Apr 162011

Open All the Way marks Sadie Smythe’s foray into long-range storytelling. Most well known for her outspoken commentary about relationship paradigms and the navigation through her own alternative arrangement with her husband Scott, Sadie is very excited to offer her loyal readers a larger-lensed view into her openly married life.

Each chapter of Open All the Way is an individual story in itself. But the combined ensemble compellingly chronicles her journey. Sadie, in her straightforward style, discusses openly and honestly the numerous pitfalls she and her husband encountered along the way, while intellectually and entertainingly supporting her choices. It’s sexy, smart, and provocative prose; a full, fascinating glimpse into an untraditional relationship.

I’ve been reading Sadie‘s book in my spare time this week. It’s a unique memoir-style book that her long-time fans will love. I highly suggest that you treat her book as you would a blog or even letters….what I mean is, read just one chapter a day. Give yourself time in between chapters, otherwise the timeline of things might get murky in your head if you’re anything like me, who plows through books. When read slowly, though, it’s like you’re sitting down with her over drinks as she shares a story with you in “Oh god, did I ever tell you about Carl??” style. The book is written in the same writing voice as her blog and you feel like you’re there with her in person as she tells her stories. I also really respect that she’s not peddling advice. This book is about her, not you; she’s not trying to sway you one way or the other into accepting or wanting to follow her lifestyle choices. But when you are considering the open marriage lifestyle it does help to hear from others who’ve been there. The good, the bad, and everything in between, because that is reality. And this book is Sadie’s reality. Well, 90%, as names have been changed to protect the innocent ;)

So have at it! Go buy Sadie’s book

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  1. Thank you for hosting me for my book tour, Lilly! It means a lot to me!!


  2. Congrats to her. Hope the tour is a successful one!

  3. Is this going to come out in paper format? Its not that I don’t have an e-reader, I just prefer paper copies. And this sounds amazing!

    ~ I really don’t know, you’d have to ask Sadie!

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