, too. I’ve looked at other, more fancy, floggers. They appear to have a handle that is pretty, and the flogger strands are likely glued into that. To ME that seems like it could come apart eventually with heavy use or accidental improper storage. This flogger won’t do that.

I like this flogger. Perhaps a bit too much. I have only tried it out on one partner and while his pain tolerance is certainly more than mine…..well, perhaps it’s not his pain tolerance at fault but my seriously sadistic streak. I really get off on flogging/whipping. Perhaps it’s the fact that my body can really get into it – with the suede flogger I can hit a little  harder. This flogger fueled this fantasy, and if things go my way….it won’t stay fantasy for very much longer. Yes, boys and girls… dominant side is rising up more and needs to be sated.

It’s funny….flogging and whipping and paddling are things that I really get into, being on the delivery end. But many other sadistic treasures I just cannot dish out. Why? I’m terribly squeamish. Really bad. Seeing the skin all purple-red while trapped in tight rope bondage and in suspension…gah. Nipple clamps? Can’t look. I won’t even get into the more extreme things like needle play and other skin things. *shudders* But oh….oh my can I get into flogging.



Nov 242008

He is naked, standing, legs shoulder-width apart. I have his wrists bound together, his arms extended above his head just in front of him, the rope tied up to a hook in the ceiling. I have his hips back slightly so that he is leaning forward just a bit. Just enough. I swing the flogger very gently towards his hard cock, so that the soft suede gently teases him. He is vulnerable but trusting. He tries to push his hips toward the flogger to feel more caresses to his cock, despite the fact that this is really an instrument of pain and could become one at any moment. The cool weight of the suede plays on him like tendrils. Fingers.

I move behind him and any gentleness is gone. With a figure-8 motion and most of my strength I work the flogger on his back and ass, leaving delicious red marks that appear in short order. He is strong. Were it not for the angry red marks on his back, I might not know I was having an effect. Were it not for his straining cock, shiny and dripping, I might think he was immune. I think I like the feel of this flogger in my hand entirely too much for his own good.

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