May 042010

There was a point in time when I wanted to devour all BDSM erotica books. To glean knowledge, to gather ideas for us.

When things ended with R, I went to the opposite side of the spectrum. I removed those books from my wishlist. I’d skip over male D / female s stories in other anthologies. For awhile I even stopped reading the blogs of submissive women. But I’ve gotten better, I’d gotten over it mostly…..

Or so I thought.

By the third story, I was getting that little ache inside. Except that this time, it wasn’t a good ache for me. It was an empty ache. Acknowledging what I’d tried so hard to bury for months.

I missed having someone to call Sir.

I missed pleasing someone. I missed the power exchange. I ached for the physical domination. The hair pull. The throat grab.

By page 37, I had to put the book down. My cunt was thrumming and wet, but my chest was aching and raw. “Another day, I’ll try again on another day when my mental status is a little more firm….when I don’t miss it quite so badly”, I thought. Take this as a testament, then, as to the quality of these first stories.

As with any anthology there is a wide variety of writing styles, topics, angles and more. You’re bound to have a few favorites and a few you couldn’t even finish reading in amongst all the stories contained within. While a few stories in this book didn’t fully trip my switch, I must say they were all good stories. And some? Some are shining stars that kept me riveted for those few moments, lost in the imagery and thought and words. I was left wanting. If you are in a D/s relationship already then perhaps this book can serve for excellent imagination-fodder to fuel your current explorations.

I think one of my favorites was about a woman who has been taking a self-defense class from a martial arts instructor. She comes in on a Saturday for a make-up class, they’re alone and tick tock the moves get more sexual as the minutes go on. Power fighting against power. Her angry power to his calm power. Hmm I think I might develop a thing for guys who study martial arts after reading this one.

My other favorites include a couple about semi-public concealed foreplay and sex. Is that really a surprise to you, though? I didn’t think so. I, too, could possibly enjoy the opera if I had a calculating and controlling Master making me squirm.

Check out the book trailer and then go buy the book! If you’re at all into female submission…you’re going to want to read this book. Also at the book’s WordPress site you should check out this post where Rachel reads the story she had in this anthology about a topic I’ve fantasized about yet never experienced……erotic choking and face-slapping.

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