Dec 212009

I just realized I’ve not posted very much here in the last week.

Man, I was SO gonna be better at this blogging thingiemajigger than that. Better get back on the wagon!

BUT that doesn’t mean I haven’t written! Carrie Ann put a call out for a post (for about pegging/anal play on men by women and since I had some experience with that, I wrote up a post. And since I’d had an open invitation to write other pieces for Edencafe, I kinda ran with it. And ran. That’s not to say that the posts were *easy* for me to write, but for some reason as first glance I thought that the pieces were more suited for EC than here. My first piece for EC is a very contemplative one where I explain the difference between Lilly and L – the me that most people see in real life.

There are two sides to me. The Lilly you see online and the L that most others see in reality (and how I feel in reality). Sometimes there is a bleeding of the edges betwixt the two worlds and I am gaining comfort in that happening more. This isn’t to say that Lilly is a contrived persona. In fact, not at all. Lilly is what L truly is under the surface. Lilly is the no-holds-barred version of L. There are most definitely pixels shared between the two. A Venn diagram, if you will.The better I know someone and the more comfortable I am with them, the more Lilly and L meld together as almost one.

I don’t mind people staring at Lilly because it’s all virtual and I can control it. But in the stark lights of reality, L feels scrutinized. L says “Don’t look at me”. Lilly says “Oh hey, its naked time? Wait for me!”.

As it turns out, my first one really could go here as well but I won’t cross-post. Instead, you’ll just have to head on over to Edencafe to read it and I hope that you do.


what else….

Oh yeah. Y’all know how much I wanted an Njoy Eleven, right? And I still do but I’m not sure I want to spend my own moolah on it. Thanks to Edencafe and my writings, I’ve got some Edenfantasys giftcards to use and EF is generously giving all contributors a 30% coupon to use through the holidays so I can grab myself a few good toys. Or….just one. The Eleven. I’m sure I mentioned it before here but I bet you don’t remember that I can be absolutely horrid at making a choice. Ever since I was a kid. When faced with choosing between 2 or more things that look equally good but have equal downsides I just kinda….freeze. So my reasons against getting the Eleven are price, weight (if the cortisone shot for my thumb & elbow don’t work, I might not be able to use it on myself), the fact that I already have a dildo that’s as big around, and the fact that having short arms with a big tummy means straight dildos can be hard to use on oneself. I believe that one big reason I originally wanted the Eleven was R. He was going to use it on me. Since I no longer have someone in my life who’s kind of obsessed with fucking me with large items, a little appeal is lost. Granted I do still love thick dildos. And those who own the Eleven AND the Pure Wand AND other large dildos are still saying that it’s worth it if I can get it.

But do I wanna put ALL my chips in the Eleven?

A few people have recently ordered some things from Edenfantasys from my affiliate links. THANKYOU!!! If you don’t feel too shy (and really now, come on it’s ME) email me and tell me whatcha got!?! I’d love to hear about it!!

Also – there’s this thing that’s cropped up on Twitter accounts everywhere in my stream called Formspring. Basically, you can ask me any question (anonymously if you really want it to be) and I can answer it publicly (I can also choose to delete it if I find it stupid or offensive). I might answer some of the better ones in a blogpost instead of on formspring. We’ll see.

Go here to do that.

Ummmm. that’s it I guess. You’re free to go!

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  6 Responses to “So, like, Hi…and stuff…”

  1. I keep dithering on the Eleven, too. I want it but, honest to gods, my motorcycle cost less. Lol.

    ~ holycrap! Thats quite an eyeopening comparison in cost!

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about Formspring. It seems silly, but everyone seems to like it.

    I actually wrote an article for Pegging as well for EC, so I’m excited to see yours. I hope it’s good. :)

    ~ Mine is more “how to fail at pegging” than anything else, lol

  3. Not much for the toys myself (my partners keep wanting the real me), but I am glad to read a post from you.

  4. Happy to read you tonight! Wish my hubby would entertain my naughty drawer more often…or at all!!

    ~ honey when we can’t get what we want in the flesh…..thats when we turn to our toys. ;)

  5. Loved the Eden Cafe post…identity, online and otherwise, is pretty fascinating, and complicated…good luck navigating those waters

  6. I did the formspring, but nobody is asking me any damn questions.

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