Nov 232008

The first thing I received to review for is some bondage rope. I have to point out that on the site, there seems to be two different “japanese silk love rope”, but they are both indeed the same even though the photos differ. They are both Topco brand. One thing that wasn’t mentioned by the manufacturer and therefore couldn’t be included on the site is the width of the rope. If you study up at Twisted Monk’s site, width means a lot. 6mm is pretty ideal and standard, 8mm is wide and results in bulky knots.

The upside to 8mm, which this rope is, is that it’s wider and requires fewer passes over the area. You want the area of pressure to be wider so that it’s not damaging and cutting off circulation or otherwise too painful.

I’m going to assume this rope is nylon, it doesn’t say. It is quite soft and “silky”, but since I am a rope beginner I’m not sure that that’s -great- for rope bondage….wouldn’t there be less friction there, friction needed to maintain the knots? But if the person you’re tying up is sensitive to scratchy things, this would be good. If you’re new to rope bondage, the 8mm would be good also so that you ensure safety and comfort. This is the 16-foot length, and pretty versatile. Hopefully soon I’ll try out more techniques and maybe get photos.

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TLC Japanese Silk Love Rope (16 feet, black)