Sep 202011

Showing the "I" and "M" JimmyJane Contour Massage Stones  Showing the JimmyJane Contour Massage Stone "Q" with the "M"
Images courtesy of, the M & I, and Q (my set will include only one M, one I, the Q set, but no candle or anything)

Let’s have a little break in the gloom around here, shall we?

A long while ago I purchased the one and only (one if you count it as a set) Jimmyjane product that I’d likely ever purchase1 – their Contour ceramic massage pieces. I opened the boxes, shuffled them around in my hands and smeared soy wax on them but they were too much for my sensitive muscles to tolerate at the hands of a husband who knows nothing about giving massage (not his fault!) and have sat, unused, for over a year now. Time to get them in the hands of someone who can use them!

Wow, I’m not starting off this giveaway on an upbeat These Are Awesome!! note, am I? A lot of other people have given these pieces glowing reviews; they certainly are versatile. They can be warmed up for something like a hot stone massage and can help relieve the strain on your fingers and thumbs from trying to give a good, deep back massage. They’re made from a body-safe non-porous material that’s easy to clean, too. You’ll get these still in their JJ boxes. Since I’m the one sending these, sorry but it’s only open to US residents.

From what I understand, the Jimmyjane Contour Q stones are no longer for sale either so hey! Rare item!

The entries are being taken in using Rafflecopter, not comments! Just follow the directions for all the various ways you can get some entries. **NOTE: It’s pretty simple to use, and as you’ll see in other entries not much shows up here – only I see the details. So when I specifically tell you to put in extra info for an entry, like your username or whatever, not doing so could make your entry invalid. If I can’t verify your entry… won’t count. Simple as that.

Sorry, this contest has ended!

  1. Every high end vibrator has too many mixed reviews and is more money than I care to spend on something that most likely will leave me going “meh”
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  1. Hey, let me know if prompting folks to use your affiliate links works!

  2. Worked my way through, tweeted and loved your reviews and then found its only open to US mailing addresses.
    Sigh* oh well, loved your site though.

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