Jun 162011

No words
My tears won’t make any room for ’em, oh
And it don’t hurt
Like anything I’ve ever felt before


This is no broken heart
No familiar scars
This territory goes uncharted


Just me
In a room sunk down in a house in a town
And I don’t breathe
Though I never meant to let it get away from me


Now I have too much to hold
Everybody has to get their hands on gold
And I want uncharted


Stuck under the ceiling
I made, I can’t help the feeling I’m going down
Follow if you want, I won’t just hang around
Like you’ll show me where to go


I’m already out
Of foolproof ideas so don’t ask me how
To get started
It’s all uncharted





Jump start my kaleidoscope heart
I love to watch the colors fade
They may not make sense
But they sure as hell made me


I won’t go as a passenger, no
Waiting for the road to be laid
Though I may be going down
I’ll take in flame over burning out


Where you are to where you wanna be
And you’ll get nowhere


~ Uncharted, Sara Bareilles

Every blog anniversary has had a big emotional post and a sex toy giveaway. This year, you get song lyrics and a dying blog. I’d had a grand idea to get a number of companies to let me give away Pure Wands, multiple Pure Wands and nothing but Pure Wands, but I didn’t get as many as I wanted and after we moved I just…..lost my touch. Something needs to be jump started but I’m all out of fool proof ideas. I was supposed to be happier. I was supposed to be in my element. Blogging was supposed to get better and easier to manage all my projects and I was supposed to be able to finally start some projects I’ve had in my head.

But my house is still a mess, and unpacking is so fucking hard for a person with a brain like mine, and I’m missing social interaction and I’m lonely some days. I lose track of the days of the week and forget about WantonWednesday sometimes. Or lack the motivation to do an edition of e[lust].  Or write a blog post.

So the question is: Am I burning out? Can I jump start things? Or should I go down in flames?

No words
My tears won’t make any room for ’em, oh