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Pleasure Purse - A sex toy storage bag

Update: I can’t recommend the Pleasure Purse anymore. I’ve ripped the lining on two of them now. It’s an acetate “satin” lining that is quite thin and when you have little or nothing in the bottom compartment, the weight of everything in the purse stresses on the seams of the lining in the main compartment. Since the lining is such a delicate material the tiny piercings from the needle and thread weaken it, and it rips. It took quite a bit of use to have this happen and each time mine was replaced; I’m not sure if this is because I’m a reviewer, or if the company is willing to do it for everyone. Until the Pleasure Purse lining is changed to something more sturdy, I can’t fully recommend this.

I’ll spill the beans early: The Pleasure Purse is the best sex toy storage option for travel that I’ve ever seen. I’ve reviewed various and sundry sex toy storage options in my time and have never really been impressed past first blush. My interest in the cutesy-kitsch of the Devine Playchest faded once the shitty quality came to light. Their earlier attempt at a travel bag also failed for me. For home use, the Toibocks was a let down for the price despite its unique nature.  Another travel option, the now-defunct For Your Nymphomation XL Toybox case was great at first, but again quality problems revealed themselves a few months down the line. Plus stuffing things into pouches became really annoying.

I kind of have a “thing” for specialized, pretty-lookin storage options beyond sex toys. So for those who scoff and say “just buy some affordable luggage or a duffel bag”……you’re not my people. I don’t understand you, you don’t understand me. That’s fine. For my people? Oh, listen up. You’re going to love this.

Things I Love

The Pleasure Purse is intended to be used primarily for travel, but there’s no reason you can’t use it for stationary storage in your closet, either. Pleasure Purse looks like a posh, overnight bag – supple, slightly shiny garment leather with an embroidered logo on one side. It’s large enough to work as an overnighter bag for those who don’t overpack, unless your overnight trip also involves a lot of gear for bondage. You’ll see first in the video what I was able to fit in for use as an overnight bag. At this point, the bag was very full – it was a little too heavy for me to comfortably carry through an airport, yet okay for a trip from car to hotel room. My husband felt the weight was easily managed for an airport-length trek by using the included shoulder strap. But to really test the quality of the Pleasure Purse, I piled it with about 12-14 pounds (or the equivalent weight of my overweight cat in her vet carrier) of sex toys and hung it up by the straps for a few weeks to see how the stitching would hold up. I’m happy to report that everything looks just fine. This bag is REALLY well-made. When used as sex toy storage at home, you can really pack a lot into the Pleasure Purse. It’s like a freaking clown car. The second half of the video shows what I fit in for the “closet sex toy storage” – I should note, at the full point it was too heavy for me to lift and I did slightly fear damaging the bag with that much weight. If it’s just sitting in your closet you could really cram a lot in there.

I love the overall design, and the number of pockets. I adore the look of it because it’s unisex from the exterior and absolutely would not raise any eyebrows. The size is just great. I come from a long line of professional over-packers, intent on having any item I might possibly perhaps need; the size of the Pleasure Purse is big enough that I can fit in my weird things but manageable enough size that I feel the desire to reign myself in and contain my packing to just this bag – and can, with ease. And I really have to mention quality, again. I could not find one single flaw on this bag, one place where they cut corners. The bottom of the bag is sturdy, and there are little feet so the leather isn’t touching dirty floor. The zippers glide along easily, and the zipper pulls wont’ break off anytime soon. The way the zipper pulls meet up so that they can be locked is also well done. It’s probably the highest quality sex toy storage bag on the market.

Deconstructing the Pleasure Purse

On the outside, there are 3 pockets. Two deep side pockets provide easy access for your cell, keys and other things you’d like to keep at hand. There is also a bottom, zippered compartment that isn’t as useful as I assumed. It’s really best for books or things that you would put into a pouch. Leah told me that they originally intended for this bottom, zippered compartment to also lock, but had problems finding a way to get 2 locks that worked with one key.  Once the bag is filled up with items, the only thing separating the main contents from the bottom compartment is the satin liner fabric. Small objects would be hard to remove but even more difficult to put back in unless there’s a solid layer of clothing at the bottom of the main compartment inside. I think that for this bottom compartment to really work, the zipper needs to extend to the sides and the bottom of the main compartment needs to have a solid bottom. This way the bag could be unzipped and opened up more fully if needed, and items could be stored in the bottom without the worry of rooting around under the mass of stuff inside the bag.

Pleasure Purse Pleasure Purse Pleasure Purse - A sex toy storage bag
Pleasure Purse - A sex toy storage bag Pleasure Purse - A sex toy storage bag Pleasure Purse - A sex toy storage bag

On the inside, one side has a large, zippered pocket while the other side has 1 zippered mesh compartment and 1 elastic-banded mesh compartment. The mesh compartments are great for holding accessories, chargers, etc. The zippered pocket inside would be great for lingerie, undies, smaller sex toys like cock rings and bullet vibes or even a blindfold. I highly recommend that toiletries, lubes and massage oils be double-bagged in leak-proof plastic bags – if anything should leak, there is no waterproof lining to prevent the leather from staining. If the satin liner stains, you’ll only be able to very carefully handwash.

Things I Dislike

PPlockCurrently the Pleasure Purse is only available in the color option shown in these photos – black leather and a leopard print interior. I can’t say I like the leopard print interior, it feels like it’s trying too hard to be sexy. I prefer more subtle, sophisticated color pairings. I’d love to see a white/cream leather with an ocean blue lining, or a brown leather with a cream lining. I’d love to see the black leather paired with a silvery-gray lining or even just a different print like colored polka dots on black, or black on white paisley/abstract.

I’m also not a fan of the lock. I don’t love the heart motif but mostly I don’t like these little keys. They are too easily lost. I much prefer having a smaller combination lock or even one of these new “keycard” luggage locks (which was what I purchased for myself to use with this bag). So long as the lock could be all black, I don’t think it needs to have a design to it. Something low-key would be better.

Would I Recommend The Pleasure Purse?

No contest, yes I absolutely recommend it. The few things I dislike are a matter of style preference and are not deal-breakers to me. The Pleasure Purse is a bit of a spend, retailing for $120, but I feel it’s worth every penny for what it is. I also find it quite laughable that the Pleasure Purse only costs a few more dollars than the Devine Playchest, yet is infinitely more useful.  We often go visit family for the weekend, at least 5 times a year. We also plan to travel more on our own, taking short overnight trips here and there. I’ll absolutely being getting a lot of use out of the Pleasure Purse.  It is really very nice looking, comfortable to carry, extremely well-made, and very versatile.

Now available at Shevibe.com!!!


I was sent the Pleasure Purse in exchange for my very honest review.

Apr 242014

DevinePlaychestA little over four years ago I reviewed the Devine Playchest. Back then, they made it very clear everywhere you looked that this was a “limited edition” item (the item, NOT the color) and if you wanted one you should hurry up and get one.  At the EF forums, reviewers questioned just HOW “Limited Edition” this was, how many were made, and if the current “out of stock” status meant it was already gone for good. Like any slippery politician worth their salt, Devine reps were vaguebooking like champs.

*slow clap*

Brilliant marketing scheme, Devine. I fell for it, spending my points at EF to buy one. At first, I was mostly happy with the case, despite the flaws in quality and design with the lock. But within the year…. the problems began. And I stopped using it. It became a doorstop, a beast lurking in the closet, a shiny mocking lump.

In the beginning….

I originally bought the Devine Playchest not so much for toy storage, but as something neat for travel. Back then I was taking yearly trips into NYC/DC for sex bloggery events, and foresaw a need for something cute like this. But the Playchest is quite heavy all on it’s own–when you fill it up? Overwhelming. I tried filling it with sex toys to see how much it would hold, but then I literally could not lift the sucker. This was the main reason I stopped using it. I would toss toys in there because in 2010 we lived in a small-ish apartment and I didn’t have the room I do now for sex toys. But it stayed in the closet.

The Honeymoon Ended

The lock was always my biggest complaint – for such a pricey storage option, that lock was maddeningly cheap. One key bent not long after I bought it and the “lock” could be picked with a bobby pin and patience. And the spring-loaded locking latch soon stopped popping out enough after pushing it below the latching mechanism’s bar, meaning that the flap would pop up with some pressure (like during transport). After a little while, I also grew to hate the interior design. There were pockets inside the lid, but they were just mesh with elastic at the openings. Stuff would fall out. The inside was a box with a wibbly cardboard divider held in place by velcro. Stuff could only be piled haphazardly.  Another problem is with the fake patent leather.  It scuffed and tore easily, and this case never left the apartment, it wasn’t handled with anything but care. The light pink section of the lock flap and the handles started absorbing color from the black.

Then, a rep from Devine got a little condescending-bunny on me in the comments of my on-site review. [tooltip tip=”Can you guess what my overall opinion is of Devine since then? I’m sure you can”]Thanks[/tooltip] for that, really. But hey, here we are — 4 years later, and not only are the cases still around but they keep coming out with new colors. Sure, the new colors look snazzy. All black; dark purple with black accents or blood red with black accents. And sadly, the cases seem good for the first few months and that’s when reviews get written.  I can’t go back and edit my reviews at EF, or I would. I’ll have to settle for updating it here.  Since it’s still readily available and still costs a bomb ($115 at Shevibe), I have got to tell you that it is not worth the investment. At all. Not unless you regularly drop $100+ on kitschy items for the sake of the looks and not the quality/function. Was it large? Yes. Was it sturdy in build? Sure. Was it relatively pretty (albeit in a certain overtly femme way)? Yes. That’s not enough to save it though, for me. For that kind of money, I’m going to be really picky.

Where Are They Now?

Currently living at Crista‘s house. Not as sex toy storage. I said “it’s pink and black and cute, but please take this puppy off my hands” and she said “awesome! The kids will love to [tooltip tip=”Because of the chest shape, it really would have made an awesome pirate chest”]play pirate[/tooltip]!” and then she pirated it for herself. The end.