Jan 292013

As the dining room table cleared slowly of all the many sex toys piled on it for organizing, little by little things were left behind. The bowls that held tiny clit toys and bag balls soon just held the balls. A dildo ended up in the second bowl and then we thought to combine them like…


I don’t even know like what.  But it would make a great conversation piece during dinner! With the right people of course. Maybe.

But in the filtered morning light it looked more artistic. I think. Or I’m on crack.

The Tantus O2 Cush surrounded by various Luna Beads

The Tantus O2 Cush surrounded by various Luna Beads





Toy with me Tuesday
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  5 Responses to “Sex Toy Tablescape”

  1. You’re not on crack :p It looks beautiful. For some reason, I almost want to make it into a water feature and have some of those little glass gems in there, as well. Yes, I want a dildo fountain.

  2. The Cush looks quite a lot like a candle like that! The O2 combined with the light makes it look very waxy. Great idea. :)

  3. I think it looks lovely!! :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Please, please promise you’re going to have that as the centrepiece when you have people over for supper! It makes such a nice alterative to flowers :-) Cool shot. Jane x

  5. I love it! Very creative, and that’s such a gorgeous photo.

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