Apr 142009

I’m approaching my final 3 days in the office. Therefore, I’m taking request for naughty office pics that I could potentially snap.

Or….other suggestions, if you can think of anything.

Now, I’m not saying I’ll be able to do every request/suggestion, but I’ll certainly try! Click on the tags associated with this post to see past escapades. Today is Tuesday….Friday is my last day, but that day will also be kinda hectic here, I assume. I know moving people are going to arrive late afternoon that day. So if you have any requests……hurry up!!

I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m really feeling nervous as to what my new office life will be like come Monday morning. Not just with regards to my online time and my naughtiness, but everything.

  8 Responses to “Final Days Here at the Office”

  1. Well any pic with you in them will tickle me!!

    hope your back feels mo betta!

  2. I had to go to a new location for work today, but it turned out to be no big deal. Hope your transition goes well, too.

  3. *hugs* You’ll be fine, sweetie. It’s always scary to change work routines when there are so many unknown variables. I had a big change a few months ago. I was scared shitless and had no say in the matter. Ended up working out fine.

    As for a pic, I have no idea how far you’re willing to take things, but I have heard of people taking pics of them getting off in the work washroom. Don’t take that as a suggestion… more just an observation.

    ~ An observation huh? lol

  4. Hmmmmm. Tough call there, L. But, curious to see what you come up with ;-)



  5. How about an audiofile of you getting off at your desk?

    ~ Well, that certainly is interesting, but I’m usually dead-silent since…ya know….there’s people everywhere! I’ll think about it ;)

  6. I’m pretty much just a lurker here, but i would like to support the request for audio.. can be so much hotter than pictures. Doesn’t have to be at work either, at least I wouldn’t care so much ;-)

    Other then that.. anything will be great I guess. Not feeling creative right now, sorry :(

    ~ The more I think about it….there’s a few things that won’t ever happen on this blog. Namely, I’m not going to turn it into a porn site. This is why you don’t see photos of my cunt spread open. Video or audio of me jerking off, to me, is going to push it into the same category. Very few get to see/hear that, and I’d like it to remain that way.

  7. That’s totally understandable of course :)

  8. Any pic will do of course (that is, if you’re still there by the time I am writing this) as you’re so beautiful and I love looking at your pictures.

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