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ETA 3/2011: Since this post was originally published, my opinions of the site and the company and it’s owner have changed drastically. I no longer support them, and no longer would recommend that you shop there. Want more info? Email me, the button is over there at the top of the sidebar!

I recently answered the call to become a reviewer for !. I emailed over my reviewer “resume”, and was promptly sent details and the site address. I decided to review for this company because they offer such a wide selection – a great mix of all sorts of sex toys plus an expansive BDSM section. The site is under a revamp, and improving every day. I know that quite a lot of my readers may not have heard about this site, so I didn’t want to just jump right into reviewing stuff for a company you’ve not heard of!

What you’ll find at the “front of the store”, are a bunch of categories which lead you into an informative catalogue, of sorts. The “Vibrators” category tells you, in general at first, a little about vibrators. From there you can see information broken down into each different sort of vibrator. Eggs and Bullets, Rabbit Vibrators, Clitoral Vibrators, etc. At the home page is also sections for their blog, containing press releases which may talk about sextoys in the media , toy reviews which may even contain how-to videos, and other bloggy stuff.

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Onto the shopping! I’m telling you, the content of this store is what drew me in. I’ve found that quite a number of the bigger name sellers have only a small BDSM section, or it contains mostly stuff for beginners.  There’s furniture of all ranges (you could outfit a complete dungeon here), Liberator shapes, a huge line of paddles and floggers and whips, hehe.

While at first glance their stock may seem overwhelming, keep in mind that if something comes in multiple colors, each one is listed separately (for now, this could change). For example, in Eggs and Bullet Vibrators, there are 20 pages! But look at page 1 – looks like 35 items, however, there’s quite a few there that are repeats of the same vibe just in different colors. I like the variety of brands, too. Someone (BBG) said I was being too much of a “toy snob”, heh, because I can’t stand pretty much anything made by California Exotics and I won’t use toys that are made of jelly/rubber. While ! does of course carry these, they also have huge lines of items from Vibratex, Fun Factory, LELO, Njoy, Tantus, etc.

While they don’t have a category yet solely for their silicone toys, you can go to the advanced search and select silicone or just pthalates-free materials. Now, a search for silicone does turn up things that are Sil-a-gel, so it’s not perfect. Yes, sil-a-gel is pthalates free, but it isn’t silicone because it’s still semi-porous. So the description for one particular toy says that it is sil-a-gel but the properties put there by the site call it silicone. Nitpicking, maybe. But it’s important to me.

More on searching – The advanced search feature has a ton of options to narrow things down, but it’s not fully functional yet – for example, a search for a toy of “powerful” style of vibrations, for use on a straight female, stimulating the clitoris… of the many many items returned is a male masturbator “realistic vagina”…..I’m pretty sure that is the exact OPPOSITE of my search terms, lol.

The site is still under a revamp, it just takes time. I’m really looking forward to reviewing for them – my first batch of review items? Not one toy!!! I’ve got some rope, a flogger, a slapper-paddle, and a toy storage item. Woo!

  3 Responses to “A new partner: Sextoy!com”

  1. Batch?! Sweet! I’m getting just the Lelo Mia, but am pretty damn excited about it.

    I put this link on my blog entry today leading people to read your description of the site. It’s very good. If you wish, I can also promptly remove it, just email me. :)

  2. Bejsus. I have my companies backwards. I actually applied to, but lack a google ranking. :(

    Nevertheless, I’m still linking you. :)

  3. Oh, man.

    The BDSM section is _awesome_. Wonder what they look for in reviewers…

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