Jun 302008

I live on the second floor of the apartment building, so it’s alot less likely that people can see in the living room sliding glass doors (the bedroom window however is another story, it’s about street-level). But I’ve never been standing down there in the parking lot near those other buildings so I couldn’t quite say for sure.

Sometimes I wish that my apartment was on the first floor for purely exhibitionist reasons (but then there are so many other reasons why I wouldn’t want the first floor, so second floor won out). So many years ago that it seems like a past life, I was with a new boyfriend in his first floor apartment. He only had the curtains that came with the place and apparently they weren’t very heavy. He didn’t have much furniture at that point, and we were fucking on the floor of his living room, not thinking much of the fact that we were also right in front of the sliding glass door. A friend who lived in the same complex happened to be taking his trash out that night and to get to the dumpster he had to walk past our building and window/door. That night he saw me, riding my boyfriend like a bucking bronco, perfectly silhouetted through the curtains. Now, he claimed to have kept on walking, but I know better; he was a true perv and I know he stood there as long as he was able to get away with it. I didn’t tell my boyfriend that we were spotted and I made sure that we fucked on the living room floor at night more often.

(oh and no, my tits are not fake and they don’t stand at attention like that on their own, haha. My hands were not in the shot)

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  1. I must agree the voyeurism aspect of walking the house naked is exhilerating. Very nice photo there.

  2. I agree. Love the pic!

  3. My house offers so many oppourtunities for exhibitionism. There are windows and busy roads on every side, you can see straight into my bedroom.

    One one side there is a road where lots of parents park at about 3.30pm to pick up their kids from a school that’s nearby. I had L, a friend with a plethora of benefits over, and we were having that brilliant, no holds barred, do whatever you want as loud and as hard as you want it sex. I was moaning more and more the closer I got to coming, and she was just moaning the whole time. Very high pitched and very loud moans of pleasure. It was only after we had finished that I noticed the window was right open, and all the parents (and possibly their respective kids) could well have heard everything…

    Another time the window cleaner arrived as I was lounging post coitally with L on our bed, all entwined and hot and sweaty. We heard his ladder clunk against the windowsill and him climbing up it so both dived under the duvet and hid there until he had finished, it was rather amusing!

    At Uni you can see into the rooms of the people in the block next to you. The windows of other people are quite far away, but with the right light you can see a bit of detail. One night I turned my lights off and left the curtains open as I lay back on my bed and slowly stroked my cock, showing off my entire body to anyone that had good enough eyesight and positioning to see into my room… Low risk, but oh so hot.

  4. You’re so lucky that you guys don’t have to share a room at college. I think that when you go back, you should up the ante, and perhaps light a candle?

  5. I’m not really a candle person, but maybe soft lighting. A lit window would certainly draw attention.

    Next year I’ll be in a rented house rather than Uni owned accommodation though. I’m interested in how that will affect the whole sexual logistics. With peoples rooms roads apart rather than corridors I anticipate it getting harder to get away with casually inviting people to your room to watch a film, spooning, and hoping for the best…

    Exhibition wise there is the two mile naked nightime run I did with 2 other guys, but that was more fuelled by alcohol and confidence than any sort of sexual energy… Still a lot of fun though!

  6. Knowklew and Hamachi – thank you boys


  7. this is an awesome pic. thx for brightening my day (and making me more than a little hot, too) :)

  8. “More often,” she says.

    Damn, I like you.

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