Jan 102009


So this is going to be the first time ever with this sort of review…..because not too long after I was sent the Nexus G-pod, Nexus discontinued it. We’ve had no word if the company plans to replace it with something “new and improved”. Sadly, this means that there are even fewer attachments for the Hitachi out there that are silicone. But, being the good lil reviewer I am, I’m trying to find out what your other options are.  We’ll get to those in a minute though. First…….

The fairytale of……. The Geeky Princess and her Magic Wand.


There once was a Princess, geeky and fair.

Suitors across the land gave her their wares

Her opinions they sought

Be it positive or not:

“Princess, was it orgasm or despair?”


{Nexus G-Pod vs Miracle Massager Attachment}

The Princess compared betwixt her two toys

She tried out the new one as instruction implied

But she cried out “Ouch! I do not enjoy!”

And so she thought for something different to try



The local wizard applied ribbons and magic

The Princess, determined, tried all sorts of things

But her final spell ended up quite tragic



She thought she could make her friendly pussy purr

By a tap or a flourish of her trusty Magic Wand

But her efforts backfired, a horror did occur!

Her pussy turned to lion and ran away with a roar.


Tada! (I apologize for the poor rhyming)

Anyways.  The nubs, in theory, are good but the whole thing was just too firm. Once it vibrated at Hitachi Warp Speed, holy ow. And y’all know I kinda have a clit o’ steel. Vibrating nubs become kinda itchy. Not fun.

We’ve got some options. There’s a few here that are affordable but not silicone, not do they stimulate more than one area at once. Here is one that is the same design, but “soft jelly” – likely not Phthalates-free, and not for sharing but “soft jelly” might mean that the nubs are no longer owie and itchy. Here is a nice non-nubby alternative dual-stimulator. It’s not specifically for THE Hitachi, but should fit nonetheless.

Since this thing IS silicone and boilable, therefore can be shared, perhaps I’ll try it out on someone else someday and see if they like it – I’ve read other positive reviews, others have liked it.

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