May 042009




I have reviewed a lot of sex toys, and if you’re a loyal reader I think you know by now what it takes to get me off. Of course, getting off goes beyond toys and you know that aspect too. But what you don’t know… how. How I get off.

Since May is National Masturbation Month, there is no better time to talk about it. While every girl jerks off a little bit differently, today you get a sneak peak into the mechanics of my masturbation.

Sometimes I have a goal – to squirt, to come many times, to simply try out a new toy.

Sometimes I start from a bare simmer, and sometimes I wait until I’m a squirming mass of arousal – my cunt and clit already engorged and achy and slippery.

One thing that I really don’t ever do is finger-fuck my cunt. My arms are short and it’s just not comfortable for me. 50% of the time, when I masturbate, it is clitoral stimulation only. It was more frequent before my recent toys but now I have a few wonderful items that fill and stretch me or manipulate my g-spot in an irresistible way. And there are indeed times now where my orgasm is elusive until I hit the proverbial big red panic button that is my g-spot. When done correctly, it is like my g-spot and my clit are inextricably linked together – one fuels the other until the orgasm crashes and I really don’t know where it’s coming from.

Back up.

Clitoral-only orgasm. These are good, they are great even. These were my only method for some time  – back when I was using only found objects such as the battery-operated toothbrush. My fingers? Meh. I’ve orgasmed from merely fingers very few times in comparison. I have gotten to the edge many times, but usually not over. It is, indeed, frustrating.

My clit is picky. There is one spot – THE SPOT – and that is on my right-hand side of it. Vibrations are necessary –  but equally necessary is combining the vibration with pressure. Rubbing and pressing the vibrator hard against myself. Sometimes an up and down motion. My favorite and most delicious, achieved best with smaller vibes that have a pin-point of stimulation, is a tight circle around my clit. But the pressure, oh the pressure is needed. Because of my anatomy – my very full lips – my clitoris remains somewhat hidden. The pressure ensures pleasure is received not just at the tip but the shaft that is hidden inside my body. Also because of my anatomy, my tried-and-true methods include my fingers spreading my lips wide open and taut. My clitoris exposed as much as possible. In longer sessions lasting more than 30 minutes my pussy lips will actually get sore and a little bruised. It is generally a requirement for orgasm to do these things but sometimes, like at work, when I can’t do it I have managed. Likely though I find a way to at least provide the pin-pointed pressure which sends me crashing.

Yes that pressure is necessary and sometimes it is more than most people would think a woman could tolerate. Certainly all of my partners have to be egged and coaxed to be as firm as I need.

The mental aspect….I think it is safe to say that I am different. Sometimes I will be watching porn while I jerk off but that’s actually rare. Before? yes. Before I will watch or I will be reading blogs or looking at photos and I will let myself get to the point of wet cunt, engorged and aching clit, fully aroused. But during? Let us assume I am not in the unusual situation of being at work and let us assume I am alone or at home and perhaps alone. Once I have brought out the toys and I am working towards the end goal, I do not fantasize. In fact my mind does not settle anywhere. I might have images flitting through my imagination, words, shadows of thoughts……. but it is much like well…..a cacophony of images and sounds, a little bit like the Lost brainwashing video but not extreme and not as random. It’s just how my ADD-brain works. I am concentrating on the orgasm; I can’t also concentrate on my thoughts and direct them to fantasy.



I’m not done

We don’t end here

You want to know more….right?

I think the men would appreciate a verbal anatomy of a female orgasm….wouldn’t you, guys? A description of the sensations and well….I think you might appreciate the photos that are coming up.

Aug 242008

The best pleasure comes from denial of said pleasure.

Drag it out. Make him wait.

With dangerous eyes and a smirk of teasing mischief, I drag one palm down his chest. Like a homing missile, my fingertips deftly locate the solid head of his cock which is trapped in his jeans and pointing at such an awkward angle….poor thing. Some circular rubbing to tease through fabric before I abandon it for the buttons and zipper. His cock springs forward after its long-awaited release, already glistening with pre-come.

With my hand wrapped around his cock I rub the semen over the tip, a momentary feel of lubrication on dry skin. I run my hand lightly from the base, up the underside, skit over the head, back down the topside. Repeat. Watch his cock dance and his body twitch in anticipation.

My hand goes lower to grip the base firmly and I let just the tip of my tongue drag up his cock from the base, stopping halfway. Again, going a little farther. Again, up to the tip. Again, this time with a flatted tongue, firm pressure. When I hear the sharp intake of breathe and see his cock twitch as I near the frenulum, I pause there. Lower lip pressed against hard silky flesh, my tongue now languishing on that spot. There is no other movement save for my tongue. Just a few….more…centimeters and he would be in my mouth. He is holding is breathe now, I can tell, waiting for me to plunge him into warm wetness.

But I drag back down with my lips. Back up with my tongue. Closer now, he can feel moist breathe enveloping the head of his cock and my tongue swirls in circles around it. Almost….nope. Not yet.

He is shaking. His legs are trembling. His hands alternate between clenching and opening, going for my head. He is contemplating an act of force, I know, out of sheer desperation. But he knows that this time I am in control, and he lets me do my thing.

My next acrobatic tongue-trip up lands my lips wrapped around the head. No sucking. Just swirling tongue, pressure of lips, wetness and heat.

I stop. Stare at him. Teasing smirk on my end, begging eyes on his end.

In a moment, he’ll get his due.


Ok seriously, isn’t that picture pretty cool? Bought a new camera Saturday – it is not my coveted DSLR but it is such a little whore for attention with its big bag of tricks. This neat little thing was called “color accent”. The whole bra is red but the color accent is finicky and likes certain lighting. There’s another from this series to come in due time. This teasing session started with an awful case of blue-balls by the lucky man taking the photos. As he expressed his growing problem and desperate want, I merely giggled and told him to continue with the pictures. Waiting never killed anyone…

Jul 202008

I’m a very orally fixated person. It is evident in my appreciation for gourmet food. My longing and love of a good long makeout session. My occasional cigarette.

My inability to resist wrapping my lips around a hard cock.

Hard firm cock, soft smooth skin. It is my aim to reduce you to a blithering, sexually-crazed shell of a man. My hands, eyes, lips, tongue all just gravitate to a hard cock.

A firm hand around the base, stroking with the rhythm of my mouth, up and down. A twist perhaps of my head on the upward pull of suction. Swirling tongue over the head. Warm soft hand caressing balls, firmly pressing the perineum.

I crave the taste of the skin, my tongue memorizing you. Up, down, soft and firm, shaft and head, balls and more. I am hungry, I can’t get enough.

You will not know which way is north; the distinction between warm wet mouth and sloppy wet fingers is soon indiscernible. Our moans mingle together. Weave your fingers through my hair at the nape, guide me. Teasingly slow yet strong suction. Lingering down low, teasing at the tip. Faster, your moans egg me on, your hands pushing me just enough. Saliva running down your shaft, lubricating my fingers that work their own brand of magic. Slurping, devouring you, never enough, give me more of you. Hands, mouth, blurred.

I look up at you with fuck-me eyes, but instead they say “cum for me, lover”.