Con Drop

I promise that many posts about and related to this weekend at MomentumCon will be forthcoming.

Just not today.

This old lady stayed up late, got up early, laughed and talked till her voice was raw, (and consumed too much sodium) and is paying the price today at (gag) work. Even at home last night, for the brief time period I was awake, everything around me felt a little odd. Perhaps it was the exhaustion but it felt foreign almost. Work is feeling that way as well. I look around at work and think “these are not my people, do not want to be here”. I expected the elevator to go up more floors this morning; this feels like a different place/foreign country and I…I don’t like these people anymore, kinda. My coworkers, I mean. thank god I have only 25 days left here.

I did a crappy job of tweeting during sessions, but so many others were great. If you go to the Momentum site, actually this post, there’s a Live Blog thingie there. Click on it after it loads up. Scroll up to the top and open up the Additional Entries sections to see tweets right from the beginning. There’s a lot! But so many fun tweets and informative tweets.

Infinitely grateful that I got to attend Momentum and meet the wonderful people I spent time with. Again, when I have more of a brain I’ll be writing about those people, my experiences and also some posts influenced by the sessions I attended and things I learned. Soon.