Dec 202008


(this review/sex toy is seriously outdated. there are plenty of rechargeable vibes/wand massagers I’d recommend now over anything mentioned here)



I’ve heard a few other bloggers rave about the Acuvibe. This is another in the line of sextoys that wasn’t created to be used as a sex toy….. but rather a body massager. I have to wonder what their sales reports are like, Hitachi and Acuvibe….what percentage of their sales are from sex toy resellers, heh. The big selling point to the Acuvibe is that it is cordless and rechargeable. If you’re like me and live in a weird older apartment with ill placed electrical outlets, this is a great thing!! It also means its travel-friendly if you’re going to be using it somewhere that may not have an electrical outlet handy.

You have two options – Acuvibe original which is 11″ long, 2.5″ head and has 2 speeds – and the Acuvibe mini which is 8.5″ long, 1.6″ head and has only one speed. I don’t know how the speed compares to the full size Acuvibe but at a full charge I think Mini is just about the same (if not a smidge less intense) than Hitachi at the low setting. One caveat to it being rechargeable though is that the charge is drained quicker if you use more pressure on the head. It also diminishes the vibrations a bit.

I’ve read somewhere that the charge hold time is roughly an hour of play with this one. I can’t tell you how long it takes to charge it from dead to full as the light that comes on when you plug it in never goes out. They tell you to charge it for 8 hours when you first get it. If you don’t bother with manuals I’ll tell you that they do say to completely drain the battery and re-charge for 16 hours, once a month. I think that’s something you’re supposed to do with other rechargeable electronics to lengthen battery life (such as cell phones).

The description on the site says it’s small enough to fit into your purse…..Well…sure I guess you could, if you’re the large handbag sort.

Also, it is quite lightweight compared to Hitachi – this thing is only about 0.6 pounds.

All in all, I love it. It won’t replace Hitachi entirely, but I find myself reaching for this one more often because I don’t want to fuck around with the cord. Some may be put off by the fact that it’s only one speed. At the strongest, as I said, it’s comparable to Hitachi’s low setting – after some use though it very slowly begins to slow down. If you think that Hitachi is WAY too powerful for you….then you don’t want this Acuvibe. If you love your Hitachi, then try this one or the Acuvibe original for more vibration choice.


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  1. Even though I haven’t used the Accuvibe, I am (as you already know) I big fan of the Hitachi and would favor that over the cordless, smaller massager because you can’t plug it into the wall for that continuous power.

    My concern is that the batteries would wear out with the other one…the Accuvibe.

  2. Thanks for a fantastic and informative review, Lilly!

    I especially liked that you reminded your readers of draining the battery. So often, we forget that this is the reason our vibes seem to ‘wear down’. We forget that they are a machine, and require maintenance just as our cars, cellphones, computers, etc… A simple monthly toy cleaning and caring is all it takes to keep the best toys in top shape!

    Appreciate your post! Also, for Rage, a fun note on the spelling of “acuvibe” — the name comes from the word acupressure with a single ‘c’. : )

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