Jan 092010

So a month or so ago I told you guys about Twisted Monk doing another Rope Bondage class, this time in Vegas. Well, the reason it was Vegas is because Tess and Diva were going out there on behalf of Carnal Nation to do special blogger-girl coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo. Since Carnal Nation knew that sending Tess and Diva out there alone could result in trouble, they asked Monk to go babysit them, sort of. Keep them out of trouble, out of jail.

Turns out, Monk’s attention span drifted enough that the ladies nearly got themselves in the OIL WRESTLING pit. Oil wrestling. Really, girls? Carnal Nation is posting video clips of the trip, and that moment can be seen here. You can also see Monk being a brat and slapping an “I Njoy Anal” sticker on Diva’s back, or Monk interviewing my favorite Princess/Headmistress: Kali of Kink Academy.

One of the things I am mostest jealous over is that at the Expo, they get to see all kinds of sex toys. Touch them. Turn them on. (the toys, silly) See new toys that aren’t yet on the market. And of course, ogle pornstars. If that’s your thing, I mean. Me? Nah….just gimme toys. And please, keep Ron Jeremy away from me *shudders*

If you’re on Twitter you can follow most of the hi-jinks, as they all live tweet their way through it. I made up a special Twitter List of the important people I follow that are at this event, you can follow my list to keep up with it too. You can also keep an eye on the Special Coverage section at Carnal Nation to see all the videos and posts. It’s also a good idea to check Twitter for the photos like the 7 foot Mechanical Penis or Beautiful Glass Dildos (i want!!!) and of course AAG is there representing Jane’s Guide and she put up a ton of awesome photos of the Expo on the Jane’s Guide Facebook page.

Man…I wish I was there.

Maybe the girls will bring me back a souvenir though….. ;)