Mar 122010

Ten editions, that is.

Ten….it doesn’t sound like a lot, when you think about it. But to me, it is. 4 months and 10 editions means I can finally breathe a little easier during submissions time. So far I’ve always watched the inbox and feared that the submission count would drop this edition, that it was all losing steam. The numbers have fluctuated but all in all are doing quite well.

Submissions are now open for edition #10! Double digits! We officially swam-instead-of-sank! Wow that doesn’t sound right in the past tense….oh well, you get my point. I’m excited! I’m hoping that this milestone will bring together more bloggers in one edition than ever. In the course of e[lust] we’ve had around 200 blogs participate amongst the 9 editions published.

In honor of edition #10 I’m going to expand the Top Three to be a Top Four or even Five! The number depends on how many submissions we get overall.

So as usual, head over to the submission form. Submission period ends Midnight EST on Tuesday the 16th. Your eligible post date range is March 3rd – March 16th. If this is your first time submitting please read the quick rules on the submission form and look over the full set of rules here. By submitting, you are agreeing to comply with these rules.

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