Apr 192009

I need a muse.

I want to write smut and erotica but it’s just lurking back there in the recesses of my mind. It’s not coming out. Also a reason why there haven’t been any pics except for spontaneous camera-phone pics is because I can’t think up anything fresh and doable.

So, I’m hiring a muse.

What’s the pay? First look at what I write, input on it, first look at photos and helping to choose the versions I post if there’s more than 1 good one.

What’s the requirement? Someone who’s online daily and has creative thoughts. Oh and relatively familiar with my blog, what I’ve written, photos I’ve posted…..just so all your ideas aren’t repeats of what I’ve done.

Your incentive……


Taken while driving/in traffic on my way home from work one day after being teased…


Please list your level of desire, qualifications, etc below. If you are too shy to leave your application in the comments then by all means email me. And if you can’t find my email address…..then you shouldn’t be applying  ;)

  6 Responses to “Now Hiring”

  1. Well I’m afraid you write much to well for me to be of assistance!

  2. *sheepishly raises hand* Well, I am jobless at the moment and quite frequently at the computer. Not sure if a female muse will do, but I’m up for the challenge. I have a feeling we could feed off of AND inspire each other. My desire level? Oh it’s up there.

    My qualifications: Well, I like to think I write pretty well. And in case you have never been, I also have an erotica blog at http://mydesire.wordpress.com.

    As far as photography goes, well, you’ve seen our work and if you like to see my tastes… go see my tumblr at http://mydesire.tumblr.com

    References upon request :)

  3. Lil,

    As a major devotee of yours, unemployed at this time, and always eager to do new things, I would be pleased to provide ‘musing services.’

    Looking at Mena’s posting and her site, perhaps she and I could form a tag-team of sorts to provide you with both ends of the gender spectrum.

    I have written erotica, published as a poet, short stories, and am finishing a stage play with a partner from another state.

    I will gladly send you samples of ‘various items’ if desired…



  4. You are so brilliant!

  5. I love this idea!

  6. I consider myself a new but devoted fan(atic) of yours, and I’d be so much more than honoured to serve as your muse.

    I have some skill at coaxing sensual thoughts out of women.

    My level of desire? On a scale from 1-10… it’s probably in the mid-30s. ;)

    I hope you’ll select me, oh sexy one! *bows*

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