sitesponsorsYou have many blogs to choose from when considering where to advertise.  I average around 3000 unique visitors a day to my site. I was just named #7 on Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes list, and my post about porous sex toys was a runner-up against many other education posts in the 2014 competition at Between My Sheets. I was also ranked #8 on Between My Sheets annual Top 100 Sex Bloggers list.  I’m very active with my content here and on social media, and on Reddit. I take this site seriously; it’s my job.

My Site Sponsor section is now in the column closest to the content, and is easily seen by anybody who scrolls through a post. A well-made and enticing graphic banner could see a nice number of clicks. My rates are monthly and discounts are given when more months are paid for in advance. I have detailed site metrics and prices in my Media & Advertising kit below! I hope to hear from you soon.




This blog is really just a blog, with only one writer (me! hi!) and I control my content. What that means is that if I endorse a company or a product, it’s because I actually endorse them and like/use their products/site. That also means that I don’t take on guest posts written by companies that contain links. If I really like what you’re selling then I’ll write about it on my own.  I don’t do link exchanges, I won’t publish your content that you’ve written, nor will I pay for content. I don’t do sponsored posts. At this time I also will not review websites or books, supplements or products for ED, condoms or clothing/lingerie. Please also note that I don’t write about / share your content or infographics. So that you don’t waste your time, or mine, I do hope you’ve read all that before you contact me!

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