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IMG_20130419_104851I’m here to play Fairy DildoMother and give away a bunch of red We-Vibe Salsa vibes. I’ve raved and swooned over how much I love this vibrator. I do like the Tango, too, for it has the same motor and all but aesthetically I preferred the shape and colors of the Salsa. I found that the pointed bullet tip of the Salsa allowed it to easily replace the RO-80mm bullet vibe and others that look just like it, like the Tantus bullet vibes. This takes the vibrations in your dense silicone toy from “meh” to “heyyyyyy that’s nice!!”

It was a dark day indeed when I discovered that Standard Innovations decided that the Tango was a better seller and that they needed to cull their catalog so my beloved Salsa got the axe. Luckily though they sent me a whole bunch to give away!!! I always like being able to choose more than one winner.

For years I hunted high and low for the type of vibrations that just right for me, like a sex toy Goldilocks or something. Too weak, too buzzy, too powerful and buzzy, etc. But they really hit the jackpot with this vibe, in my opinion. I adore the deep, rumbly vibrations. They go well beyond just stimulating the surface of my clit, they really dig down and stimulate the inner clitoris and for me that’s the key to an easy orgasm. 9 times out of 10 I never use a vibrator on anything other than its highest setting. With the Salsa/Tango I’ve actually been able to orgasm in the right situations by having it on LOW.

Another true measure of my adoration is this: I’ve been reviewing sex toys since 2008 and was a frustrated consumer for a few years before that. I’ve owned over 200 vibrators. In my current rotation is the Lelo Smart Wand Large that gets used when I crave g-spot stimulation, the Pure Wand for intense g-spot stimulation and sometimes the Vanity VR6. But there are 3 vibrators that never leave my desk unless I’m traveling.

A black Salsa, a red Salsa and a purple Tango. Yep, multiples for when one dies so that I’m never without.

These give me no-fail orgasms. This is a breakthrough for a woman who spent years either not having a clitoral orgasm or having such a slight one that I wasn’t quite sure if I did or not. A breakthrough for a woman who many times had the Hitachi Magic Wand get too hot to use before an orgasm would appear. It’s not the level of power, it’s the type of vibration.


How can you own one of my all-time most bestest favorite vibrators in the universe? Not through Twitter entries. Or Facebook follows. I won’t ask you to do anything involving social media, at all in fact. This giveaway isn’t about me or a company trying to get more Klout or followers or a better Alexa rank. Would I appreciate the hell out of it if you introduced a few friends to my blog? Sure would. Subscribed to my RSS feed? That would be lovely. But it’s not a requirement.

All I want is for you to tell me why (via the comments section on this post) I should send you one. Convince me as to why you absolutely need to win a Salsa. This won’t be a random drawing, I’ll be choosing with though. Did I mention there will be multiple winners?? 


  • Don’t make up shit that you think will score with me. Be honest.
  • Don’t write erotica.
  • The vibes are not being sent from the manufacturer, these are in my possession, therefore the shipping charges rest on me. For that reason, I require that if you reside outside of the United States, you be willing to cover the shipping via Paypal before I send it. If you fail to do so within a reasonable time after the contest is over, I’ll pick a new winner. Live outside of the US and don’t want to pay for the shipping? Don’t enter. If you don’t live in the US please list your country in your comment.
    • For postage-calculation purposes, the shipping weight is 9oz. Go here, select your country, select generic “package”, enter in 9 oz weight, and you’ll have the cost of shipping. Generally have to poke around to find the 1st Class option, but it’s there. Example, Canada is going to run about $9.
  • One entry per household/IP address. Attempting to create fake entries will get all of your entries deleted.
  • Obviously, you’ll need to give me your mailing address (privately) should you win one of these. Keep that in mind. I won’t be responsible for lost packages should you try to have it sent to a fake name, to your workplace and they refuse it, etc. If it comes back to me I will have to pay for that return shipping, and that’s not cool.

COMMENTS ARE CLOSED. Thank you all for entering, but as this is not a random drawing, it’s going to take some effort on my part to narrow it down to 8 winners out of I don’t even know, more than 40 entries at least. I will notify the winners via email. If one doesn’t respond within a few days, I’ll choose a backup. 

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  1. Hi Lilly!
    First of all, what a great giveaway!
    Okay, so why should I win a Salsa? Well, I’ve seen you (and other reviewers) write about it and praise it many, many times. Yet, being a college student, I haven’t had the money to buy one. But I’m not saying give me one ‘cus I’m broke (who ISN’T broke right now?), and I have bought other toys since finding out about the Salsa. The toys I’ve budgeted for and purchased are ones I started lusting for immediately after seeing (you know those toys, the kind you see and can’t stop thinking about until it’s in your possession?), and toys that focus on partner use with my girlfriend.
    A couple of things that makes me want a Salsa are its color options, and the rumbly vibrations that you talk about. Those are the kind that work best for me, and like you I rarely use a vibe on anything lower than the highest setting. However, I’m a bit apprehensive. The first vibe I ever got was a similar bullet style, and I didn’t like it at all. It made me think that there wasn’t anything special or particularly useful about sex toys (boy was I wrong). I’ve never bought another bullet-style vibrator because I’m worried that it’s a style that doesn’t work for me. The motor of the Salsa sounds really promising, though. I’ve been thinking about getting one in the last handful of months, but haven’t gone through with it. Being an art student I think that part of the reason is not being instantly drawn to the way it looks since it’s not a unique design. Logically, I know that the “interesting” looking toys aren’t always the best, but they’re the ones that I become obsessed with and end up buying.
    Sorry, this got long-winded! Long story short – I should win a Salsa so that you can show me just how amazing this little vibe is, and prove my apprehension about it to be very wrong.
    (And, since I haven’t ever spoken to you before I just want to say thanks for running a great blog. Your toxic toys posts have been SO informative for me, and have made me realize how important it is to pass this information on).
    Have a great day!

  2. Convincing someone that I need to win a vibe is a pretty amazing idea, something I did not think I would ever be doing. Alas, here I am trying to convince you.

    Anyway, my story is pretty much a simple one. While packing for our move across the country we pretty much got rid of all of our sex toys. Of course there was not many to discard since I have been in a fairly sexless marriage over the course of the last 7 years. Recently we have been working on the issues with being sexless and I have been researching things that will help. Of course one of the main things I have been attempting is bringing greater pleasure to my wife. Providing for her a comfortable erotic and extremely fun environment in the bedroom and this has led me to the purchasing of sex toys again.

    However I have not yet done the deed and we are still trying to figure out where things are going… so why do I desperately need the Salsa, well for one we have nothing to enhance our sexual relationship and two I believe that it will be an integral part of our therapy to help my partner heal her sexual tensions. We have made great strides over the course of the past few months but yet sex is still just a fleeting moment in our awesome relationship.

    I could go on but that is the basics of my request, a win like this will go a long way in making our relationship a very happy one. Plus I am a really nice guy that deserves to win something fun every once in a while…

    Thanks for your time.


  3. Because I bought a crappy jimmyjane form3 and now I feel bad treating myself to a new one after I dropped $150 on it.
    (ok not at eloquent at the comment above mine but that’s pretty much the point:))

  4. I’ve been looking forward to this one- good thing I’ve been paying attention! was half of the mind I should ask you whether or not this was still happening…

    In any case, my desire to have a Salsa of my own is not a unique one. I appreciate it as something unlike anything else on the market: a small, strong, thumpy vibrator that can be used in bullet-compatible products, is rechargeable, and is non-porous. Unlike the Tango, it also comes in atypical (read: not pink, purple, or the most common ‘other’ color, teal) colors as far as sex toys go, which is something I always treasure because of it’s rarity. As far as I’m aware, there is nothing quite like the Salsa on the market. Though I probably would want to review it, I’m not interested in the Salsa because I want to review it, seeing as it’s going off the market (though I would likely review and then recommend the Tango)- other people have reviewed it thoroughly, as well, so my opinion isn’t terribly needed on the subject.

    No, I’m interested in the Salsa for slightly more selfish reasons. While I don’t have anywhere near as many products as you have, I still have a fair few at this point (in comparison to a typical consumer, anyway) and of those products, only two are vibrators. At first I thought this was because I just hadn’t had many chances to review vibrating products but its also because I’m really picky… I have high standards because I know what I find ideal, and I won’t compromise for lower quality products. Because of this, I haven’t been able to try too many different vibrators and I haven’t been able to figure more out about what works for me and my clit. Though I have quite a few vibrators on my wishlist currently, there are none quite like the Salsa. I’m also kind of interested in using the Salsa as a reference point for other vibrators because I know it’s deep and thumpy. Essentially, my interest in the Salsa is one involving research and exploration.

  5. It’s exactly because it’s Lilly’s “all-time most bestest favorite vibrators in the universe” that I absolutely need to get this Salsa.

    I’m very new to sex toy world and I own two little bullets that don’t meet my clitoris’ demands. I’m still in search of that one external vibrator that will help me reach orgasm. I know it’s a quite selfish demand. But why else would I want a Salsa? And since this is your favourite one, oh boy. I want to try it. And I sincerely hope that if I ever get this toy and actually get to try it, I will be able to include this to my all-time favourite vibrator.

    Hey! And it’s free! Come on! Who here doesn’t want to receive a Salsa for free?

    Thanks Lilly for giving this wonderful opportunity! Really appreciate it!
    Hope to be able to hear from you soon!


  6. My reasons are simple. A bunch of sad circumstances — my longtime battery-operated TPR rabbit monstrosity died (OK, maybe that isn’t such a sad circumstance, but…), I dropped $100 on a buzzy Vibratex toy that does *nothing* for me, I am a student living on a fixed income and am just able to make rent — have led to me having no sex toys. None. This is a very unfortunate predicament I’ve found myself in. Finals are almost upon me and at the end of May, I’m going away for 3 weeks to train with my new service dog. Needless to say, tension is high. I am looking for relief in some form. I have read so many good things about the Salsa/Tango from you and others. I am kind of in lust with it.

  7. This is a cool idea for a giveaway! While I like the ease of tweeting whatever I’m told to, it does bother me when my timeline is 100 or so of the same thing. This is an excellent alternative, though I do feel that it only works because you have many to giveaway.

    As you requested me to state so, I am in the UK. If possible, it’d be cool to know vaguely what shipping costs would be like so I can make sure I have the money just in case I win :P

    So, why do I want a Salsa?

    I think the majority of the reason is that I own a We-Vibe Touch. I really like the power of the Touch but the dampened vibrations utterly get on my nerves. My clit, like yours, is a bit of a power beast and has weak orgasms otherwise that are just frustrating.

    I also want it because you like it and I trust your opinion 100%. If you tell me it’s good, then it must be. I haven’t heard anything bad from anyone else, either, which pretty much seals the deal.

    Finally… Well. It’s being discontinued, isn’t it? Part of me thinks it would be awesome to have an amazing vibrator that no one else can get anymore. I’d like to tease people that I have something they can’t, because it’s too old and unavailable for them. Kind of like being a vibe hipster, I suppose. If I won one, I’d definitely review it. It might create enough demand for it to come back on the market (though I realise it’s unlikely!)

  8. I recently discovered sex toy reviewers and y’all have opened my eyes! I had no idea how dangerous my sex toys were and that there were no regulation to ensure that my toys were safe. The thought of putting known toxic chemicals into my body is ridiculous so I decided to go out on whim and test all my sex toys since I didn’t have any big brands.
    Unfortunately my relationship recently ended around the same time I tested my toys. So now I’m a single, broke college student living back with her parents and ALL OF MY SEX TOYS ARE DANGEROUS. I’m saving up for a Lelo but that may take a while.
    Maybe this is too much of a sob story but I have been without a Vibrator for almost 2 months so things are getting dicey :)

  9. because i haven’t had a vibe in a really, really long time and my clit is unbelievably sad as a result. split from my husband about a year and a half ago, and lost a LOT of toys in the split (we basically hit up the house at separate times from each other and took what we could snag) – now living with my mom again and broke as hell while going to school and i could use a good vibe but cannot afford to buy one. :/ please oh please, miss lilly, help me rectify this tragic situation!

  10. Hi there,

    Next month i have to hand in my final art piece for my art class.

    I am currently studying modern and expression in the art form for my final exam. I will be using my breasts as the main base but thinking i would love to use the Salsa for the fine detail on the pic?

    I think this will be the ultimate in expression and show the modern way of thinking by also using a vibe….total female control :)

    Happy to publish the picture for you after it is done or even send you a print if you would like to see it.

    I’m based in London so happy to pay for the postage…

    Girl power!


    P.S – Love your site, keep up the great work! Love reading it on the tobe on the way home…. :)

  11. The Salsa has been on my radar for a few months now. At first I thought that I would save up enough money to get myself one, but by the time I did… these little lovelies had gone out of stock. I figured no big deal, I’ve got the cash, I’ll just wait.
    Then… they were discontinued! Nooo! My dreams of ever owning such a delightful (or so I’ve heard) and powerful vibe were forever crushed.
    And then… a bright ray of hopeful sunshine. A contest! A giveaway! A chance to redeem myself, err wait. No, not that last one. But a chance to win a Salsa and make sure that my collection of toys would never ever be lacking again.

  12. I love that you are asking us to be honest about why we want the Salsa for our entries. Sounds like it could be a really nice way to make sure you items don’t go to just anyone who can send a tweet or follow.

    Anyhow, the reason I want to win one of your Salsa’s is because they are red! I have a black one and I have a white one. Having a red one would complete my color collection of the Salsa.

    The Salsa is my absolute favorite toy. I use one of my two every time I masturbate or have sex. I love my Salsa. It makes me sad that it’s discontinued. I had hoped that our cries for the Salsa wouldn’t go ignored, but they have.

    I wish everyone good luck!

  13. Ok I has a blunt and simple comment. I have a girlfriend that is curious about sex toys but does not have any. This at the age of 27 is practically criminal. I would like your help in changing this.

  14. I’ll keep it short, simple, and honest: As a very stressed out college student who has never owned a vibrator, life gets rough and I’d like to begin exploring my own sexuality further to better know what I like so I can have better experiences with my partner. I’ve been interested in purchasing and utilizing a vibrator for a while now, but it has been put off in the midst of other ‘priorities’: school stresses, continuous work on my own relationship, etc. A sex-positive blogger I follow tweeted a link to this contest and I was so happy to see someone genuinely interested in giving away a product to people without social media expectations – which can be a bit daunting for those of us who are not as open and comfortable. So thanks!

  15. I’m pregnant. Since I’ve been pregnant my hormones have been out of control. I’m constantly horny and craving stimulation. However, my body hasn’t been responding. Orgasms have been few and far between and tons of work and lackluster at best. It’s so frustrating to not be able to get myself off the way I once could. I would love it if I could win this toy and experience a really great orgasm again. You could make me and my vagina so very happy if you pick me! Thanks.

  16. Hi,
    I applaud your spreading the joy!
    So while my wife is well supplied with great toys, my one favorite thing ever – a Nexus G-Rider has recently, bizarrely, had it’s motor start dropping out of it. Nexus says they’ve never heard of this happening before, don’t recommend gluing it in place, and have no more useful suggestions. I suppose I could buy a new one (expensive), or possibly use duct tape (tacky in more ways than one) or.. replace it with a removable bullet. The real hang up there is most of them use watch batteries, and I’m not real keen on using those (probably outstrip the cost of a new toy right quick). So the Salsa, which I was aware of but again (expensive) seems like it might be a good choice to resurrect that thing that treats my P-spot so well :)

    Fingers crossed and have a great weekend!

  17. I, too, will keep it short and sweet: my wife’s favourite clitoral vibe died, leaving me with a very sad wife.

    I don’t like having a sad wife, so I bought her a new vibe. It did _nothing_: weak, ineffective vibrations that were frustrating more than anything else. Sad wife.

    I don’t like having a sad wife, so I bought her a second one, which had better reviews. Also nothing. Sad wife.

    I don’t like having a sad wife. Help me Lilly!


    (I’m in Australia. Happy to pay for shipping!)

  19. Hello, Thanks for amazing giveaway!

    I would love to have one of my own. plus in red. oh my.. it’s gorgeous. I once had one of these great vibes, but my Hubby stole it away from me and then just the other day he dropped it. I think it may have still worked. Until, our little dog grabbed it and ran off with it. We found it last night, very chewed up. Crazy little dog, that’s not a chew toy..

    Have a great day

  20. Thanks for the giveaway.

    I am new to sex toys. And my experience with them so far hasn’t been that great. The first sex toy I got was the Dream Massager G-spot vibrator. It’s an okay vibrator, but I don’t care for it much.

    The second sex toy I got was not very good at all. My boyfriend bought it for me. He wanted to get me something nice, but he doesn’t know much about sex toys(like what materials are safe). He got me a James Deen dildo, the one with the suction cup(which cost him around $100). So, we bought a hotel room like we normally do and he tried to use it on me. He could barely get the head in. And it hurt so much. I ended up getting a tear from it. It was fun messing with the suction cup though. We stuck it to the mirror and almost forgot to take it down before the pizza man got there. And then he stuck it to the light and we almost left it there in the hotel room. Now it just sits in my dresser. And it stinks so bad, the smell even gets on my clothes.

    So, I’m a bit hesitant to buy sex toys. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something when I am not very familiar with my own preferences yet.

  21. My wife and I have been married for almost 12 years and she finally let me get her a small finger vibrator about a year ago. She only uses it every so often and I would like to get her a good quality, legit vibrator. I have purchased several, but she takes them back not wanting to spend money on her sexual self. I would love to help her explore more and getting it from sexpert Lilly might be the trick. Plus her birthday is coming up on April 25 and that would be a great gift.
    Thanks for all of your tips and advice.

  22. Hi Lilly,

    First of all, I’d like to thank you for spreading your abundance of knowledge to folks like me out here on the Internet. Only a few short months ago, I had no idea that there were sex toy bloggers, toxic material concerns, or of the existence of such a diverse expanse of sex toys! As a result of my inexperience with the wonderful world of sex toys, I would be very intent on the chance to win my own We-Vibe Salsa, as I have never owned a vibrator or sex toy before (other than shoddily improvised experiments that no one should undertake…). I have tried to explain my interest to my partner but he seems disinterested, standing by the idea that if you have gotten through life this far without something, than you do not need it. Although, through my prodding and incessant chatter, he has admitted that he is somewhat curious in respect to sex toys. By winning a Salsa, I hope to disprove his theory and show him that introducing toys into our relationship can help bring us closer together, in our relationship and in pleasure.

    I’m specifically interested in the Salsa as a result of your glowing endorsement, which has intrigued me very much. I struggle with reaching orgasm, many times giving up due to wrist pain that may be connected to dyspraxia. The time it takes me to reach orgasm is also frustratingly long as well, and many times I have given up or told my partner to just stop, as it’s not going to happen. This leaves me stressed and anxious that something must be wrong with me, despite my doctors and partners urgings that I am fine. I am optimistic that the strength of the Salsa could help, and would love the opportunity to test my hypothesis.

    Aside from physical and emotional reasons, I am also very interested in the ideological ecofriendly aspects of the Salsa. As someone who is located in Canada, these environmental issues are often at the forefront of the collective consciousness, as our country increasingly eradicates environmental protections, leaving our natural ecology and biodiversity in danger. Although it is only a small piece in a much larger puzzle, the use of recyclable packaging, and the implementation of rechargeable capabilities is definitely on my priorities list, if I want something to make me feel physically good, I would like it to make me feel mentally good.

    Last of all, I’d like to point out the beautiful vibrant red, what a lovely colour!

    Thank you Lilly for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your giveaway contest. Good luck to everyone involved, there are a lot of very deserving people out there!

    I am in Canada, and would not mind the cost of shipping fees at all, and getting packages in the mail is so awfully exciting :)


  23. Hello D. Lilly,

    Well, is this coincidence or what? I just asked you something on your Tumblr regarding the Salsa/Tango vibes, and after that, while checking your posts, came across this Giveaway. It seems like the universe is conspiring in my favor.

    Due to work/study, my wife and I are currently living in different countries (Australia and Canada) and I’ve been investing in high quality sex toys (based on your recommendations of course) to let us cope with the distance. So, next in line was one of these We-Vibe vibes (based on the great results you got when combined with the Njoy Pure Wand) and what better way of obtaining one than by a giveaway.

    Sex toys in Australia are extremely expensive, therefore, most of the time I buy them from the States. It will be really nice and a relief to my wallet if this time I could pay only for the shipping cost (I’ve already checked the cost and I’m more than willing to paid for it) :-D.

    By the way, I don’t want to sound pushy, but Black seems like a good color ;-).

    Thanks for the opportunity.



    P.S.: I still need to check if the charger has the voltage range needed for Australia. Otherwise, I’ll need to withdraw myself from this giveaway :-(

    ~I only have the red to give away, that was all I was sent and all that the company had left.
    Adding other comment contents from same user to condense:
    Sorry it’s me again (I’m not trolling),

    I just wanted to say that I checked the charger thing and it’s compatible with any voltage/freq. around the world so no problem there (people from outside America will only need to use a plug adapter and pay for shipping of course :-P). Voltage: 100-240V

    I saw there was another contestant from Australia and I think this info will come handy.



    P.S.: I promise I won’t post again on this giveaway.


    There I was, married 30 years, newly postmenopausal, hormones in flux and all of a sudden I was horny like I was when my husband and I met at 16. I found myself a changed woman, ready to buy some porn, some toys, and investigate some kinky play with my husband. Needless to say, he was fully onboard.

    I shared my thoughts, we got excited, a little buzzed, and went shopping online! Sadly, this was before I discovered DangerousLilly.com. We spent a crazy amount of money and called it our birthday presents. Unfortunately, over half of what we bought was a waste of money. Now, saving for retirement, it’s difficult for me to spend even more money on toys. Of course when I do, and someday I will, it will be an Njoy Pure Want (clearly a typo, but as I proof read, it made me laugh).

    So skip forward, 6 months later, a little boredom setting in, a little rumble envy, and a Rubbermaid tote full of crappy, buzzy, jelly toys. We did find a couple of winners, Tantus anyone? Is “use it or lose it” true for most, it seems to be for me. I need more “use it” time, need to shake things up, and damn-it, I need one of those rumbly little red Salsas.

    Best wishes to the winners, and I thank you for your blog.

  25. Hi. I’ve been reading about this vibe from you and Epi and just about everyone else for ages. It has been high on my list of things I want to use. I can give you a sap story about college and student teaching prices or I can tell you a story about my students.

    I student taught biology this semester and had a terrible moment that likely terrorized my students. During work a guy started talking about how girl’s vagina’s get loose if they have sex a lot. a few guys and girls agreed and that was my breaking point. I stopped the entire lesson for a moment and moved onto anatomy.I explained muscles and how they return to their normal relaxed state when not in use. How when you work out a muscle it doesn’t get flabby but rather strengthens. I got the pleasure of an entire classroom of students re-evaluating their view of vagina’s and sex. Worth it.

  26. Thank you so much for making this open to people overseas. I live in Australia, and there are so few contests I can enter. If only more people thought of the winner pays the shipping idea!

    I would love to win the salsa because many years ago I lucked out with an excellent small, strong vibe which lasted well…until two years ago.

    I have been trying to replace it, but everything I have found either does not have the power, or it dies almost immediately, or is too large.

    A magic wand, which is what I have now, just does not have the focus I need to be comfortable while getting off. It will work, but it is super uncomfortable, so that is not the best for when I am trying to enjoy myself.

    Thank you for your lovely blog,

    Gemma (Cowgirlgem) from Australia

  27. Hi Lilly,
    I have always wanted the Salsa. I am a big fan of rumbly vibes and require power for my clit-o-steel. I wish I would have been able to purchase this vibe, but the truth is that I have no budget for toys. I get what I get to review and I am very grateful. It seems a shame to not own a Salsa (or a tango for that matter) and never have anything to compare it to. I have read all your rave reviews about the Salsa and Tango, and I know I should own one. Not just for comparing to other toys, but because it would probably become one of my favorites.
    I have been reading your site for a few years now and I am a big fan. I like your style of writing and I enjoy the content on your site. I agree that contest tweets are like spam and that this is a much better way to encourage interaction and gain entries. I don’t have the kind of pull that you probably do with toy companies. Most companies I have worked with require some sort of advertisement in return for giving product away. I hope one day to be able to stop the contest spam. But I hope you understand when you see spam for my site, that it is mostly for the companies, not me.
    I would really love to own the Salsa. I promise to give it a good home, where it gets a lot of use. If you pick me, I promise not to waste this toy and let it collect dust. I will love it and be very grateful to you, Lilly, for picking me to own one. I would be happily find it in the budget to pay shipping fees for something so awesome.
    Thanks for hosting this contest.

  28. I will be honest, I don’t have one.

  29. I’ve been reading the other comments, and wow, there is some great competition on here!

    I’m in London, England and happy to pay for postage.

    This toy seems to be the God of sex toys. I can only orgasm with clit stimulation, and at the moment my toys are too buzzy and sending me numb! I would love this fantastic rumbly toy to remedy this. As a toy reviewer, this seems to be the one that every clit toy gets compared too. I feel at a disadvantage to not have this fabulous toy to set the bar with others.
    I also love that it is in red! Hooray for a different colour palette from the usual.
    Also, as you mentioned in your review it can be used to replace the RO80mm bullet, so this would perhaps make me love my sleeves again!

    Many thank for the opportunity xxxx

  30. This is an AMAZING giveaway, and you have no idea how long I’ve been stalking your site waiting for it.

    You see, I already know how awesome the Salsa is. I’ve had one for a little over a year and at first, I honestly really didn’t love it. I preferred my Je Joue MiMi over it. But as time went on, the Salsa definitely won out and my MiMi has been collecting dust (almost literally – it probably won’t even turn on because the charge ran out from sitting). Plus, the Salsa and the Mona 2 together = PURE AWESOMESAUCE!

    So now you must be wondering why I want to win one of your’s if I already have one? Surely I should wish someone who’s never had one to win, right? Well, when I first heard that the Salsa was being discontinued, I thought “I should REALLY get a backup!” for I would surely be heartbroken if mine ever died. But I couldn’t get one, or afford one. I got mine through Eden Fantasys (which was actually the second one I had – the first had to be returned because it never worked), and once word of the discontinue reached others, the Salsa was always out of stock. And that sucked for me because that was the only place I could afford one (with points).

    Since I couldn’t get a backup, you’d think I’d be extra careful with the one I had already, wouldn’t you? Yeah, isn’t that how things always go… you try so hard not to break something and that’s exactly what you do. My beloved Salsa met an untimely end and I’m beyond heartbroken! I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that I left my jewel sitting out on the bed and apparently my dog has a fondness for plastic (should have known better since that f*cker has been destroying plastic silverware since he was a pup). *sigh* And We-Vibe’s warranty doesn’t cover their products being used as chew toys.

    So you see my dear Lilly, I wouldn’t be trying to snatch the marvelous Salsa out of someone else’s hands if I wasn’t so absolutely desperate! I’ve been using my Mona 2 externally as a temporary solution, but I feel like a crack addict who can’t get their fix, with trembling hands and blood shot eyes. Please PLEASE dear keeper of the Holy Grail, please see fit to send me one and I’ll be forever grateful! I’ll name my first child after you! Or, well, in the very possible case that there are no children, I’ll name the vibe after you. (Plus it would make an awesome birthday present – I’ll be 35 on May 4th)


  31. Hi! Thank you for the chance to win! Ive had one of these on my wishlist for awhile now. So sad that there being discontinued!
    Thats awesome the company gave you some to giveaway. If i were you, id be hiding the stash! lol
    Why should i get one? Hmm. Great question. I grew up in an extremely strict home. Boys, sex, toys..forget about them. Im now 22. On my own and ive never really explored this side of myself. Ive started buying a few toys here and there but there cheap and not very great at giving me that much needed “o”. Now dating, im extremely shy and the whole thought of putting myself out there..nearly gives me a heart attack! So, im sexually deprived. Id love to have one of these. I want one to reach that all consuming, never ending, constantly craving, big “O”!
    Id love to win this! Ive heard great things. Thank you for the chance! :)

  32. Dear Lilly,
    Thank you for holding this give-away. Happy to have found your blog … the give-away is a sweet bonus.

    I have, at 57, recently found myself in the sexiest, happiest, healthiest relationship with a man I met long ago. Seems like the timing is right for both of us this time. We’re exploring sexual turn-ons, and trying things that neither of us have tried before. Having a great time! He’s bought a Hitachi (love it) and a marvelous g-spot stimulator for me, as we’ll as a violet wand for both of us. We’re enjoying ourselves, experimenting, and we both look forward to our sexy times together.

    So, about the Salsa … I like the fact that it’s discreet and portable (our current toys live at his place) and this would fit easily in my purse. The rumbly nature of the pulsing sounds great and the quality is top-notch (we worry about low quality and resulting irritation in many other products we have considered). I like a powerful vibe. The fact that it’s waterproof makes it lube friendly — important for someone my age. Seems that the Salsa is small enough that it would fit between us really well — perfect for extra stimulation during penetration. All in all, I’d just love having something small but high quality. And one that stays with me instead of at his house!

    Please, Fairy DildoMother, send me one!

  33. I want this toy because I have a ton of stuff going on and just need a little time to myself, Salsa would be a great addition. Between 24 hour shifts, final projects and final exams before graduation, I don’t have a lot of time to focus on me. I feel that Salsa would be a great little vibe for me to take care of myself in the limited time I have available, then, once I finally have time again, she’d make a great full time toy, a good addition to the team of dildos.
    Also, what a nifty way to do a contest. You actually get some content rather than a bunch of likes and retweets.

  34. I am a middle age mom of 3 and fairly new to the ownership of sex toys. I’ve felt that my body has been changing with age, the quantity and quality of my orgasms has been in flux the last few years. So I went looking for some sort of sex toy soon to find myself lost in the sea of choices. If not for your thorough and understandable and personal reviews I would still be sitting looking at my computer lost as to which direction to go in. I only have one vibe at the moment. I realize that it’s only worth having the good stuff (boy does the Salsa sound like the good stuff!!!) which is just not in the budget right now. Maybe that will change before I really become a dried up old prune :) HA!

  35. Lilly (Fairy DildoMother):

    Thank you for your generous and clever contest.

    I am anxious to have success with a vibrating toy for my wife. I have tried several vibrators through the years and most have been too loud or too fast or too big or there is always something. I have spent from $15 – $200 on no success – Tips twirling, 6 speeds with 6 other options, beads rotating, the one even had a bonbon option – no luck. If this red We-Vibe Salsa vibrator is as good as you recommend, I am very excited (or should I say my wife will be very excited ) to finally have some success with a vibrator in the bedroom.

    I am very hopeful since your tastes in toys seems right in line with my wife. In your article you say – “Too weak, too buzzy, too powerful and buzzy, etc.” EXACTLY. So, based on your expert thoughts, this might just be the O-ticket for us (her)! Winning a free one would be the satin in our sheets.

    Lastly, you need to know that I am a giving man. I do whatever is necessary to make sure my wife is happy and exceedingly satisfied! I don’t believe you simply turn these toys on, poke and push and they do all the work and the guy can watch sports and drink beer. I understand there is technique and patience and a learning curve. I am looking forward to happily and enthusiastically putting in the time necessary to understand the nuances of this magical gift. Your generosity to our love life will be appreciated battery change out, after battery change out.


  36. First off, thanks for such an awesome contest!

    Reasons why I’d love to win a Salsa (in no particular order – they’re all important as far I’m concerned! =D):

    Reason Numero Uno: The Price.

    I’m not from the US and (obviously) don’t earn in US currency, so most quality sex toys are cringingly pricey for me. Whatever’s not the budget of a regular American is going to be even *more* out of *my* budget, so $14.30 (the price of shipping to my country) is way, way below whatever I would pay in total for a proper, non-melty/chemical-y/stinky toy (been there, dumped that).

    Reason #2: The Availability

    … or lack thereof, in my country. It’s unfortunately a place where “sex shops” don’t actually exist – only “adult novelty” stores tucked away into the seediest, shadiest corners of seedy, shady strip malls; this is a Muslim-majority country. And unfortunately the quality and variety of toys available in seedy, shady stores are, well… ’nuff said.

    Reason Three (3): My girlfriend

    … and I are in a long-distance relationship. Admittedly yes, she’s in the country just next to mine, which is technically an hour away by plane, (6 hours by bus) but still… it isn’t cheap, basically, for us to visit each other, and for the time being she can’t even leave the country she’s in right now because she’s on a medical caregiver visa which validity is tagged to her mom’s (she’s there to take care of her mother, who has cancer) so it’s one of those “special” visas with a ton of restrictions on it, one of them being that she can’t leave that country or it’ll be revoked upon her attempted re-entry. So I visit her (we try to make it at least once a month) and (she insists) we split the cost (she’s sneaky, though…slipped the *TOTAL* cost of my trip into my wallet the last time I visited!!).

    She’s one of those girls who don’t come easy. Literally. So, the Salsa’s not for me… it’s for her, during the (long, long) times I can’t be with her and want her to get a little (quiet) relief for herself (she shares a single studio apartment with her mum because it’s really expensive to live in that country and her dad’s paying for everything cos she can’t work – mom needs 24hr monitoring), because she’s *never* been able to manage one herself without assistance of some sort. She has only one other sex toy, a vibrator, which she unfortunately left behind in another country when she had to accompany her mom for treatment under urgent circumstances. And no, it’s not really something she can ask her dad or sister to bring for her when they come to visit. >..< So far I've despaired of ever getting a vibrator with just the right throb, at just the right power (got a Doc Johnson Lucid Dream… might as well have stuck to my fingers), but your review of the Salsa gives me hope.

    So… I'd love to win a Salsa, and present it to her on my next trip down, and tell her it's courtesy of an understanding, lovely woman.

    A Long-distanced Lesbian
    (further verifying details available upon request, including a flight itinerary showing that my last trip to her country lasted less than 24 hours … her mom fainted and she was really shaken so I flew down to be with her, even though I could stay less than a full day before coming back for work)

    P.S. Totally pity party, which is why I didn't include this as one of my proper reasons for winning: I've truly never won a contest in my whole life. Not even consolation prizes. So may I pretty please win this one? ^^

  37. (Sorry for the double post!! I accidentally inserted “” as part of an emoticon in my entry, and it effectively erased whatever I’d written in between the two symbols by turning it into code. Ugh, HTML/CSS!!!)

    The erased bit: (the part that should be between “”)

    Addendum to Reason Three (3): I know it sounds cheap of me to try to win something for my girl instead of just buying it for her. But, it’s either a quality toy, or a roundtrip ticket to visit her next time plus a nice dinner date (we usually only get to spend 2 days and 2 nights max each trip, because I’m working and it’s hard to take leave), so I’d say it’s one of those devil-or-the-deep-blue-sea choices – I don’t earn enough to afford both. =( I was saving up to get us something in maybe a couple more months, but yeah… your contest came along!

    Reason Empat: Them vibra-a-a-a-a-ations!

    (Empat = 4; and the language is a pretty massive clue which country I’m in). My own experience with vibrators is that, like you; it’s not about the power – it’s the type of vibration. My dear, sweet, somewhat-sheltered-until-recently girlfriend doesn’t have quite as much experience, but basically I *DETEST* buzzy vibrators, and I don’t think she would like one either. I had a few once a long, long time ago (among them a cheapo mini-dolphin clit vibrator with harness), back before I knew there were different types of vibrations, or even proper reviews for sex toys (apart from the ones that say “AMAZZIIINGG!!!”), and OMG… most did NOTHING for me except leave me feeling tingly – and *not* in a good way.

    (Then continue the part about me never having been able to get a toy with the right power, throb etc etc)

    Again, sorry for the double post!!!

  38. Well I am a college student and to hear everyone talk about how much sex they are having can be a little uncorfotable. I am a virgin, it’s not like the opportunity hasn’t come up, but I don’t feel entirely comfortable with the idea of intercourse. I think a sex toy would be a great way to become more comfortable with sex and kinda know what I’m into. I haven’t had a vibrator or any sex toy for that matter so this would be a big help.

  39. Once upon a time, I had a pretty good sex life. The graduate program of my dreams took me way too far from my fiancé so partnered sex was less frequent than I would have liked, but overall, I didn’t have much to complain about. Then, on a fateful day last April, I went for a routine check-up. I’d been having some irregular bleeding that I thought was no big deal, but after I tested negative for STIs and my pap smear came back normal, the nurse practitioner decided to schedule an ultrasound to rule out any problems with my uterus. Lo and behold, my uterus was fine, but my left ovary had a complex, heterogeneous mass the size of a small grapefruit. I was told that I would need a cystectomy to remove it, but assured that, given my age, the mass was almost certainly benign.

    It wasn’t. A unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy later, and I’m doing ok. I know that I’m lucky they caught it extremely early, that I got to keep my other ovary, that so far my scans have been clear and my CA-125 levels have been normal.

    That’s all really terrific, and I’m truly grateful, I am… but the surgeries left me with scar tissue that made penetration excruciating, and the work needed to get past that has been anything but fun. I’m also now on hormonal contraception as suggested by my gynecologic oncologist for its protective effect on my remaining ovary, which does nothing good for my sex drive and mood, and an antidepressant, which does nothing good for my ability to orgasm. I find myself quite desperately needing to get back in touch with my body, to figure out how to once again see it as a source of pleasure rather than worry and pain. I want to be a sexual being again, damn it!

    A great vibrator would probably be helpful in this journey. Every Salsa review I’ve read makes it sound heavenly, but medical bills have drained my savings so buying one just isn’t in my budget right now. There are lots of really deserving entrants so it’s unlikely, but I’d really love to win.

  40. I live in Australia and I’m fairly new to sex toys. I was reading around about the odd smell of one of my first purchases last year when I stumbled across your posts on pthalates, jelly toys and the possible dangers of such materials.

    Your videos on youtube especially made the material differences very clear to me, and I appreciated the demonstration of the flame test and what their results look like on different materials. The Tantus toy being so unaffected by having a lighter held directly against it was mindboggling to me. Talk about build quality. Talk about build quality in a vag! The idea of genitals being worth that kind of quality was foreign to me.

    It seems to me, in your description of the Salsa, that a lot of the points about Tantus build quality also hold true for the Salsa. I don’t own a Lelo toy either, so I can’t really speak to that, but from reading reviews I do get the impression that there’s a difference in focus and perhaps pinpoint stimulation between a luxury toy and a toy that does what it does and does it well, and Lelo toys focus on the former while the Salsa emphasises the latter.

    I’d love to feel what that would be like. Build quality, focus on satisfaction, not intimidatingly beautiful like Lelo — but simply doing the job well because my body deserves better. Better like silicone, better like learning the intricacies of my body with a vibrator that is powerful and easily felt on a clit so buried fingers barely work, better like learning that I can orgasm, better like learning orgasms can feel good.

    Better like the Salsa.

  41. Hi Lilly,

    Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway which gives every single individual a chance to win a Salsa.

    I don’t want the Salsa for me, but for my girlfriend, which I have been dating for four years now. We are very open in communication and I know that she has always struggled to reach orgasm. I’ve bought her a toy previously (which was sadly made of Jelly), thinking that maybe it might help her. However, it didn’t work out for her. She also got herself a little bullet, which also wasn’t really good. She’s really “noob” when it comes to sex toys as those two are the only one she owns. We are both currently still in University, so our budget is a little bit limited.

    I would really love to win this Salsa to give it as a surprise gift for her birthday that’s coming soon (in May). I know she’s trying her best to find ways to reach orgasm, but I would really love to be able to help her and provide her with this Salsa given by you. Even though I’m not her, and I’m not 100% sure of the type of clitoral stimulation she needs, with the description you’ve given (rumbly, motor, etc), I’m sure it’s a toy she will be enjoying.

    I know that you give out one of the best recommendations. Not only are your choices safe (made of good quality materials), but they also provide a high probability for the person buying the toy suggested by you to reach orgasm (because you provide very detailed and honest review/comparison which helps a person chose what works for them). From your review, Salsa seems to be a very good toy to try out. The vibrations as well as the other qualities of this toy seem to be something I would love to explore with my girlfriend. Salsa is also made of high quality materials, which can guarantee good quality and no disease (if taken carefully). So this time I can be pretty sure that I will be giving something safe to her.It is also a highly recommended toy by you (all-time most bestest favorite vibrators in the universe), and I really trust your choices when it comes to sex toys.

    Is Salsa still in the process of being discontinued?

    Again, thank you very much Lilly for giving everyone a fair chance of participating to this giveaway.

  42. Dear Lilly,

    I am a budding sex blogger and reviewer. I have been collecting sex toys for the past few years, but have only recently learned the importance of things like safe sex toy materials and the danger of jelly toys. I recently disposed of over 100 different toxic/jelly toys including dildos, butt plugs, double dongs, strap-ons, vibrators, and anal beads. This was extremely depressing for me, as my collection now consists of only one silicone dildo (that is too large for me to use vaginally,) a few plastic/metal bullets, the Fairy Mini wand, the Wahl, and the We-vibe 2. I would like the Salsa because it would be a great addition to my new toxic-free sex toy collection. I have Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, and my clitoris is severely mourning the loss of my toy collection. I ordered both the Wahl and Fairy Mini wand in a desperate attempt to satisfy my body’s need for relief (and sure, both are great) but they are a lot more than my body is used to and cause more pain that relief when I use them. The plastic bullets don’t do anything for me. Please, I would really benefit on a medical level from the Salsa. The only thing that helps me are multiple orgasms, and stimulating myself by hand takes hours and is exhausting.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for educating me on the value and importance of safe sex toy materials. Yours Truly,
    Pantophile Panic.

  43. I have never had an orgasm. There’s a lot of advice out there for women who can’t orgasm, but none of it seems to apply to me. I’m not trying to force it, I don’t have a mental block or past trauma, there’s nothing physically wrong or unusual with me that I can tell, I’m not new at masturbating or even new to vibes… I just can’t get there. Over the last few years, I’ve saved up for a couple nice quality, well-reviewed toys, and still, no dice. I’d really like to change that.

  44. This is awesomesauce! I remember you wanting to do a giveaway that wasn’t just Facebook likes and a tweet or two, so first and foremost, congrats! I’m glad Standard Innovations picked you and your blog(especially after their initial lackluster response to your queries into the Salsa’s fate *shakes fist*).

    That being said, I’d love to win one. My boyfriend and I recently discovered that he likes it when I stimulate the spongy tissue inside his body with my tongue or fingers. I particularly love to use my fingers to stimulate his “inner boner” (as I’ve come to think of it) because it’s so intimate and powerful, almost like being inside him. For a girl like me that masturbates to fantasies of pegging him, that’s a very good thing! The thing is, he says it’s difficult for him to get that hard when he’s alone, and that makes me a bit sad. I want to help him, and I think the right vibrator would do the trick. And what could be more suitable than one of those little red rockets you’ve been raving about? I went back and read Incendiaire’s review on it to get a male perspective, and I’m certain that the Salsa’s vibrations would be suitable for his purposes.
    Please help my boyfriend, D.Lilly? He’s such an amazing man, and he’s done me a world of good. I’ve gone from thinking I was anorgasmic to having multiple orgasms and/or various types in a single day! Trust me, he deserves it! 

  45. So I have been eyeing the WeVibe vibes for awhile now, because they’re rumble and strong and AMAZING.

    I am also hearing for the first time that Salsas won’t be around forever. Frankly, I’m a bit devastated and frantic to get my hands on one now!

    Why do I absolutely, positively need a Salsa? Because bullet vibes are a buzzy and pathetic attempt to make my vagina happy and very few vibes I would like fit into that little bullet pocket in my dildos and strap on.

    I know I would enjoy pegging my boyfriend even more than I already do with that Salsa making my girl parts even happier. It’s tough to make my clit happy, especially since my beloved hitachi doesn’t fit all that well into my Spareparts harness. I’ve been aching for a Salsa, both for a bullet-busting alternative AND a small vibe that (judging from feeling it in my local toy store) will give me immense pleasure without a 6-ft cord and an unmistakable jet engine whirr. Not to mention the Salsa’s amazingly smooth texture and gem tones.

    So, with all humility aside, please send me a Salsa! It would be put to very good use in these parts (ha ha ha).

  46. I’ve wanted a Salsa (in red – YES) for quite a while. I’ve read your reviews and played with a Tango at our local female-owned sex shop and love, love, love the Salsa’s/Tango’s STRONG rumble. I’ve considered variations on rabbits (like the LELO Ina) but I’m uncertain whether they’ll fit my anatomy. I have a dream though – what if I had 3 Salsas/Tangos? Then I could use one on my clit, one in a dildo w/ a bullet hole and one in a butt plug w/ a bullet hole! Then I could use my favorite setting, sync them up and rock the kazba! Alas, haven’t been able to afford even one yet, and it seems unless I win a Salsa I’ll only have the chance to have 3 Tangos – not bad but I was dreaming of 2 Salsas and 1 Tango for my ultimate triad. Having at least one Salsa will be so much better than 3 Tangos with no Salsa! Thanks for the giveaway! Love, Chell

  47. Hi Lilly! I am such a huge fan! When I saw that you were doing a salsa give away I got so excited! I knew I had to at least try to win one! I am kind of a sex toy addict and have been wanting to get a salsa for months now. It seems like every time I went to order one from EF they were out of stock :( so sad. My husband says I have way too many vibrators and I don’t need this particular one. I say hold on just a second mister! You should be thankful that I’m so into sex! Am I right? We have a really amazing sex life and he rocks in bed so being given a salsa would be the icing on the cake! I could have one and he would know I didn’t actually buy it :) you rock Lilly!

  48. I have never been able to cum with a bullet vibe as I need something powerful.The Redhead Bedhead told me that the salsa was one of the best bullet vibes that was on the market (and was sad it would no longer be). She suggested that I try it,that I would be impressed.
    Since I already review for swingset, there are a lot of sex toys in the house and as it is not a paying job,my hubby has put his foot down about spending money. So it would be awesome if I could win one of yours to try.

  49. I would love to win a We-Vibe Salsa for one important reason: my clitoris doesn’t like most vibrators. The Hitachi is too much/irritable, the others I have tried are either horribly wimpy or a “Meh, that’s kinda nice but won’t get me off” kind of vibrator. I haven’t found anything my clitoris enjoys more than my own hand–and yet, I wish I have by now. Knowing that the We-Vibe Salsa might be THAT toy for my clitoris makes it worthwhile to enter this giveaway.

  50. Let’s just say, I’m not the easiest girl to stimulate. Most vibrators don’t do the trick for me, but The Hitachi proved to be a wonderful investment, however not the easiest to use with my partner. It would be really nice to try other toys and try something new, but seeing as I am a broke university student, I never really have the opportunity. Winning the We-Vibe Salsa would really provide me with the chance to try and achieve the sexual experience I want!

  51. A 27 year old male shouldn’t have to worry about people going through his stuff at home, right? Not in my house!!! Granted I still live at my parents’ (it’s an Asian thing, moving out only when you get married or have to work far away) but I’m an adult and have the right to privacy. Anyway, I stash the few sex toys I have in the bottom drawer of my cabinet. It’s the one that is least used and nobody has a reason to open. The past three years have gone without any incident of my stash being discovered. But then I go on vacation for 4 months and my mother decides to surprise me by cleaning my room. A generous act which I gladly accepted. By cleaning I thought she’d be changing my sheets, tidying up the bookshelf, vacuuming the floor and doing a general dusting. I come home from my trip and the line she greets me with is “I cleaned your room. Surprise of your life.” I casually thanked her but my mind was racing thinking that she’s seen my collection. I was right. SHE WENT THROUGH ALL OF MY STUFF. ALL. OF. MY. STUFF. I braced myself for the scolding of my life (I forgot to mention my mom is sort of prude when it comes to sex). None came though. Here’s the kicker, my mother threw out my entire sex toy stash. EVERYTHING. Masturbators, dildos, vibrators, lotions and lube. From cheap plastic dildos to high end silicone vibrators. My salsa too. Not a trace. So please pick me so I can rebuild my toy collection and so I can stick it to my mom too!

    p.s. The salsa was the first toy I used on my now girlfriend. She loved it, and I’d like to use one on her more. The vibration patterns of the salsa make it a great clit torture device for when she’s bound. :)

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