May 112013
The 1st Bi-Annual Blog Carnival Fundraiser Event

So the blog carnival is over and done with – be sure to check out the participants below, as there are many really great reads. Much love and appreciation to those who helped out! A total of $740 was raised in direct donations from the start of the carnival through June 1st. I’m sure that other donations will continue to trickle in as late-comers read the blogs below. While the goal was not met, enough was raised to get 1 GC-MS test done plus 1 FTIR. The way the current lab does it, they run the FTIR first. If it leads them to a conclusion that the item is not pure silicone or may contain something that is not an “organic polymer”, then the GC-MS test will be run. The James Deen “Realistic” dildo was obtained and the results will hopefully be available soon. Also going on at the same time as the blog carnival

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May 022013
Dildology: The Science of Sex Toys

Backstory:  I like to flame test my silicone sex toys, and pretty much do it to every item. When the JimmyJane Hello Touch failed my flame test, I first showed it to some other industry professionals and peers at CatalystCon who agreed with my thoughts that it didn’t appear to be pure silicone. I then contacted JimmyJane. Due to their response filled with PR fluff-n-stuff, I publicly mused that I wished I could get a real lab test done to see who was right. When a few of my followers responded that they would contribute, I asked a few peers to confirm/deny my sanity and was told to go for it. I very crudely rounded up enough funding to get a basic test done, “FTIR”, which would tell me if the polymers were just silicone, or silicone plus something else. This action spurred on something a lot bigger….To those who donated to fund this test,

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