Nov 172008

SwelteringCelt has drummed up a lil thing called Microfantasy Monday, and this week I think I can contribute something half-assed ;) The point to the microfantasy is to pick a snapshot….a moment in time and not the whole fantasy. Paint the picture as you wish.

The theme for this week: “There is an ass and it is on display.”

Well now….

I can hear the murmurs of people around me but I am not paying attention to them. My wrists are bound in front of my body. My upper half is draped over a hard surface that is just above waist-high; my bound arms stretched out in front of me, my feet only barely touching the floor. My skirt thrown up to expose my ass. I feel his pocketknife at my hip. He slices off my panties… good black lace ass-framing panties! Damnit! He has the option of his hand, or my new leather paddle. I pray for the hand, as I believe it will not be as hard of a whack as the paddle. He runs a finger down the crack of my ass and dips into my slit for a brief second; this attempt to distract me works. I am off guard when I hear and feel the crack of the leather paddle. A split second later my highpitched yelp is also heard. Short, succinct, loud. Both the crack and my yelp.

  7 Responses to “Microfantasy Monday: Public Spanking”

  1. Yay! I like it. :) I had a feeling of a busy barroom, and you draped over the bar…:)

  2. Yum! Love it. I’m still flabbergasted that you guys like the idea!

  3. Ohhhh how delightful!

  4. Love it!!! I can’t get enough of these :)

  5. Nice! “my good black lace ass-framing panties! Damnit!” That line made me chuckle. ^_^

  6. very nice, I want to step up to that ass with a paddle…

  7. mmmm. You make me squirm

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