Oct 312008


Why yes, those are hands. And yes, I’m on top and we’re both naked. Any more questions?

I don’t really do much for Halloween anymore. Last year or the year before, I picked up the devil horns you saw yesterday. Wore them to work (old job). How sweet my coworkers to ask where my costume was, “how fitting”, etc etc. Ha. Ha. Ha. Little did they know….

It’s been since college that I last attended an actual Halloween party, and got dressed up. I was 19 and a lot thinner and more bold. This was my sophomore year of college, and my roommate that year was a great girl I went to HS with. We were bad, smoking too much pot, skipping too many classes, etc. When her boyfriend decided to rush a fraternity that meant we had to attend frat parties.

Wait, back up here. C and I decorated our room quite a bit, integrating our stuff well. I had a riding crop that was a souvenir from the Kentucky Derby. She happened to own a pair of handcuffs. So we hung these up on the wall side-by-side. We thought we were cute shit, our answering machine’s outgoing message was “Thank you for calling C and L’s house of whips and chains. We’re all tied up at the moment so leave a message.” I never said we were original. So that year for Halloween I decided to use that crop and handcuffs and be a dominatrix.

*grins* Foreshadow much? At this point in life I had only been sexually active a few years, and “kinky sex” was just not in my vocab.

I think the outfit was a vinyl black skirt, some sort of top resembling a corset, stockings, doc Marten boots, a black fask mask, and accessories. No, I didn’t put it to official use. Pity, I know. But what did I know?

A party off campus with a boy I liked I wore a real corset, flimsy top, floor-length full skirt, and boots. Hair up, and fake bite marks on my neck, I was the victim to his vampire. I looked hot. *sigh* the good ole days.