Jul 082008

I made the…..mistake?…of wearing this particular shirt for two different encounters. M and X. Due to both encounters being of the “I need you now” variety and both in semi-public places, clothes couldn’t come off so they went in other directions.

And apparently, naturally, an already low-cut vneck top just asks to be pulled down and hooked underneath my breasts, putting them on display for all sorts of kissing….licking…sucking….pinching…biting…… (M actually left a few tiny bruises, but I asked for it)

After my tryst with X last week I’m at work that day in the same top, because when I saw him I was dressed for work. I have this habit, which is truly not intentional, of leaning forward a bit when I’m sitting at my desk reading things online and typing. I also noticed this occurrence when I stretched as well.

This is me in that slightly-leaning-forward position before I realized just how much cleavage (and bra!) was on display. Granted this bra (the recent HNT bra) comes up higher in the center but still…..!

Ooooopss………..unintentional exhibitionist….

I love this top and it goes great with my favorite skirt, so I hope that when I wash it next the stretched-out-neckline goes back into shape a bit.