Dec 112009

When I first gushed talked about the rope bondage class I took in NYC from Twisted Monk, I promised I’d tell you if he was ever going to have another.

And he is!!

For all you West Coasters, you’ve got a chance at attending one of his classes. It’ll be just like the one I talked about and you know that I highly recommend both Monk himself and the class in general.

Head on over to the new site/venture from Tess & Diva called “Tied Up Events” where you can get all the information for the class. (and hey, I made the banner!)

Better hurry though, the class is limited to 30 people.

  One Response to “Twisted Monk in Las Vegas!”

  1. God, that’s not fair. All of the classes are always so far away from me. They should come to Iowa. Sad. :(

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