Sep 252008

Imagine a soft tangle of limbs, pillows of flesh, salty and sweet, firm and soft.

This is my greatest desire.

To have two feminine mouths devouring my naked body, floating from cunt and clit to nipples and lips and all in between. To have two writhing moaning wet pussies in the palm of my literal hands.

A daisy chain, if you will, all mouths clamped to all cunts, drowning in the desire. To then swap kisses back and forth, all around, until we each have the taste of three pussies on our tongues.

For now I will not seek a hard cock. For now, I ache to slowly grind my cunt to hers, a slippery slick beautiful mess. A crescendo of movement all softness and hard desire.

Our hands and mouths won’t know where to go as we simultaneously ache for the one we’re touching and the one we want to be touching next.

But I know myself, I know my desire. As feminine as I am, I have the lust quotient of a man. I want to wear a harness and fuck them both. I want to employ toys to compliment my tongue and fingers, I want the power of bringing my two girls to a moaning sticky orgasm as they lay spread out before me…..moaning into each others mouths as I pull the strings. I want to stand them both up at the edge of the bed, hip to hip, bent over presenting two sweet cunts to me. Drive my harnessed cock into them, spank their round asses and drag a finger along their slits.

I want hours upon hours of lusty frenzied female fucking. While I grind my cunt to hers, press my nipples to hers, kiss her lips, while I finger her clit, while I pull and pinch her nipples, while she kisses her breast and she kisses my lips, while we three become one. Yes there is softness but underneath it all is hard fervent lust and we just cannot drink it up fast enough, we cannot consume enough to sate our desires.

This finger (mine) on my clit right now should be hers.
This clit (mine) under my finger right now should be -hers-.
This nipple (mine) that I am pinching right now should be hers.
This finger (mine) that is tracing my lips, that I am sucking on, should be -her- tongue.
This soft skin (mine) that I touch should be hers.
This exquisite orgasm (mine, oh fuck, yessss) I am teetering on the brink of this very moment should be from her.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to stop here, and come. Now.

  • damn
    me too.

    ~ *grins* oh REALLY now?? ~L

  • What a beautiful fantasy. I’ve seen this, and every word smacks true.

    Reason 166 why you should visit sometime.

    I even know the two girls I’d ask. ;)

    ~ If someone can get me out there, HELL YES and I’ll have you record it for posterity. And I’ll be generous with sharing the photos. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? However, dear hot sir, you should totally email me with reasons 1-165. Like, ya know, pronto. ~L

  • Riff Dog

    Lilly, you do know how to push my buttons! This is so fucking hot!

    ~ Thank you sweet man, thank you…. ~L

  • I see this entirely too well…

    ~ Then I’d say you have a good imagination, to match mine. ;) ~L

  • …I’m really glad my Hitachi is right here next to the computer. Cause damn.

    ~ *grins* Is you, me and the Hitachi a threesome? Or perhaps each of us with a Hitachi. wooo boy the neighbors 3 blocks over would hear us. ~L

  • Elle

    Lovely pictures, and wow, love your lips! They are simply friggin hot.

  • Tracer Bullet

    Damn. I need a shower and a cigarette.

    ~ Oh? Why’s that? ~L

  • I’d totally volunteer to be part of that scene!! HOT.

    ~ hmmm I was hoping you’d say that… ~L

  • *rowr* :-)

  • swordfish

    This was wonderful writing, some of the best you’ve done in a long time…and a great new direction for you. Now, about yesterday’s breast pictures…probably the sexiest stuff you’ve put up in a very long time.

    ~ Really? I tend to think, as do a few others, that last week’s camisole pics were up with the best I’ve had. But glad you liked it. Takes a lot to get you out of lurking. ~L

  • There have been many times I’ve wished I’d been born a woman. But never more than right this minute. Not if I could be one of the other two in this fantasy.

    Then again, if I had the capacity for multiple orgasm… I might never leave the house again.

    ~ Oh hush. You men have it more straightforward than us. Well, us is broad. Us=women who don’t come from the brush of stimulation to the clit, lol. And actually…you DO have that capacity. You just haven’t learned it yet. ~L

  • Oh Dear God Don’t Stop Now!!!!!!!!!

    ~ I like keepin ya on the edge of your seat hon ;) And besides, now you get to use that vivid and active imagination of yours! ~L

  • Cheating Wife

    Fantastic. Loved that.

    ~ Good to see you CW :) And thanks :) ~L

  • Wow. I feel like I should pay you or something. Thanks for that ;)

    ~ HA! I’ve never heard that one before, but uh, yeah sure if ya know, you want to and all…… ;) ~L

  • *sigh*
    At the risk of being stalker-like….*sigh*

    I know this is our first, you know, meeting n’ all, but there is another blog you might like if you’re into erotic poetry and such.

    Trinity Wolf’s Eroticlit

    I know her personally….


    ~ Thanks, I’ll check her out! I always like finding new blogs, and a “hey I think their writing is good” or some such is even better. Thanks :) ~L

  • Hmmm…
    I thought this was my fantasy…

    ~ Oh I think it’s quite common ;) ~L

  • marianne

    Very sexy, and beautifully written. I could feel the urgency.

    ~ I had hoped you would, thank you! ~L

  • Very hot imagery beautifully written.

    ~ Thank you very much! :) ~L

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