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Perfect Touch Mega-Bullet (made by Synergy Erotic)


Size comparison next to the BNaughty vibe

About a month ago or so, my beloved Silver Bullet vibe died. It had become my stand-by vibe and of course it was my work vibe. Soon after it died, another bullet-type came to me for review from sextoy.com. I was excited right away – it takes -3- AA batteries. 3!!! Most only take 2! And oh I was not disappointed with the power, like I had been with other bullet vibes….oh HELL it’s wonderful!

Edit: I found this little bit of info on the manufacturer’s site, and I found it interesting. Higher-quality bullet vibe makers, listen up!!!!! (now I know what “does it” for me – a motor that spins a bit slower):

The Perfect Touch Mega-Bullets are manufactured with a 15% larger motor that spins a bit slower than your typical bullet motor, but it also swings a MUCH larger counter-weight, which provides an EXTREMELY powerful sensation {they aren’t joking!!!}.

However, with strength comes flaws.


Not sure if you can tell, it does have a bit of “cord protector” as the wires exit the bullet, but they’re not firmly in place. I can push/pull on the cord and it’ll go in and out of the bullet. Since the bare wires in there are wrapped around contacts which make the whole thing work……moving wires spell a short life span.

It’s inexpensive, as most bullet vibes are, and I’m so sad that the manufacturer couldn’t do better with this. One major problem with the cheap construction is that it’s unreliable. My first one we deemed to be a fluke, defective, so sextoy.com quickly sent me a new one. The problem with the first one, I’ve determined, is that the wires that connect to the motor in the bullet were loose. If I moved the wire outside of the bullet to the “right” position, it would work. At first it would work somewhat more reliably, requiring a little bit of a shake to make it vibrate again. The replacement one has not had that problem, but it seems that the motor is off balance. At some angles (and the differences are a hair’s-width) it’s not very noisy. At other angles, it’s very noisy, like the vibrating part is hitting the hard plastic.

This makes it very hard for me to use it at work. Oh don’t get me wrong, I have used it a few times at work. I had to, I had nothing else! When I have used it…..wow. It was sometimes a quick ride but a wild one. My orgasms were very powerful; keeping a straight face and normal demeanor at work while using this one was nearly impossible as my orgasm crashed over me and my cunt throbbed.

Another flaw is that the power dial on the side is turned on WAY too easily – I swear one wrong move as I’m removing/reinserting a battery and it’s buzzing away (not good when you’re in public!) – but yet the “dimmer switch” aspect isn’t consistent. The first bullet they sent me was more noticeable in its varying levels of vibration. The second one wasn’t as much.

A third flaw is the design. The hand pack is very big, partially because it takes 3 AA’s. Also, the bullet is pretty big. This might be something that most of you won’t care about or might even like – my reasons for caring about the size are because of the circumstances in which I use it.

When the first one WAS working, I didn’t even need to turn it all the way up to high in order to orgasm. And you guys know I have a clit o’ steel.

Do I recommend it? That’s a tough call. If you require more power, like I do, and you don’t care if it’s a bit noisy sometimes then yes I do recommend it. It’s cheap. However, it’s unreliable.

I’ll keep plugging away, looking for my perfect bullet vibe for clitoral stimulation.

sextoys more eggs and bullets

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