Dec 012008

We barely knew each other, in person. Online we were friends who flirted. We were slow that day to introduce serious flirting to our dynamic, being our first day around each other. The sexual tension was there though – “innocent” unspoken touches, extra-long glances. It was an overnight visit of the friendly sort and we had not planned or talked about anything sexual happening. I was staying with him in his little apartment to save money. Ever the gentleman, he gave me his bed and he took the couch. From the bed I could see the couch – I told you, small apartment.

I told him that I don’t like to be too warm when I sleep (which is true) and so used that as explanation for my minimal clothing while sleeping. Black lace panties and a plain simple black camisole that I purposely lowered the straps on to be as low as possible. No bra. He told me he’d get up before me and shower first, so as to let the tiny water heater recoup before he woke me up. I never clued him in to how light of a sleeper I am….as soon as daylight broke I was pretty much awake. As I watched him sleeping I quietly rearranged the sheet and made sure that he would have an achingly good view of me “sleeping”. One leg outside of the sheet and some ass showing. My breasts nearly falling out of my top. My head was partially buried under the pillow from sleep and I stayed that way; it shielded my face so that he would think I was still sleeping.

I watched him slowly stretch awake. As I precaution I lowered my lids but I still watched as he looked over to see if I was sleeping. My heart raced as I watched him stare at me, wondering if he knew I was awake. His blanket fell away as he leaned forward for his water bottle and could see through the thin fabric of the cotton pants his hard morning cock. He kept looking at me, looking away. I knew how much skin I had exposed. The curve of my ass cheek. A portion of a pale leg. So much cleavage that one nipple was almost out.

I noticed him making the effort to be as silent in his actions as possible. His hand slipped under his waistband….much to my dismay, it stayed under there. But I could see his hand slowly moving, slowly stroking his cock. I think I stopped breathing for a moment. Immediately I was overcome with arousal and could feel my throbbing clit – it took all my self control to keep myself still, keep my hand from trying to relieve the ache and test the wetness. His head leaned back onto the couch for a minute, lost. Then he turned his head my way and stared. And stroked. Suddenly he stopped, withdrew his hand and leant forward to reach underneath the couch. Pulled out a small bottle of something, I couldn’t tell what it was but I quickly knew the purpose. His clean hand pulled the waistband away and down a little. The lubed hand returned to his cock, of course. His gaze returned to my body. Finally his eyes closed and his grip on his shiny beautiful cock tightened. Faster. Soon his body stiffened, his mouth dropped open. I heard small gasps for air. Saw his cum shoot up his chest. He relaxed for a minute as he caught his breath but then quickly looked my way and proceeded to clean up.

I didn’t know what to do. I knew my panties were soaked through. I knew that I was beyond aroused. But I also knew that he would be embarrased.

So I slowly moved, stretched, appeared to have just woken up. I moved the pillow off my head and pulled up the sheet in a fake attempt at modesty. I smiled a sleepy good morning to him and my eyes fell on the water bottle. I asked him if I could have a sip of his water, pretty please, and held out my hand. When he got to the bed I scooted over so that he would sit. I took a drink and then set the bottle on the bedside table; I laid back and looked at him without saying anything more. Thinking. I casually, playfully, told him to lay with me for a minute – I needed a snuggle for a few before I let him go shower.

My head on his bare chest, I melded my body to his. I trailed my hand down his chest…..and my fingers brushed over a small wet patch. I felt him tense up, I felt his heart beating faster. Mine was too. I went back to the wet spot on his tummy and lightly rubbed it into his skin. I couldn’t look at him but I said “That was a very hot show you gave me.” I swear he stopped breathing for a minute. I tilted my head back and looked up at him. Once I saw the blush of embarrassment, the wide eyes of shock, I scooted up until my face met with his. He wouldn’t meet my eyes. I threw a leg over his and firmly pressed my pussy to his hip – covered in nothing but meshy lace that was cool with wetness. Soaked with wetness. If that didn’t make it obvious to him how much I loved watching, my kiss certainly did.

It was such a relief that the nervous, uncertain sexual tension was gone now. And boy did the weekend take a totally different turn from there on out…

Oct 092008

Before his lips ever touched mine, our first sexual contact was his hand firmly wrapped around my throat. Followed by his pelvis pressing to mine, trapping me against the wall. He stared me down until I broke eye contact; slowly but quickly his free hand snaked around behind my head, grabbed a fistful of hair, and forcefully pulled. My head went back just by a bit, as much as the wall allowed; it forced me to look at him again.

My heart was racing, my breathing was labored and my cunt undoubtedly wet. All this and the man hadn’t even kissed me!

But oh, that changed in short order. It was a kiss that claimed me. Consumed me. Owned me. His hand, still around my neck, gripped a little more. His fingers, still tangled in my hair, gripped a little more.

He pulled his lips away and I quietly protested; a whimper, a sigh, a flutter of eyelids closing. If I were not pinned to the wall I would not have been able to remain standing. He yanked my hair yet again and my eyes snapped open. I could now see the change in him; his jaw was tense, his eyes narrowed in lust and power.

He released me from his grip and took a step back. His palm cupped the side of my face and his thumb roughly traced my lips. One word, as a question:


“Yours, Sir.”

A small half-smile turned up the corner of his lips.

His hand continued down to my breast and he sharply pulled my nipple. He held it there, wordlessly waiting for my answer, before he would let go. A wince and a sharp intake of breathe before I could say, with a tremor in my voice:

“Yours, Sir.”

His hand cupped my cunt, and I repeated. He grabbed my hips, hard, and spun me around to face the wall. To catch my balance I put both hands up, palms pressed against the cool plaster. One cheek against the wall, meaning one ear turned towards him. His hand smacked my ass hard and then slid down the center and under the curve of my cheeks. He pressed into me and growled the question again in my ear; I faltered with my answer but still told him:


I felt and then heard a low rumble of a slightly sadistic chuckle from him. He smoothed my hair to the opposite side of my neck, deceptively gentle for all of 5 seconds before he grabbed a handful again at the nape of my neck. His lips assaulted the side of my neck where it meets my collarbone, the spot that makes my knees weak. He turned my head towards him a little more and his lips claimed mine yet again.



All this and we were still fully clothed…

Sep 252008

Imagine a soft tangle of limbs, pillows of flesh, salty and sweet, firm and soft.

This is my greatest desire.

To have two feminine mouths devouring my naked body, floating from cunt and clit to nipples and lips and all in between. To have two writhing moaning wet pussies in the palm of my literal hands.

A daisy chain, if you will, all mouths clamped to all cunts, drowning in the desire. To then swap kisses back and forth, all around, until we each have the taste of three pussies on our tongues.

For now I will not seek a hard cock. For now, I ache to slowly grind my cunt to hers, a slippery slick beautiful mess. A crescendo of movement all softness and hard desire.

Our hands and mouths won’t know where to go as we simultaneously ache for the one we’re touching and the one we want to be touching next.

But I know myself, I know my desire. As feminine as I am, I have the lust quotient of a man. I want to wear a harness and fuck them both. I want to employ toys to compliment my tongue and fingers, I want the power of bringing my two girls to a moaning sticky orgasm as they lay spread out before me…..moaning into each others mouths as I pull the strings. I want to stand them both up at the edge of the bed, hip to hip, bent over presenting two sweet cunts to me. Drive my harnessed cock into them, spank their round asses and drag a finger along their slits.

I want hours upon hours of lusty frenzied female fucking. While I grind my cunt to hers, press my nipples to hers, kiss her lips, while I finger her clit, while I pull and pinch her nipples, while she kisses her breast and she kisses my lips, while we three become one. Yes there is softness but underneath it all is hard fervent lust and we just cannot drink it up fast enough, we cannot consume enough to sate our desires.

This finger (mine) on my clit right now should be hers.
This clit (mine) under my finger right now should be -hers-.
This nipple (mine) that I am pinching right now should be hers.
This finger (mine) that is tracing my lips, that I am sucking on, should be -her- tongue.
This soft skin (mine) that I touch should be hers.
This exquisite orgasm (mine, oh fuck, yessss) I am teetering on the brink of this very moment should be from her.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to stop here, and come. Now.