Mar 212009

I’ve never really taken any time away from this blog, I’ve been sparse in posting but that was the extent.

I’m not going to worry about this blog for a week or so. I might post a product review, that’s about it, if I can manage it.

My baby girl kitty is perhaps on her last days. We’re not sure. Last Friday she was fine, then that Saturday….not so fine. Subsequent vet visits (costly visits) and testing (oye, srsly? that much?) and meds (4) have not yet shown improvement but I’ve been told to give it a week. She has heart disease and kidney disease and hyperthyroidism. And she’s 16.

We’re not giving up on her just yet because even though she’s weak from not eating (I’m syringe-feeding her with high-cal wet food) she still purrs like crazy when we lay with her, meows and talks to us and has her moments of greatness. Earlier this week after her syringe feeding, she wanted outside! To her that means a 5-10 minute trip to the sidewalk in front of our door where her radius tends to be 4 feet (her choice) of smelling and rolling and nibbling on grass. That night though (she feels safer in the dark, more bold) she ambled on down the sidewalk. She went about 40 feet down, past other doors, just lookin for a blade of grass. Or perhaps she was running away from home, lol.

Rest assured we are vigilant to her condition and will never let her suffer. If her quality of life does not improve in a week, we’ll say goodbye, as heart-breaking as that will be to us. She’s our only furkid right now, is always near us or on us, or talking to us.

So if you don’t see my presence on your blogs as much, or talking much in IM/email/Twitter, this is why.

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