Dec 222009

Either I’m crazy, or …… nah let’s just stick with crazy.

For the first time in months (many months?) I have an interest in someone other than He Who Shall Not Be Named Anymore Or As Little As Possible (and no I don’t mean Voldemort) that has lasted beyond a couple short online conversations. Even a few guys from last year resurfaced, guys I really enjoyed…..and I can’t get back into my enjoyment of them for some reason. Perhaps it was timing, perhaps a month ago I was not yet ready. I don’t fuckin know.

Why am I crazy, you ask?

Because he lives about 3,000 miles away.

And has a harem of women. Fucking a handful in real life, flirting online with who knows how many. I’m just one of many.

I’ll never have his full attention and quite likely will never meet him in person.

So am I crazy? Or did I allow myself this because there’s a safety of it never going anywhere? Or do I just like a challenge too goddamn much? Because he’s definitely a challenge. And you know I like my challenges….tell me “no you can’t have that” and I’ll want it more and try harder to get it.

Yup I’m crazy. And he’s dangerous. And I’m looking for trouble.

  6 Responses to “Trouble with a Capital ‘T’”

  1. I think we all look for a little trouble from time to time but I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the safety of it. Why be interested in someone who is obviously so unavailable? (Trust me, I know that place well – too well for my own liking!)

    ~ I know damn well why, lol. Thrill of the chase. The game. and the unavailable-ness is a bit of a safety net if I keep my guard up like I’m supposed to.

  2. Chase theory, remember? It is a challenge.

    ~ *smiles* yup. I know. That’s why I know I’m in trouble.

  3. Don’t we all need challenges in our lives. Not to mention looking for trouble sometimes.

  4. Definitely sounds like trouble. Could be some fun trouble though… just try not to get hurt!

  5. Trouble with a capital T is an understatement.

  6. It’s probably karma for teasing us readers so much!

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