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There are many good occasions in your sex life for adding what is generally called “sex furniture”, or rather, pillows. The different shapes of sex pillows can greatly enhance or change up even the most basic of fucking positions.

But when the most ideal shape, a large wedge, is a bit cumbersome and obvious….the natural thought is how to make it travel-friendly.

Make it inflatable!

In theory, it’s a great idea. I really wanted to like this. But, it should have occurred to me that I don’t like air mattresses. I can never find the right level of fullness. Either my ass hits the ground, or I feel like I’m going to roll off if I’m within 6 inches of the edge. Even the much-lauded “Sleep Number” bed is a glorified air mattresses, and I hated it, too. The same thing occurred with this inflatable wedge. In fact the feeling of “I’m going to roll off this fucking thing” was more than just a feeling – I did. Maybe it’s just me and because I’m no skinny 10o pound waif but I never felt secure on this thing. The shape is great, the size is great. But I hate air mattresses.

The other thing that I hated about this product is the included foot pump.

To call this thing a foot pump is like trying to claim that the Bob the Builder hammer my 4 yr old nephew has is a working hammer.

For as much as this Wedge (made by Doc Johnson) costs, you would think that the manufacturer could have spent literally a few more dollars on the damn pump. Not only are the primary colors reminiscent of Lego, but it’s slow and noisy. There is a hose and connector that comes with the pump, too, and they are the same awful colors and cheap plastic design. The hose looks like a child’s toy you’d get at a carnival if you came in third place. A small carnival.

Really, I felt like I was in a bad Clown Porno.

It took me so long to review this product because I just couldn’t deal with the damn pump; I replaced it with a $15 very nice foot pump from Target. It’s kind of a mood-killer. But we did have fun giggling at the squeaks.

It still took a few minutes to inflate it, so I know I’d never want to try to inflate this thing by mouth. It is very sizable though! I was actually surprised how big it ends up being. Below is a photo of it inflated, and then one of it deflated and my crapass attempt to neatly roll it. (Can you tell I suck at putting away things like sleeping bags and air mattresses?)

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Inflated, it takes up about 3/4 of a twin bed.

The construction of this is a cover that zippers over the inflatable portion. This cover is supposedly washable but we didn’t try that yet. It’s basically the same material as your average air mattress, with velvet flocking on the outside and the rest is…..I dunno. But it’s very waterproof. And sturdy. Due to the pain-in-the-assness of inflating this, we simply did our best to stash it in a closet or a corner without deflating it.

This isn’t something I would use at home now that I know I’m getting a proper Liberator brand wedge.  The cost and travel-ability aspects were my reasons for wanting to try this, and to me neither make it a worthwhile buy. Is this perhaps because I am larger? I don’t know. It is entirely possible that a thinner gal wouldn’t have the feeling of floating precariously as I did.

Who would like this? Well since the cover is washable AND waterproof (meaning if you gush or there’s just a lot of liquids around) it won’t get saturated quickly and can last the night longer in that respect. If you’re traveling away somewhere, particularly with plane travel involved, this is more easily transportable for most people than a large foam triangle. This is pretty much a “I know we’re having sex tonight and lots of it!” item. It isn’t something you decide to use spur-of-the-moment.

Thanks to for letting me review this!

  6 Responses to “ Review: The Wedge”

  1. I giggled at the video. hehehe.. I can’t stand air mattresses either, but I do like the travel possibilities. Still on the fence.

    Thank you for reviewing it!

    ~ Trust me, we were giggling like 10 year olds when we first tried to use the thing. I had to make him stop trying, it was too obnoxious-yet-funny.

  2. The video cracked me up!! I got mine in the mail today. You didn’t tell me that the packaging says, “The Pushin Cushion.” That about killed me!! We’ll see how it works out for me!!

    ~ HA! I forgot about that. I tend to throw out cheesy packaging ASAP. It was ridiculous, but what can you expect from Doc Johnson.

  3. hahahahah the video! OMG… yeah that sounds like bad sex to begin with!

  4. Rofl at teh squeaky clown pump! Hehe I could so not use that without ending up in hysterics. Those liberator wedges are awesome. I dunno mebe i am a complete toy snob. I like the good stuff. x

    ~ I am a self-proclaimed toy snob! I’m a fancy whore! Yes, Liberator is awesome, I just got mine a few days after I wrote this post. huge huge huge difference

  5. LOL, that was was very funny. ;)

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