Mar 292009

aka “No more masturbating at work”


In a few weeks, my job will change and I’ll move to a new location, new building. It’s not a new job, per se…..but the department I was in is being consolidated with all other similar departments and they’re taking us all from being scattered about the city complex to being all on the same floor of the same building. My duties will differ, there will be people I don’t know in my new unit. And… “privacy” and ability to jerk off at my desk might just be gone entirely.

I’ve been told by my supervisor’s supervisor that we’ll all have internet access – I just don’t know if it’ll be a different branch of IT or if the blocked sites list will be more strict – i.e. I may not be able to remote in to my home computer anymore. If I can’t, then I can’t write during the day, I can’t read blogs during the day, and most importantly….I can’t chat. There will be email that’s non-work, I should still be able to access Gmail, but not the chat function.

Losing the ability to play during work hours and perhaps lose the chat functionality is, I admit, a worry for me where Q is concerned. Might very well lose that side of us entirely. In all aspects. I suppose I’ll find out soon enough….

My current location, as you all should know, did not afford me any privacy……I was the “receptionist” for the floor, my desk front was visible to everyone who should walk by me and they did – constantly. But I had no worry of anybody coming up behind me and seeing my screen because it was simply impossible. And my “cube”, while sharing a wall with true cubes to my back, was large enough that I didn’t worry about being overheard. Not with the slight vibration sound, nor my choked moans, or heavy breathing.

Now, my cube is 8×8. U-shaped. The open end of the u-shape faces out to the aisle-way of a row of cubes, and the opposite cube is…….my supervisor. The way the computers are arranged, our backs will be to each other but that means that anytime she would turn around, she could see my screen. Or anyone could that walks by my cube. I’m surrounded in close quarters, really. The walls aren’t very tall – the shortest wall being 4″2 or some shit. I’m not sure which of the 3 cube walls is that height.

I intend to get a white-noise machine so that I hear less from the surrounding people, but I don’t know if it’ll mean they hear less from me – could it mask a bullet vibe tucked against my clit? Could it muffle the vast amount of typing?

I also don’t know what I’ll be doing, exactly. It’s a lot of speculation at this point. It’s been hinted that a lot of my work will be done away from my desk… then not only might I be losing the chat functionality….I’ll be losing a lot of email time, as well. Should THAT be the case….I worry about entire relationships dissolving.

Time will tell, a few short weeks. I can tell you I’m not looking forward to it. My new floor is supposedly 2 acres. There’s 350 people on it. I have to find different parking. Learn new people. I could just go elsewhere but there’s a hiring freeze. And of course civilian jobs, as we all know, are on the decline as well.

I’m back to blogging, slowly. Not back to HNT just yet though. But perhaps….since you all know my “freedom” at work is about to go, perhaps I’ll get some good requests I can fill for “at work exhibitionism” photos!

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  1. That totally sucks! But at first I thought you were going to say you lost your job. So I guess the change is better than the alternative. There is always the good ol’ cell phone and text to try and keep things going. Not the same, but it might help.

  2. Oh, that blows. Though as a gov’t employee who deals with heavily filtered internet access and no chat programs at work, my sympathy is limited ;-)

    Text messaging is my friend at work!!

  3. that sucksssssssssssssssssssssss

    good JuJu for it not being as bad as you fear!

  4. Well, that ain’t good! But hopefully it won’t be as bad as you fear.

    A technical note since it’s kinda my field: A white noise machine will mask sounds that you hear, but your neighbors will still hear you loud and clear. Unless you put the noise machine next to them.

    The principle is basically like one-way glass and the noise machine is like a light bulb. Whoever has the light on their side can’t see out, but can be clearly seen from the other side.

  5. The job I had last had a cubicle design much like that. Are you allowed to move your computer? You can move it so that the monitor faces another cubicle wall. You can also attach a concave mirror to your monitor so you can see who’s coming up behind you. If anyone asks, you can say that you have a fear of people sneaking up on you and you should feel safe at work.

    That has saved SO MANY OF US from being caught. Maybe that will help? And you can always go to the bathroom, right?

    Let me know if you need some more pointers. I had a three wall cubicle with someone right next to me, and on the other side of the hall were two more open cubes. It’s a pain in the ass to be private, but it is possible.

    *hugs* You can do this. =]

  6. Bummer, L!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you can manage to have a little fun in the new place.

  7. That sounds disappointing, but who knows? Sometimes new challenges result in exciting new possibilities…

    good luck!

  8. Aww this is so sad. I can sympathize because my computer faces the door of my office and office culture is such that I can’t close my door. So I’m always sneaking the yahoo chats I have during work and hoping I don’t get caught. I’d die of boredom without the internet! I hate how workplaces like to set up computers so your back is to everyone. Ugh.

  9. ack! I feel your pain. I hope everything works out.

  10. Well, good luck!! I hope the new place allows you room to play.
    If not, I shall campaign for compulsory masturbation time in the workplace.


  11. Ugh that has got to suck! but … with change there are always new possibilites … just wait and see I bet you can still be creative *chuckle* xxx

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