May 282013

Dangerous Lilly's 5 Year Blogaversary Celebration, Week 1

Unless you’re new here, you know that I don’t always follow the crowd and do things the normal way. So when I first started brainstorming concepts for a giveaway to celebrate 5 years of blogging, I wanted to choose 5 things to give away. I tossed up a poll on some of my ideas to test the waters. Then a pattern started to emerge. Then I thought “Why lump it all into one giveaway, why not have multiple ones to give people a better chance?” and then I thought that there should be a theme…and I looked at that pattern…and a theme was born. There will be 5 weeks of giveaways, with each week representing a year and each week’s item will be my favorite (or one of) from that year. Since I started blogging in the middle of a calendar year I was able to take the liberty of a “year” being from June to June.  I also wanted to be able to give each week’s item/sponsor the proper love and gratitude they deserve.

Hands down my favorite item from the First Year was the Njoy Pure Wand. I actually cringe a bit when I read the review I wrote in 2008, because my writing and reviewing style has changed so much. But nonetheless, my enthusiasm for the Pure Wand hasn’t waned. I have experienced some really great dildos but nothing can ever compare or best the Pure Wand for me. It’s the shape, the size, the material, the way it glides….it’s everything. It’s perfect in my eyes.

The company supporting me this week and providing one lucky person with their very own Njoy Pure Wand is:


Australia | United States | Europe

Originally an Australian company, Black Label has grown and now is more global! This is great news because I can open the contest to AU/US/EU people! The Njoy Pure Wand will be sent to you straight from Black Label. I like this company a lot, they have curated a great collection of quality sex toys!

How to Enter

I’m embracing more “old school” giveaway methods and trying for something just a little bit more different and fair. I know that a lot of people who would like to enter the giveaways for sex toys often do not have a strong chance, because the company sponsoring it (and even the blog) wants social media attention in return and people who are not out or have only a “friends and family”Facebook page are unable to “like” a sex toy store on Facebook.

You will not be able to gain umpteen entries for the best chance at a random drawing here. I’m asking you to leave one comment on this post and do the three following things (not one, all three):

1. Tell me why you want the Pure Wand! Try to keep it to a few paragraphs or under 300 words, ok?

2. This is where you have a choice, but you must do one:

  • Using a public (not tweet-protected unless I follow you) Twitter account, send out the following tweet: “Enter to win an Njoy Pure Wand from @HaveBetterSex via @Dangerouslilly”. Post the direct-link to your tweet in your comment.
  • If you don’t have a Twitter account that you actually use and has followers/can tweet about sex toys from, just go to the Black Label site and find one other item that, if luck were on your side, you would love to also get along with the Pure Wand. Tell me the name of the toy and paste the direct link to it in your comment.

3. I have a list, here on my site, of toys that rate as my top choices of all time. Find that list and pick out one item from the list that you own and agree/disagree that its a top pick or one from the list that you are dying to try if you don’t own any of them.

Leave ONE comment, not 3 just one, with all three of those required tasks in it. I want to make entries fair but not disgustingly easy, either. I mean it’s a freakin Pure Wand, people. How will I choose the winner? The winner will be verified by me that they did requirements #2 and #3 correctly and then finally chosen by my favorite answer for #1. 

Contest closes on Wednesday, June 5th at 11:59PM EST. Yep, it’s a relatively quick one. Keep up with my updates via Facebook, RSS or Email because I’m having 4 more giveaways! Every Wednesday for the next month will be a new giveaway. Week 2 is a Nobessence dildo, Week 3 is a Lelo Mona 2, Week 4 is a We-Vibe Salsa & a Tantus dildo, and Week 5 is a Fucking Sculptures dildo!!

WINNER!! CONGRATS TO KEIGHLEY!  Please check your email!

  23 Responses to “5 Years, 5 Giveaways – Week 1: Njoy Pure Wand”

  1. Why do I want the Pure Wand? It’s pretty simple really. I don’t know where my G spot is. I mistakenly purchased the Fun Wand over the Pure Wand and had no luck with it. It doesn’t work well with my body and of course, it isn’t the holy grail of g spot finding dildos…the Pure Wand. So, I’ve been longing for a Pure Wand ever since.

    I already know how the weighty stainless steel will glide, because of my introduction to the Fun Wand. That makes me want it even more. It’s like I’ve seen the sequel to a movie before I’ve seen the original. And while the sequel was entertaining enough, I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on something and all your friends keep telling you is how good the original is.

    I’ve never had a vaginal orgasm and quite honestly, if it weren’t for countless sources verifying their existence, I would believe them to be myth. From everything I’ve read about the Pure Wand, I think it’s my best bet for finding that elusive g spot and having my first ever vaginal orgasm.

    I agree with you that the We-Vibe Salsa should be on the list of top choices. It’s this vibrator that had the power to get me to orgasm, even though I have been fighting medication induced anorgasmia. It was truly a glorious moment when I learned that with this little rumbly vibe, I was able to have orgasms whenever I wanted (most of the time).

  2. I want the Pure Wand because I have heard you, and many other bloggers, rave about it for years! I don’t have anything else quite like it despite amount of the toys I have.

    The tweet:

    And well, of course I agree with your assessment that the Hitachi Magic Wand is one of the top vibrators when you’re looking for intensity. That baby is worth every cent.

  3. I want a Pure Wand because I’ve been everyone raving about them and want to know what the fuss is about. I haven’t been able to have a g-spot orgasm yet either; every time we find my g-spot something goes a bit wrong (hand-cramps, overexcitement on his part, sudden pain on mine) so it’d be nice to have a toy that can stimulate it properly. We don’t really have much of a budget for anything so unless I can get one requested to review (in which case I’m unsure I could do it properly) I’ll never have one. Plus, y’know, they’re shiny and made of a material I haven’t tried before so that’s very exciting!

    I got one of the We-Vibe Touch vibes a while ago and it’s pretty neat. After thinking on it a lot, I’m not sure if it ought to be one of the top choices because of the dampened vibrations it gives when you hold it at certain angles. If you can stop it doing that, it’s certainly worthy of the place but mine seems to do it a lot now.

    ~ I actually agree on that aspect for the Touch. While I have a larger list of the ones I’m most likely to recommend, the ones with the * next to them are the super top favorites. Your reason is why the Touch isn’t a * vibe, and why the Tango/Salsa is under “intense” and the Touch is under “moderate” – If they could prevent that dampening, hell yeah it could be awesome. Even my fingers can cramp up from holding the Tango if it’s taking too long but not so much with the Touch :)

  4. Once upon a time, a girl was born.
    She was put together much as girls are: two arms, two legs, and between these legs, a vagina. For many years, she lived her life expecting that she would grow, develop, have sex and, through this series of events, eventually orgasm. (It’s a very sex-positive universe. Work with me here.) But on the night of her first sexual encounter, she found that she was different from other girls- very different. You see, on this planet, every woman ejaculated while orgasming, except her.
    She wandered through her life despondent, one lover after another becoming convinced that she disliked having sex with them because she didn’t drench them. Finally she became angry, determined that there had to be a way- there HAD to be. So she made the long trek to the oracle in the mountains near her home.
    The old woman lit a fire and stared into the flames for a moment before speaking, the shock evident in her voice. “Your troubles have a purpose, young one. When you finally achieve female ejaculation, the power of this event will repair the rip in time and space that has separated our planet from our home- Earth. You are chosen, but in order for you to finally squirt, you will need a tool, one that can only be found by questing to the magical land of the Blog-Mistress Dangerous Lilly and answering her three questions. This tool is called “THE PURE WAND”.

    I am she,the chosen, and I am here to ask you, Dangerous Lilly to bestow upon me this illustrious Pure Wand so I may unite our universes once again and restore sex-positivity and universal female ejaculation to Earth through my own g-spot orgasm.

    Oh my gosh, full agreement on the Mona 2. I splurged on that recently and I can feel the orgasms I get from that thing all the way down to my toes, as cliche as that sounds. It’s just perfect for me- any stronger and my clit would get kind of numb, any buzzier and it just wouldn’t get me off.

  5. I have wanted a Pure Wand for sooooo long!
    I have heard so many reviews about how excellent they are.
    I keep going back to the njoy website and drooling over the specs. Maybe the site owners will see my ip address for the thousandth time and take pity on me and gift me the wonderful oject.
    I have been showing it to partners hoping that I could get a gift of the wonderful toy.

    Alas it has not happened yet.

    I have come *thisclose* to a g-spot orgasm and I think it would be the toy that could get me there where others have failed.

    I own both the Tantus Curve and O2 Cush.
    Both are great quality. The cush, though is not really for me. I hate the lip about half way down. I like smooth dildos and I just find it irritating. I also find that having the two densities of silicone does absolutely nothing for me. It is described as feeling more realistic, and I would like to disagree strongly there. It feels nothing like an actual cock. *end rant*

  6. Like many people, I’m sure, the Njoy Pure Wand is at the top of my sex toy wishlist. While I have been sexually active for 7 years (I’m now 21), it is only in the last 6 months and with a completely awesome and understanding partner that I have been able to open up and enjoy sex and my own sexuality. My prior experience with dildos and penetration in general previously hadn’t been particularly enjoyable, as my previous partner of 6 years was physically and emotionally abusive, especially when it came to sex. So in the spirit of exploration and discovery my partner recently bought me a Lelo Ella to see if I could start to enjoy penetration and g-spot stimulation. And boy could I! Ella is definitely my favourite toy in my toybox, and I use her almost every day. She really opened me up to new experiences and sensations, both solo and with my partner, and has been unbelievably helpful in my sexual reawakening. I’m now craving something more, and after reading countless reviews, the Njoy Pure Wand looks to be just that. Not only do I like the sound of more girth, but I love that it has a lot to hold on to; the one problem I do have with Ella is that after a while my hands start to cramp because there isn’t much to grab onto to manoeuvre her properly with. Oh, and did I mention I have been a student for the last 3 years, and now that I’m graduated, on top of a massive student debt, I am also unemployed? So I would not be able to afford to buy a Pure Wand (or really any other good quality toy) for myself for a long long time!

    I don’t have a Twitter account, so if luck was on my side I would love to also win a Tantus Feeldoe:

    As mentioned above, I own the Lelo Ella dildo, and I definitely agree with you that it is a top pick.

  7. My reasons for wanting the Pure Wand are twofold: 1. I want to stroke my G-spot with it, and 2. Steve doesn’t trust me with a gun, but I do believe it’s my right to have something to defend myself with. What else can produce powerful G-spot orgasms and fend off an attacker? What else, I ask you? (Ok, maybe the nJoy Eleven, but that sucker is BIG.)

    In all honesty, I’ve only found one toy so far that can produce G-spot orgasms for me. I tried two other G-spot dildos to no avail, and I refuse to take that sitting/lying down. I need moar things to put in my vagina, until I can coax a G-orgasm from my depths without the aid of vibration. I will do it, Lilly, but I need your help.

    And I posted this:

    Re: The best sex toys… I have two comments. First of all, I once bought a Tenga egg and found a hair inside so I’m a little squicked out by that despite the fact that they’re like, the coolest things on the planet. Steve almost barfed so that kind of ruined the mood. Second, I just wasn’t that impressed with the Lelo Ella. I could not get it to do my G-spot right. It was also uncomfortable to insert. But, I do agree with you on the Mystic Wand! It’s probably the most intense toy I own, and more convenient than the Hitachi.

  8. First and foremost I want the pure want because it is universally regarded as the pinnacle of gspot toys (and sometimes toys in general). I only want the best for my wife’s pleasure. The second reason is that as we’ve learned and explored, it has become apparent that penetration is something that my wife enjoys immensely and the pure wand is considered one of the best penetration toys too! Even in our exploration, we’ve not had much success with discovering my wife’s g-spot. If ever there was a toy that would find the spot it is this one. My wife is pregnant with our 2nd child and I know that she would be excited to “have something to look forward to” postpartum.

    Here’s my tweet:

    We own the Anaconda and we don’t have any other realistic (or non) dildos to compare it to. I know that it sometimes is removed from the toy closet post coital when she needs just a little bit more before bed. It’s even been referred to as her boyfriend from time to time which is a big endorsement. My wife does wish that the Anaconda was a wee bit squishier, but we don’t have anything else to compare it to (I like the reviews of Vixen silicone)

  9. I’ve been dying to try the Pure Wand. I’ve only just learned how to squirt and enjoy my g-spot, after years of not enjoying sex with partners and internal masturbation by myself. I’m nowhere near being a pro at g-spot orgasms when I’m solo, but I can now achieve one very easy with a partner. How great would it be to have that kind of ease of orgasms with the beautiful Pure Wand? Oh, and I’m also a broke student who would have to forego food for a month in order to get it. ;)

    My tweet:

    I’m also absolutely dying to try the Je Joue Uma. The strength, the size, and how much people are raving about it has me convinced that it would be a great pick!

  10. I want to wield the Pure Wand in my quest to find my g-spot. I’ve heard of it’s magnificent g-spotting abilities for so long and I am dying to put it to the test. If it doesn’t work out(unlikely), at least I will have something shiny and beautiful to put on my coffee table.

    I would also like to have this g-spotting vibrator if I were fortunate enough to win: Lelo Gigi

    I have a Mystic Wand and it is my go-to vibrator for quickies.

  11. 1) I want a Pure Wand because my orgasms come easiest and most powerfully though G-spot stimulation, but I have a few problems. One is that my only G-spot orgasms come from my boyfriend’s fingers hitting it hard and fast. I can easily locate it with my own fingers, but can’t apply the pressure I like, and none of my dildos can get me over the edge. The second problem is that the friction from skin on skin leaves my vaginal opening sore no matter how much lube is used, so I have to stop him much sooner than I’d prefer or I’ll bleed, which means missing out on even better orgasms, because of the way one builds on the other.
    Furthermore, I’ve tried the next best thing (according to Epiphora and Girly Juice) and I have to admit that it’s just not enough. I noticed the Jopen Comet G after it was lavished with praise and when SheVibe had a sale that put it just inside of my price range I hurried to snatch one up. Its firmness is divine, and the G-spot stimulation is good, but doesn’t quite do it for me. The Pure Wand’s weight and material are intimidating, but its sleek surface would glide right where I want it, so no sore labia or vestibule, and its smaller end would be a God send because the Comet G’s bulb hits my girth limits. (Inserting it and taking it out each take about 5 minutes because I’m so afraid of another vaginal tear.) I think with a Pure Wand I could enjoy G-spot orgasms on a daily basis, with or without my partner, friction free. I should have decided with my G-Spot, not my pocket. Help me rectify this mistake?

    2) I’d love to win a Lelo Mona 2. I’ve never tried internal vibrations, but I think it’s such a lovely looking vibe and most people rave about it. Plus the silicone is absolutely luscious! (see 3)

    3) The Lelo Ella was my very first dildo :) I love its small size and silky smooth silicone, but it did next to nothing for my G-spot, so I’m a bit torn in my opinion of its functionality. Still, it is a luxury toy for a great price, so it does deserve to be celebrated for its affordability, not to mention it’s one of the most nonthreatening toys in the world. Definitely beginner friendly!

  12. 1. When I first saw the Pure Wand I can’t say I was drawn to it much. This heavy metal toy, although designed for the g-spot, seemed quite masculine to me and, as someone who craves powerful rumbly vibrations, the fact that it was just a dildo made me think it couldn’t offer much stimulation for me.
    That all changed after watching a video (originally filmed as part of an educational series on how to have better sex and use sex toys) of a couple playing with a Pure Wand, and I realised I had naively dismissed something that was definitely not JUST a dildo. It probably helps that the porn stars who featured in the video had incredible chemistry together, but out of all the sex toys they used throughout the video the Pure Wand had the strongest response and even led to the woman experiencing a squirting g-spot orgasm. I want to share that kind of intimacy with my own partner.


    3. The We-Vibe Tango is one of my favourite sex toys of all time too, and I’m dying to try the Tantus o2 Cush as well as the Eroscillator 2 Plus.

  13. 1. Why do I want the Pure wand? Besides it looking like a piece of art its free and second its a sex toy. Who doesn’t love a free sex toy? *Looks around room in agreement’ I love surprising my lover with new toys. I always try and keep her on the edge of her seat where she has no idea what I will pull out next and as time goes on that becomes harder and harder. I think I could get rather creative with the Pure Wand. No telling in what ways I could use it. Just the thought process here is making me want one right now. No matter what the outcome I’m sure it would bring me and the love of my life a lot of joy and happiness.

    2. Would love to have a Lelo Billy.

    3. Also the Lelo Ina 2 you reviewed sounds great for my sweet love. We buy a lot of toys and try to get the better quality ones if we can help it.

    Speaking of which I would love to see you review more of the Jopen VR line and/or the Jopen Intensity. I’d like to get a nice VR vibrator, but there are so many of them and no sites have any useful comparisons or reviews. Except of course your review of the VR6.

    ~Problem with reviewing the VR line is that 1: I know what I like, and I wouldn’t like most since most lack the power I need 2: They’re freakin expensive! It’s very hard to get a company to give me one of these to review.

  14. 1) I’m going to be perfectly honest about why I want the Pure Wand: it’s all about *style.* As you may know, I’m a metal kinda girl, with quite a bit of steel installed “down there.” I already have the Njoy large buttplug and 2.0 – how awesome would it be (and matching!) to have a steel buttplug, all my steel rings, AND the wand. I know, vanity. But there it is. ;-)


    3) And I am going to have to echo your choice for the Hitachi as one of the top vibes, if you need and want intense vibration. I’ve never used or needed it on the “high” setting, as a matter of fact. LOVE my “Baldy” (as I have named mine.) ;-)

  15. Why do I want a Pure Wand? There are so many reasons that I am dying for a pure wand. I have yet to try a stainless steel toy and am dying to add one to my collection and Njoy is basically the go to for stainless steel toys. I’ve heard so many bloggers rave about the perfection of the pure wand and really want to see for myself if it is as glorious as everyone says it is. I am familiar with my g spot, I actually usually get more pleasure from g spot stimulation than clitoral stimulation, but I feel like so far other people have been able to stimulate it far better than me. I really feel I need to try what some have called the end all be all to g spot dildos. I really like the lazy C shape of the pure wand, especially because I have short arms so a nice long handle on a toy like the pure wand is something I think will be absolutely perfect for me. I am also an aspiring sex toy reviewer, well I have the website but have just really started and would love a high quality toy like this to review on my site. As a poor college student it is often hard to find the money for toys like the Pure Wand. I also think it would be wonderful for use with my partner both on me as well as a new toy to stimulate his prostate. It would be a wonderful toy and both of us would be able to get enjoyment out of it and experience stainless steel. I also think something like this could be what finally gets me to a squirting orgasm!

    I posted this:

    And since I haven’t tried any of the toys on your list but I am dying to try the LELO smart wand!

  16. Science. This is the main reason I’d like to win the Wand.

    Finding my G-spot would be sublime. I’d feel this tremendous sense of accomplishment and freedom. Then I would geek out like crazy, learning all about volume and intensity and duration. I’d tell my friends how fun it was, encourage them to learn more about their own bodies work. Some people I know have access to labs. How cool would it be to do a little underground research on the vagaries of a phenomenon that’s not even accepted by most doctors as legit? Just urine, they say? The Pure Wand and I would show them.

    Though testimonials don’t count as data, a bunch of testimonials begin to add credibility. Then the people with the real credentials set to work and voilá, we learn something. There is no reason that any of this should be shrouded in mystery.

    The Black Label toy I’d most like to own is (are?) the LELO Luna Beads. The reasoning goes hand-in hand with my desire for the Pure Wand. How do these work? How do I work? I’ve read your (very detailed) update about the Luna Beads and it makes me eager to give them a try — as well as to aspire to more serious dildology.

  17. Ermagerd. I just about started jumping up and down for joy when I saw you were giving away a Pure Wand.

    Why do I want one? Let me tell you the story of my G spot. I first discovered it when I was thirteen and curious about my body. I could just feel this round, differently-textured bump inside me, about eight centimetres or so in, and had no idea what it was. No diagrams I’d ever seen in Sex Ed of female internal bits labelled anything in there except the cervix, so I figured it was just an odd bumpy part in my vagina.

    Fast forward: I had sex for the first time at 19, and it took a while for the feeling to move from uncomfortable to pleasurable. Even up until being age 20 I simply believed that the G spot didn’t exist, at least not for me. Then one day my boyfriend changed his thrusting technique and I was in love. I started to wonder if I could do that on my own, if I might manage to do that elusive thing called squirting.

    Yours was the first sex toy reviewer blog I ever read. I’m 21 now and still live with my family, and I’ve only been able to buy a first, very basic vibrator (clitoral) because I had it mailed to my boyfriend’s place. I’ve started reading Epiphora’s blog as well and have read the wonderful things both of you have to say about the Pure Wand. I read one of Epiphora’s posts where she mentioned being a G spot skeptic. Due to its price, I thought I would not be able to experience a Pure Wand myself, at least not for a while. But now…maybe? Hopefully?

    I found it very difficult to choose from the Black Label website (they have so many lovely things – and they’re an Aussie shop too!) but I finally put the Crystal Twist down as my wish list choice. It’s beautiful to look at and would doubtless be interesting to use.

    Same thing with your top picks, there are so many there I’ve heard good things about. I’d have to go with the Luna Balls since I’ve been curious about Kegel exercisers for a while.

    I have the Lelo Ella (hopefully) due to arrive at my boyfriend’s place tomorrow – hoping it is as good for me as it was for you!

    ~Living with the parents does make it hard to buy sex toys, that does suck. It’s why I found a cheap PO box in a neighboring town, lol.

  18. 1. I’m afraid this is a rather downbeat reason. I still feel uncomfortable with penetrative sex – to the consternation of my boyfriend.* I’ve been planning for a while for things to explore on my own. The hope is I can discover some fun sensations, become more relaxed and confident, and make it something I can enjoy selfishly for *me*. Or, in a worst case scenario, establish firmly that I come with no-entry policy.

    I’m attracted to the pure wand in particular because I’m curious to find out what metal feels like, it’s non-phallic, and it has a fearsome reputation for awesomeness (if this doesn’t make my nethers feel good…!)

    *(just to make it clear, he’s being as wonderful and non-pressurey as you’d hope about the situation; but it’s clearly not ideal)

    2. If luck were on my side, I feel like I should be setting my sights higher, on some beauty far outside my budget. But honestly, I’ve wanted one of the Mini Vibrator Finger Tingles for a while.

    It’s an unusual, fun idea, with all sorts of wicked and inventive uses.

    3. I don’t own any of your picks, but I’d go straight for the Eroscillator. It’s just so steampunk. The sonic-screwdriver look, the bizzare attachment names (French legionnaire’s moustache! Seven pearls of the orient!), even “Eroscillator” is an evil genius secret weapon name. I’ve heard fabulous things about it too, and wanted one ever since I’ve known it existed.

  19. 1. I want the Pure Wand for two major reasons, and the first is because I’m jealous of porn stars. I see amazing hotties like Dylan Ryan and Jiz Lee using this powerful silver tool to produce glorious gushing fountains between their legs and I want to be able to do the same. I want to be like the cool kids. Wish I could be part of that world (cue The Little Mermaid moment).

    But instead I’m the noob in the back of the class who bought a Pipedream Metal Worx toy almost a year ago because it was on sale and I thought it was almost the same. Now I know it’s not even on the same planet as Njoy. It’s not even in the same galaxy. In fact it’s lurking in a black hole somewhere, probably rusting.

    I want the real deal. I want lustrous stainless steel massaging my G-spot. Because my girl G, she’s picky. She’s a high maintenance diva and she only wants the crème de la crème. You see, I’ve spoiled her. I’ve created a monster and now I can only buy premium silicone and medical grade stainless steel. She will accept nothing less. So my desire for this glorious prize is two-fold: Become part of the elite, V.I.P. Njoy club and squirt like a champ, and satisfy the high-class needs of my pampered G spot. Only the best for my baby.


    3. The We-Vibe Salsa has been a favorite of mine ever since the first time I saw it dance around in my open palm. The vibrations are deliriously strong and always leave me coming back for more, In fact this is the first external vibrator that I been able to have intense, serial orgasms with. I also like that it’s red and share your feelings about gender-neutral colors. I like having more choices. I also love that it’s tiny and water proof. I agree that it’s definitely a winner.

    ~Oh no, I’m so sorry you fell victim to Pipedreams wily trickery! Actually if it IS rusting I’d love a photo, haha.

  20. I would be extremely happy to be a new owner of the NJoy pure wand. I am already a squirter and I feel that the pure wand would intensify those good feelings. I love that I don’t have to worry about if the materials will harm my body. It’s waterproof, meaning no batteries or chances of me shorting it out. The ends are different sizes, so if I want to use something larger or smaller, I can. Since this is for G-Spot stimulation, I would love to enjoy it with my partner and use it for P-Spot stimulation on him.

    Something from Black Label’s site that I would absolutely love to own is the SpareParts Sasha Couture Harness. It is so lovely looking and sexy. I have a couple of other harnesses that are not always stylish or comfy so this would be a nice upgrade.

    The We-Vibe touch is a tiny thing that packs quite a punch without being too intense. I love the feel of the material, and the magnetic snap on charger is so convenient. The size is perfect. You can pinpoint, or cover lots of surface area with it. Definitely one of my favorites from the We-Vibe brand.

  21. 1. OK, there’s some awesome stuff above me in the comments. I’ll be honest, I know have no chance. But, given you asked us to be brief, I shall embrace my briefness and try to win you over with god’s own form of poetry, the limerick:

    Such a dildo (cold steel, with a curve)
    Some may find would disturb or unnerve.
    But my wife? She said “Wow.
    I just MUST have one now.”
    So if SHE wants, I want (I’m in lurve).

    2. I think the ideal choice for us from Black Label (I’ve used them before, by the way; they’re AMAZING) might be the Je Joue Fifi. We’ve been through about 4 rabbit vibes (the abuse my wife puts them through doesn’t seem to be good for them) and are in the market, again, for a replacement. The combination of intensities and patterns should suit her well (and you’ve given quite reviews to Je Joue stuff before).

    3. I’m technically cheating here, because while I own one item on your list (Tenga eggs), I want to call out something I don’t technically own. I don’t have the Flip Hole Black, but I do have the White, so I’m hoping that’s close enough for the rules. And.. hell yes, that totally deserves to be on any list. I haven’t tried many male sex toys, but sweet merciful crap the Flip Hole is amazing. I won’t say it feels as good as the real thing, but… wow. It’s pretty fucking incredible. You’ve chosen wisely given I can only assume the black is just as good. So I hope that counts, because I’d rather heap praise on that than say ‘meh’ about the eggs (which are OK, but nothing special).

    ~ Not cheating at all, and I loved your limerick!! I also love your endorsement of the FlipHole. The Black version is supposed to be more intense than the white, the most intense of all the versions. We don’t like the Eggs for longterm use, but as a fun, now-and-then thing or a travel thing, then it can be a great addition.

  22. PART ONE

    After years of reading nonstop raves about its mystical powers, how could I *not* want a Pure Wand? I’ve done enough solo experimenting to know how much I enjoy G-spot play, and yet I’ve never ejaculated (not that I feel hell-bent on making that my GOAL at the expense of pleasure, but I am curious). The steel would be a new material for me, too, and the variation in texture and temperature sounds thrilling. At the same time, I haven’t bought one for two reasons:

    1) I’m broke, baby!

    2) I’m fairly small inside, so I’ve had trouble inserting large-bulb G-spotters (the Ophoria Beyond One springs to mind). So, I would rather not spend more than $100 only to learn that I can’t get the damn thing inside me. (I know I could accommodate the small end, but as Epiphora has said, nobody fantasizes about the SMALL end of the Pure Wand.)

    Sorry for the TMI, folks, but hey…

    PART TWO (the non-Twitterfied version, since I don’t have an account there)

    I’m a girl who’d pick a boy toy for herself, the Lelo Billy vibrator. What can I say, it’s the 21st century

    It was a bit of a hard choice between that and some of the other vibrating anal toys, but the Bad Boy seems too large for me and the Rude Boy shape seems less than ideal. I checked Billy’s dimensions at a few review sites, and I feel confident that Black Label has listed the width of the largest point of Billy as its girth, rather than its largest insertable point.


    From your list, I’m crazy about the Tantus 02 Flurry. It’s really ideal for someone who prefers smaller dimensions: that soft silicone in the head is so forgiving and comfortable! Of course, the dual density silicone feels amazing, and the amount of texture is perfect: just enough to stimulate so pleasurably, but not enough to cause discomfort. That little ridge below the head feels great on my G-spot, too…just incredible.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity–this was fun!

    ~ Thanks Trix!! That’s a really great description of the Flurry. As soon as I figure out how to add it in the way I envision it, I’ll be referencing your comment on my “Best of” page as another endorsement of the item for those trying to narrow it down :)

  23. I would like to win the pure wand to give as a gift to my wife. We are coming up on our 2nd year of being married and I love nothing more than giving her as much pleasure as I possibly can. This toy, judging from reviews on many sites, looks like it would help me achive that goal and I am sure that she would appreciate a gift like this for our anniversary. This toy also looks as though it will last a lifetime, which will serve as a great reminder of all of the fun times we might have with it.

    My Tweet:

    I would love to get the Lelo Smart Wand Large for my wife as it looks like a very versitile toy. We both love massages and I am sure that it would fulfill its role as a sex toy admirably.

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