Aug 302009


Happyland is my new name for Maryland. We had a “honeymoon lite” this weekend, just 24 hours and it was most decidedly not enough. The bayside town we go to is a spot where his family owns a little place; for a while there we went every year but due to being newly moved, more poor and less time off from work we had to forgo our week-long summer escapes there these last two years.

It’s always nice to go back; in a way it feels like going home. Is it sad that we (especially me) were super duper excited to see that they put in a new (and huge and wonderful) Target closer to our town? Some places on the eastern shore are a good 20-30 minute drive to “civilization” and chain stores (or farther!). The new Target means that decent shopping is now a little bit closer AND we no longer have to go to Wal-mart for non-grocery things. We bought dessert there – Target has a food brand called Archer Farms and a lot of their things are quite good. We got a Tiramisu from the frozen section and we were very pleasantly surprised! The filling part isn’t as thick and pudding-like as mine, but it was really tasty and even better than some I’ve had in restaurants!!! Another reason we love Maryland is that somehow the roads there are far, far superior than Pennsylvania. It doesn’t matter which highway we are on to get into Maryland (so far it’s been 4 different ones), the moment you officially cross state line the road changes. From pale, crappy, cracked, riddled with potholes and untold amounts of tar patching to smooth and hassle-free. It’s sad, really. Even the median and the shoulders are far superior. And, of course, the drivers are better for the most part.

Dinner was divine, at one of our favorite local seafood places. After dinner we took our usual drive to one of our spots; I had an urging for beach glass. It’s a bit of an obsession with us on the last couple trips and we’ve gotten a decent collection from various beaches in the eastern shore area. No red glass, sadly, and only two little pieces of dark blue glass but the rest is quite pretty. This was our haul from one of the nearby little beaches. I guess “beach” is a bit misleading – more like “bit of shore with some sand and shells and rocks for about 100 yards”. But we like it.

maryland-honeymoon-025fix maryland-honeymoon-012

We love this place so much and don’t spend nearly enough time there, that I’ve got a bit of vacation drop after a mere 24 hours. Really really don’t wanna go back to work tomorrow.

As soon as Drew, my dealer and enabler, firms up a few details for me I will announce a sex toy giveaway contest that I’m really excited for. And I already have my HNT pic (or pics, we’ll see) for this week because last week I wore a top I hadn’t ever noticed is so thin that it’s see-through in certain lighting. Oops!

Aug 242009

For those that follow me on Twitter, you already know the “secret”. I got married yesterday. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision (about a month ago) due to my husband (wow that’s kinda weird to type) not having health insurance at this job and the fact that he really should be on it for prescription coverage and in case he gets injured on the job. So very long story short, we had a small, simple civil ceremony.

What was, at first, going to be a courthouse casual thing turned into a weekend thing with our parents. Me stressing out about making myself a bouquet and it matching the blue dress I picked out online (which ended up ugly and I ended up in a 12-store hunt for just the right shade of blue or purple top to go with a skirt I owned and lemme tell ya those colors don’t *exist* this season) and coordinating with the minister from and writing up the ceremony and vows myself so that I was secure that it held to our (non)religious beliefs while also leaving out wording that would be a sham – i.e. “forsaking all others”.

Yes, the open relationship will continue the way it was. In fact, this ceremony didn’t really change a damn thing except make it legal and recognized by the government and my employer!

I thought it was going to be simple and easy, but every step there was a snag.

~We couldn’t do it during the week because my SO couldn’t take a day off (yeah yeah I know) plus our parents needed to drive a few hours. No judge or JP does these things on the weekend.
~After searching online, I found someone who turned out to be great in the end but took 3-4 days to respond to each email, lol
~Found the spot to have the ceremony, but when we met w/ the minister and such a few weeks later, found that the gazebo was on a teeny island into the pond…and had no grass. And we’ve been in a rainy season, heh. It was muddy and my heels sunk in, but it didn’t rain the morning of the ceremony like we feared
~Since I wanted the ceremony before the heat of the day, celebratory dinner turned to lunch and man hardly anything in this area is open for lunch on a Sunday!! Turned out to be great though, the food was *awesome*
~As I said, hit snags all along the way with my clothing. That part stressed me out the most, I think. Couldn’t find a nice dress that I looked alright in (I’m not a dress girl for now) but I went ahead and made my bouquet to match a dress I presumed would be perfect….it wasn’t, it kinda sucked, so I had to find clothing to match the flowers. Yeah yeah, I know. When I finally found the right top….the zipper to my skirt broke, in the dressing room. Luckily my man is good with broken zippers, and he fixed it later. Whew!
~His wedding ring was shipped out immediately and arrived 3 days after ordering. We didn’t admittedly leave the optimal amount of time for this but time was not on our side. Mine, however, didn’t ship out when his did (perils of ordering from the same site, different vendors). Vendor informs me it wouldn’t arrive in time. Canceled order, got same ring elsewhere, I paid Express USPS shipping. Promises that it would arrive in time fell flat, and I had to borrow a ring for the ceremony. STILL don’t have the ring, in fact!! Twitter also heard about my panic with my engagement ring….it got stuck! I hadn’t needed to remove it for a year and I think one of my new meds made my fingers a little bigger – I tried and tried, every suggestion in the book, but it wouldn’t come off (I was going to get it resized bigger) so I carted my ass off to the jewelry store less than a week before the ceremony to have it cut off and resized (and then they made it too big).

Were these all signs along the way??? If they were, oh well. We’ve been together for a very long long time so this all was inevitable anyways. And no, it doesn’t really feel any different at all.  The reason we waited so long in fact was due to jobs and money, so that’s why it was prolonged until now and why it wasn’t a “white wedding” and there’s no honeymoon. Next year, maybe. Maybe then we can do it up properly.

We got a few monetary gifts and we’re hoping to be able to buy a laptop with it, we both really need one (to share). Mostly though we didn’t tell many people in advance and we don’t expect to get gifts from the family and friends until next year.

I’ll have a naughty HNT post this week featuring my flowers that you saw a little bit of!

Aug 202009


If you know…..then sssshhhhhh

If you don’t know…..then all will be revealed soon

I won’t be posting again until Monday at the earliest.

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Aug 182009

My good friend Bad Bad Girl is having a monumental contest going on right now, in fact there’s more than one! I’m mainly doing this for the Grand Fucking Prize, to get the list of giveaway items one item bigger. How does this work? How can you enter this yourself? All you have to do is post something on your blog similar to this, and make a wishlist at Post your wishlist in said post, and let BBG know about it. For every person, up to 100, that enters, another prize is added on. Below is the full list. Prize #100 is a fucking machine!! Holy crap! Can you tell how much she is loved, given the magnitude of this contest?? I think it’s the biggest and best giveaway that any sex blogger has been able to do.

While some of the stuff on the prize list doesn’t interest me at this time in my life since I’ve decided to walk away from many BDSM things for awhile, I want whoever wins this prize to get a lot of great stuff! I created my little wishlist over there, and here’s my items. I  have to admit to being a bit of a wuss when it comes to many items that ER carries, so my list right now is small. When I go to physical therapy for my back issues, they do electro-stim on me at the end. After seeing these stim kits meant for sexual purposes and knowing how it feels on my back….well, I’m very intrigued by it and hope to try this someday.

Electro Vaginal Shield Electro Vaginal Shield
Folsom PSG-202 Box Folsom PSG-202 Box
Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box
The Plus-Size Crotchless Corset Strap-On The Plus-Size Crotchless Corset Strap-On
Clitoris Enhancer Clit Pump Kit Clitoris Enhancer Clit Pump Kit

Here’s what you can win as the entries increase:
(with mine we’re up to the Sunset Plug)

Sign-ups Item Retail


Electrogasm $45.00


Ratan Cane $11.50


Trinity Silicone Butt Plug Kit $38.00


Trinity Pink Waterproof Rabbit $18.95


Orgasmic Vibrating Cock Ring $8.00


Luv Balls $26.00


The Sunset Plug $17.99


Strict Leather Flogger $165.00


Clit Enhance Pump Kit $114.00


Vibrating Silver Bullet $8.50


Vibrating Remote Control 7 speed egg $47.95


Leather Blindfold with Velcro Closure $16.50


Strict Leather Locking Thigh Cuffs $76.00


Trinity 7 Speed Vibrating Silicon Butt Plug $28.95


Delux Digital Power Box $130.00


Trinity Pocket Rocket Massager $14.00


Trinity Heart Throb Glass Dildo $28.00


The Love Pacifier $14.99


Strict Leather 4 Foot Leash $18.00


Vibrating Lipstick $26.00


Hitachi Magic Wand $49.95


Ball Gag Training System $15.00


Trinity Rosebud G Vibrator $22.50


Strict Leather Punishment Strap $37.50


Bondage Tape $7.95


Strict Leather Studded Paddle $48.00


Clit Clamp with Bell $10.00


Strict Leather Low Rise Leather Collar $48.00


The Love Seat $99.95


Premium Bondage Rope Nylon 10ft $12.00


Wartenburg Wheel $9.50


The Anal Hook $78.95


Tower of Pain $88.00


Strict Leather Forced Orgasm Belt $78.00


The Curvy Steel Dildo $95.00


The Power Box Fucking Machine $449.00
Aug 152009


UPDATE:  I’ve just noticed that this post is being linked to and I wanted to point out that this review is VERY old. If I’d known in advance, I would have had more time to update this review (like I plan to do with many other old reviews). For more Magic Wand and other wand attachments, check them out here. Many attachments that are listed to fit the Magic Wand electric will fit the Magic Wand Rechargeable, as the heads are very similar. The Doxy head is slightly different but the attachments still work fairly well.

If you have any questions, please email me and I will help you out! I answer all emails!


Sex toy manufacturers have come to realize that electric massagers like the Hitachi are here to stay – so they’d better get their piece of that pie. These types of vibrators aren’t always meant to be used as a sex toy, so additions are needed to better achieve that naughty purpose. There are a good number of these out there, most of them are Hitachi attachments because it is recognized as the most popular of the electric massagers.

Since the heads are different on all of these massagers, what works on one won’t necessarily work on the other. In the charts that I did up for both the plug-in style and the rechargeable style, you can see the size differences as well as notations on which ones have attachments made for (or that will fit) them and about how many.

In this post I’m going to discuss the ones that EdenFantasys carries (which is a good number of them). There are other attachments and sleeves on the market and there are a number that are NOT silicone. Why bother with these things if it’s not a safe material? Anyways, I’ll touch on the basics of ones I haven’t tried and give detailed information on the ones I do own. I had done up a video showing me putting these on the various massagers, turning them on with the attachment on, but editing the video to flow better and figuring out I needed to re-shoot a couple of things made me just give up on it. In fact the video part is what delayed this post by a week. So, screw it. You get photos for now and my expert opinion ;)


The Pleasure Dome by Downunder Toys

puttingpleasuredomeonhitachi pleasuredomeonhitachi

EdenFantasys calls the color “purple”; it appears pink in their photos and in daylight it appears to be a pinkish-lilac hue. With sparkles embedded. If you hate anything sparkly and pinkish, then you might hate this on principle alone (I can think of at least 2 other reviewers who qualify there, hehe). Downunder Toys does make this in other colors that rock; however, EF only carries the one. At the time of this writing I am inquiring why they only offer one color and if/when they plan to update their offerings. I’ll update this post when I find out.

Anyways. It’s pure silicone which means its easy to clean. From the photos you can see that its covered in large nubs – these are soft and unlike the G-pod, not painful under high-powered vibration. You can also turn this sleeve inside out to experience the smooth side. It’s a bit stretchy, it can be rolled over the Hitachi head sort of like a condom or just stretched out wider a bit (careful!) so therefore it’s pretty simple to get this on. You will experience a little dampening of the intensity of the Hitachi by using this attachment. Most importantly though is that it offers a simple and easy cleaning option for your Hitachi whether you share it or not. If you tend to share you can get more than one sleeve for easier and faster swapping.

This sleeve was intended to be used on the Hitachi but will fit the Acuvibe original and the Ideal.

UPDATE: This topper is no longer in production, as far as I know.

Off With Their Head Hitachi Cap by Vixen Creations


Unlike the Pleasure Dome, this isn’t a sleeve or an addition – it’s a replacement. I bet you didn’t know that you can remove the white head of the Hitachi! You can indeed – but boy it isn’t as easy as the directions included with the cap claim it is! I struggled with it for a good 5 minutes until I finally ignored their method and used my own. To get the Off With Their Head cap on, and the Hitachi head off, you need to start prying up the edges of the Hitach head until the edges of the head cover are up above the lip. It’s hard to explain, so just view these photos below to give you a better idea of how to remove the Hitachi head.


The cap is then much easier to get off and on. However, it’s made of that slighty-tacky silicone that will attract dust/lint/fur like an MRI magnet (as you can clearly see in the first photo). You must clean it before use because there’s no way to store it to keep it spotless. It’s silicone as well so its easy to disinfect and share. There is two side of this cap – a few ridges on one, and this odd soft pointy thing. It’s supposed to mimic oral sex – a vibrating tongue that no human could compare to. Well once you apply any sort of pressure to your clit with that “tongue”, its no longer a flappy hummingbird tongue – its just another piece of vibrating silicone. The ridges didn’t really do a whole lot for me.

This cap was manufactured for the Hitachi and *only* the Hitachi has a removable head.


G-plus Massager Attachment by Natural Contours


This attachment is made by the same company that makes the Ideal. This was made specifically for the Ideal. Hell even the color of the attachment is identical to the head of the Ideal.  It fits on the Hitachi but it must not be a perfect match because it makes the Hitachi louder. It does *not* work with the Acuvibe or Miracle Massager because their heads are a little too skinny for it. When I put the G-plus Attachment on the Acuvibe and turned it on, it rattled and spun around.

While the G-plus is Phthalates free / Latex free, it isn’t silicone. It’s TPR rubber. So it can’t be fully disinfected. Because of the shape, you can’t very well put a condom over it, either.


The G-plus is very flexible. And by flexible I mean kinda floppy. Like a raw hot dog, perhaps. Therefore all this does is provide intense vibration to your G-spot’s general vicinity- there’s no way to apply pressure because it’s so floppy. And that, my friends, doesn’t make my g-spot happy. Also, using this on the Ideal does nothing to dampen its loud rattle. The insertable portion of this is also fairly slender – about 1″.

G-pod (originally by Nexus)


I’ve reviewed this here already, and I hated it. The design appears to be on the right track, but all in all those tiny little raised nubs were murder on my sensitive bits. Unfortunately this has been reproduced by Wand Essentials, if you think that itchy vibrating nubs are your thing.


Jollies Attachments – Straight and Gonzo, er I mean Curved.

HSA1001_1 HSA1005_1

These are in the line of Hitachi attachments that are single-purpose: To turn Hitachi from a clitoral stimulator to an insertable stimulator. The curved version is for g-spot stimulation, and the straight one is well….I guess if you like straight dildos that vibrate?

From what I can gather from others that reviewed these, they’re flexible but firmer than the G-spot for Ideal. Once inserted, they can be manuevered so that the cap presses against your clit while the insertable portion is well, inserted. That statement however likely depends on the way your cunt is built. For me, this wouldn’t work. These are available in a few others colors than what I have shown here.

These are, of course, silicone.

Gee Whiz and Gee Whizzard by Vixen Creations


Vixen does pretty oh so well. These are awesome marbled-dyed silicone attachments in blue and green. Again, Vixen manufactured these specifically to fit the Hitachi. It might work on the Ideal and Acuvibe, or it might be a tiny bit loose – I can’t tell because I don’t own one and I don’t know if they need to stretch out over the Hitachi head or if they slide on easily. Very hygienic, sterillizable and sharable.

The Gee Whiz (the blue one shown above) is about on the average side at 1 3/8″. It’s smooth with no special textures or ridges – just a g-spot curve.

The Gee Whizzard (the teal version) seems to be the better choice between the two. Fun bumps/ridges on the opposite side of the cap, and a bumpy/ridgey texture to the insertable part. It’s more slender at 1″, according to the specs on EF’s site, but in photos it appears to be the same width as the Gee Whiz. There are more glowing reviews of the Gee Whizzard than the Whiz and no complaints that it is ill-fitting like the Gee Whiz.

UPDATE: I do own these, and love them. They work even better with the Lelo Smart Wand Large than they do with the Hitachi.


My recommendations

If you’re looking for an insertable attachment, I’d suggest the Gee Whizard.

Unfortunately I can’t recommend any dual stimulation attachments, because I just haven’t found one that is decent.

I welcome comments from other reviewers on this if you have constructive opinions on any of these that you have used, or if you recommend one I didn’t mention.


Aug 072009

Listen up. I am sweet and sensitive, I am loving and loyal. When I care about someone, I will do just about anything for them to make them happy. Sometimes I go above and beyond – some see that as weak, some see it as amazing.

But cross me? Really offend me or go after me? I’ll cut a bitch.

I’m sure you recall Mr. Orgy, the Okcupid kid whom I tried to convince that he should show up for a “dogging” event I was setting up. I was truly going to keep going with the ruse to teach him a lesson. Until of course, he responded:

how do i know your not just ganna kill me….besides i dont got a car


I twitched from the irritation caused by the poor spelling and grammar. And then I got a little pissed.

A female okcupid serial murderer? I doubt it. If you don’t have a car, then WTF were you thinking messaging a girl for sex who lives 96 miles from you?

Seriously? Not only did Rico Sauve think he could just hit me up for an orgy, but he thought the orgy would come to  him?

im not really sure…lol…but it seemed like a good idea…idk…i guess its just been a while and idk what i was thinking….oh well guess ill have to miss out :(

Close your eyes, Lilly. Deep breaths, Lilly. He’s a moronic nothingness blip in the day.


Nope. Not gonna let it go. Not when his profile is what it is. (btw in his “Things I’m Good At” box, one bullet point was: “Diffinitally not speeling”)

Miss out? Awww. I was looking forward to an orgy with a total stranger, especially you, because I’m just a sucker for a man in a hat. It’s going to be huge, there’s already 10 guys that have confirmed. It’s going to be at the xxx Park in xxx. You need to come! Oh wait….you can’t because you’re a grown man without a car.

Listen. You’re hypocritical, and a loser. You’re 20. You should have a damn car. That’s the first thing.

The second thing is that if you’re going to look for a girlfriend or even just a hookup online, you need to learn better spelling and quit using textspeak. You are a high school graduate, there is just no damn excuse for your poor spelling and grammar. It is not a badge of pride. It makes you look unintelligent.

Third, your profile is all about how you’re nice and sweet and looking for the same but then you run across the likes of me and treat me like a whore. Just ask for an orgy with my friends right off the bat. Because yes you’re totally gonna get that living 100 miles away from me with no transportation and oh by the way I’m Not A Hooker! You just see a couple sexy photos in my profile, and that I’m in an open relationship, and oh angels from heaven I done found me a hoar!! Did you honestly think your opening line would get you anywhere? Would you walk up to a pretty girl in a bar and start off with that? You, boy, need to get some schoolin in readin writin an ‘rithmetic but also manners, respect and common decency.

Did you happen to notice that one of the things I am NOT looking for is casual sex? No, you didn’t, because I bet you didn’t even read. If you are trolling for sex, try adultfriendfinder. Try craigslist next if you find you have to end up paying for such fantasies.

Shockingly, he didn’t respond back. I truly expected to get in return the typical “Yeah well you’re a fat ugly pig and I wouldn’t fuck you anyways, so there” kind of response that I have indeed gotten when I’ve turned a guy down.

In other news. I’d like to end this on a positive note.

A short taste-test of a chat with someone I’ve just barely gotten to know resulted in this at the end of our conversation:

Him: In 10 words or less, describe a fantasy. Give me something to think about while I go camping this weekend

me: Hair pulling back arching bed slamming against the wall ROUGH.
What do you think? Did I do alright with my 10 words?