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Before Mia even got around to mentioning about her virtual book tour, I’d already bought and read her book. The “free sample” portion you can get on Amazon’s Kindle site was devoured quickly and soon I was happily clicking on the “Buy This Book” link. The book is well-written and contains many elements that I love: New York City, sex, getting a peek inside the sex/swinger party scene, love, and a happy ending all wrapped up in a true story. It’s a memoir that’s sexy (and sometimes erotic) with a dash of chick lit, a helping of date-dishing-at-Sunday-brunch, mixed with genuinely helpful advice and tips on things from open relationships to attending a sex party.

About the book, from her site:

A Year of Sex is the debut memoir from writer Mia Martina. After years of recording her sexcapades for her popular podcast “I Want Your Sex,” Mia is excited to release her first book chronicling a year of her erotic adventures.

Mia Martina wasn’t going to sit around waiting for love to find her when her relationship ended. Instead, she went after it – in New York City’s erotic underground. Mia dove headfirst into the sex-party scene, swinging, spanking, and screwing her way out of heartbreak. Follow her on an arousing and amusing journey as she tours the sex dens, women-only parties, and S & M dungeons that make up the city’s sexual landscape. By spending a year as a self-identified slut, she learns more about herself – and love – than she could have imagined. Her wild tale is utterly relatable to even the sexually uninitiated.

While at times sultry and steamy, her adventures will have you thinking twice about what role love, sex, commitment, monogamy, kink, and sexual fulfillment play in our modern lives.

So I’m definitely not someone who has experienced anything she talks about – I’ve never been to a sex party/club or a dungeon, much less one in NYC. I’ve never had a lesbian relationship, I didn’t date much in my 20’s – yet the description is absolutely right. I could still relate and I loved reading about it all. I’ve also come to the conclusion after reading her book as well as recounts from a few other bloggers about swinger/sex clubs/parties that as much my voyeuristic self might love it in theory and as much as I’d want my exhibitionist self to love it….I likely wouldn’t. Maybe the women-only parties, actually.

Mia has fun and learns a lot, and teaches us a lot as well. I keep wanting to share examples but then think “No, I don’t want to spoil the fun” because reading this book is a LOT of FUN. It’s not all fun and games though because this is reality, after all. You just have to read it. And then, if you’re anything like me, try not to spend the next few weeks wishing you could go back to being 27, move to New York City and cram as much dating and sex into a year as you can.

Just some of the things tidbits chronicled in this book:

  • An orgy. Or five.
  • Sex parties with themes and mandatory costumes
  • Sex parties where everybody is clothed and awkward and then at midnight it’s “Undies Time”, a mandatory strip-down
  • Flogging a stranger at a BDSM party
  • Mia giving a woman a lap-dance at a party
  • Mia giving a man a lap-dance in a darkened corner of a NYC rooftop
  • Sex parties that make you cringe
  • Sex parties that make you envious
  • Mia playing the sexy submissive to a very hot couple at a few parties

I could go on, but I won’t. You, however, definitely should.

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