Feb 172012
Tantus Giveaway! Get your hands on the Anaconda or the Bend Over kit!

Open to US participants – Win a Tantus Anaconda dildo or their Bend Over Intermediate kit (plus a t-shirt!) – Contest ends Feb 29th Now that I’ve told you everything nerdy about silicone sex toys and Tantus sex toys, you get a chance to own one! The winner will get to choose between the Anaconda 1 or the Bend Over Intermediate Kit (I’m sure the lovely Jenna will let you choose your favorite color). The Anaconda dildo is awesome because it has a handle. It’s a dildo..on a stick. 2 Ok no it’s not on a stick, sorry. But it is really unique. The Anaconda is made of a very firm silicone – for those of you familiar with the Flex, it’s like that, or those of you familiar with any O2 dildo it’s like the bottom layer. Solid, very solid. This enables the handle to actually, yanno, be a handle. It’s nearly a foot

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Jun 172010
Dangerous Lilly's Milestone Giveaway!

The contest is closed now, thanks to all who entered!! This year it actually occurred to me more than a week in advance that oh yeah…..my blogiversary is coming up and I should do something about that! 2 years! To commemorate this auspicious occasion I’ve gathered up lovely prizes from lovely companies. While I do like receiving presents, I love giving presents away even more, and picking out things to included here was way too much fun. 6 prizes…..means 6 winners! All of these items are either my personal favorites, or brands I fully support and approve of. The contest starts today, June 17th and entries will be accepted until midnight on July 1st. Winners will be notified on July 4th. Kink Academy Princess Kali is the beauty and brains behind Kink Academy, a sex education site I love and direct all kinky people to. If you want to read more about what her site

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Sep 012009
Contest: Win an Njoy Pure Wand!

“I SQUIRTED!!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!” I’ve only squirted with one toy, only one. “The final frenzied build-up took a good minute or two…..this was truly a roller-coaster ride and the climb up to the top was better than most orgasms felt as I was coming. Yes, that good. When I felt orgasm approaching I pushed a bit, like I’ve read to do, and the orgasm was literally the strongest I’ve had on my own in a long LONG while. I curled into myself, holding my breath while my mouth gaped open in a silent scream. Between the strong orgasm and how hard I was pushing, I eventually pushed the damn thing out of me (not easy to do given the weight and large ball).  And it was different, in a good way. I managed to have a simultaneous orgasm from both my clit and my G-spot. The inundation of extreme pleasure didn’t stop until I

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Aug 182009
BadBadGirl's Big Bad Contest

My good friend Bad Bad Girl is having a monumental contest going on right now, in fact there’s more than one! I’m mainly doing this for the Grand Fucking Prize, to get the list of giveaway items one item bigger. How does this work? How can you enter this yourself? All you have to do is post something on your blog similar to this, and make a wishlist at ExtremeRestraints.com. Post your wishlist in said post, and let BBG know about it. For every person, up to 100, that enters, another prize is added on. Below is the full list. Prize #100 is a fucking machine!! Holy crap! Can you tell how much she is loved, given the magnitude of this contest?? I think it’s the biggest and best giveaway that any sex blogger has been able to do. While some of the stuff on the prize list doesn’t interest me at this time in

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Sep 302008

You may, or may not, have noticed lately a culling in my public blogroll. It is with caution that I tread on this subject, but I am not, by far, the first to speak of it. Sage. Rage. Naughty Secretary. Just a few. They all pick at different aspects, some focusing on responses to the comments left on the blogs they read, some on the lack of comments they receive on their own blog. There are two edges to this sword – I write for myself, I write for the world. While I do write for myself, this blog is quite cathartic, it is aided by the fact that I have a small audience as a sounding board. A set of people who don’t judge on petty things like the more closed-minded folks that surround me in daily life. So while I would continue on writing, I value and appreciate the comments I get both

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Sep 202008

You know what really sucks about internet friends? They could have something serious happen tomorrow and I’d likely never know. And vice versa. I know Deviant Little Devil was having some health problems recently, and suddenly…I’ve heard nothing from him in days which is unusual. I have quite a few people I consider to be good friends but their family doesn’t know of their online world…and so I’d never know what happened. It’s a sobering thought. I don’t have much to say this week, I guess. ——————– One thing is a reminder to go look for links and enter in the contest to win a We-Vibe! It’s not that hard, and you have plenty of time to go do it. Now git! ——————– I’m not sure if you were just mezzed by the tits on Thursday or what ;) but I’ll mention again to please check out the jewelry page I have over there in

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