Feb 142010

I have expensive taste, so it wouldn’t shock me to find out that this mouse, if it ever goes to sale, will be over $150. I. Love. It. LOVE. It’s a glowy-ish gorgeous red, sleek, unique, and looks kinda like a high end race car.

Or a cunt.

What’s sad though, to me, is how many other people are shying away from the design. One article about this actually was labeled NSFW just because the shape of the MOUSE is suggestive of female genitalia. A number of commenters say that they would feel pervy using it, or wouldn’t dare use it at work for fear of retribution.


Christ, it’s art and it’s SUGGESTIVE it’s not explicit.

In poking around the store at this site I found about three hundred other things I’d buy if I had disposable income. Squishy silicone LED lights! And ohhhh this necklace, which is magnetic and just asks to be played around with is right up my alley.

Want. SO BAD.

(all photos are from Yanko Designs site)

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  5 Responses to “Beautiful, Geeky and Sensual…in a Mouse?”

  1. Don’t we all wish we had a few bucks to burn. Such a shapely mouse.

  2. As I said in my piece on it, I think that, used carefully, it could actually be a good teaching tool :) It is a fabulous colour and would certainly prove to be an interesting addition to any desk.

    I love that necklace!

  3. I gotta say that I like the mouse. It’s just so pretty. I love the colors.

  4. I’m quite tempted to stick on of those in our office and see if anyone notices the unique design…

  5. If this were for sale I would totally take it to work and get fired. lmfao!!

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