Mar 082010

Off I went last week to my local Lane Bryant Outlet store to replace one of the newer “really uplifting” bras I purchased last summer. After being pretty sure that the bra I picked up was the same one that died recently, I grabbed one and threw it on my pile.

By the time I got around to trying it on, I’m standing there in just panties, trying to get this damn thing hooked – the security tag was making it difficult. It wasn’t until it was hooked that I found out exactly why. And holy hell did it HURT!

See that white cone-shaped thing there? That dug into my back. The flat side is what is supposed to be against your skin. But come on now, LB….isn’t there a less obtrusive place to put these damn things?!?

  9 Responses to “Bra shopping fail”

  1. Reminds me of the time I found a needle in the bodice of my gown for the winter dance. And by “found,” I mean it poked me in the goddamn nipple a dozen times and I had to be unzipped to find it. Ugh.

  2. Ouch! It’s probably reasons like this that I just wear sports bras and am too lazy to try on the fancy ones.

  3. Oh man that does look painful

  4. Youch…nothing like a plastic wedge attached to elastic so you get the poking action everyone loves. I am betting in some places you would pay good money for that sort of pain.

  5. I just hate it when one of my favorite bras bite the dust and leave me to go bra shopping. I swear that I have the worst luck at the office when the underwire pops out and sticks me.

    I agree that they need to figure out or design a more comfortable anti-theft device that makes shopping a real pain in the ass or back in your case.

  6. *Happy Sigh* I love Lane Bryant bras. It’s like, the only place that makes really cute but supportive bras for girls who are D+. I don’t know what I did before!

  7. Lane Bryant has a pathetically small range of cup sizes for a store supposedly catering to plus-sized women. Wow, all the way up to DDD in the store (I know they offer bigger sizes online but I am similarly unimpressed)?! I can hardly contain myself. Seriously. I wear a 36HH, so I shop at Intimacy where they actually carry a large range of bras, fit to your body and aren’t restricted to “granny bras” just because you’re over a DD. The only reason I still shop there is for my pants and skirts but since I’m losing weight, that won’t be a reason anymore. I dunno, I’ve been unhappy with LB for a while now.

  8. Another good reason for a bra free society. I know, men just don’t know.

  9. Should you find yourself around DC please drop me a line! There is a fantastic bra shop that will fit you professionally (they do a far better job than LB ever could) and then put you into the very best bras for your body. The store is classy and the staff is fantastic, and all bras are gorgeous euro imports, and they will even tailor the bra if needed. I just got myself fitted there a few days ago and it was an amazing experience. No more LB crappy bras for me!

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