Jun 112009

This will be short, and will take but a minute or your time.

In recent Lilly news:

I have a post down there, one down. It’s about obedience and submission and my thoughts on where I stand. I’d like to hear from other submissives and how YOU view those two intertwinable topics – if you ever had any problems in the beginning, or even if you did not.

Part three of my office slut series went up on Sunday night. I tend to think that whenever I write a sequel, that the original was the best. I have another one of these in my head, part 4, but I’m just not sure about it. Your thoughts?

Something new:

Someone or two convinced me to post that which I eluded to here. Well….yeah. That’s all I’m saying. That and a warning that as soon as you click on this link the audio clip will start playing.


And coming up soon:

A post about how my reviews of sex toys will be changing

Another foodie post! I haven’t done one in awhile.

Ok ummmm that’s all folks!