Sep 102009

How long does it take to move on?

How long until you stop comparing potential “replacements” to what is being replaced?

How long until you can reclaim that thing, or that subject, or that place as yours – the way it was before they claimed it with you….

Before you let them in to it, whether in open arms or edging along the wall…..

How long until you stop seeing the replacement as a poor substitute?

Finding faults and cons, not pros.

There’s this pair of shoes sitting here, left behind. Big shoes to fill, so to speak. They’re not perfect shoes; there’s a few scuffs and a squeak that comes from the left heel when walking. These shoes are unique and one of a kind. I don’t think they can be filled by anyone but their old owner. They can’t even be borrowed for a little bit. And since I am seeing that similar=poor substitute, it’s time for a new style.

How long until I’m able to move them? Not to be gotten rid of entirely, but put away so that it doesn’t look like they’re sitting and waiting (I’m not sitting and waiting). The shoes are going to stay where they are for the time being, I guess. A little longer, a slow and gradual move. But I’m not ready.

Not yet.