Jun 272008

This is my first foray here into the fictional world. Please let me know if this arouses you like it did for me while writing it….enjoy…

We left the restaurant at 9 and it was raining hard. The evening had been nice so far, but I couldn’t translate the written words on our screens in the internet world into physical attraction in the here and now. He could, but I couldn’t. The flirtatious looks, the unnecessary contact and the way he smiled let me know exactly how he felt. We got along great, though, and if nothing else a wonderful friendship would come from this. He was trying to hail us a cab, but it was proving difficult given the rain. By the time we got one, we were both more than damp from the rain. My hair was beginning to stick to my face and neck in thick ropes; my top clinging to my breasts and my nipples protruding out all made for quite a site.

He leaned close and reminded me of a story he wrote me of a couple feverishly fucking in the backseat of a cab. His low voice quietly rumbled in my ear: Gee look at that, here we are in a cab. Are you feeling some deja vu yet, or is it just me?

He was well aware that it had been a fantasy I enjoyed and one that he had created for me. He began whispering words, snippets of his story. As I let his words flow over me I felt myself getting aroused despite my earlier reservations. A familiar heat pooled in my cunt; that telltale tingle running down my sternum into my belly into the heat of my sex, immediately followed by wetness. I was barely aware of myself….my head leaned back against the seat, eyes closed, legs drifting apart.

His hand lightly resting on my bare thigh, his lips to my ear I could barely hear him whisper…. I know you want my hand to move up your skirt, but the driver can’t see that low right now. I need to start higher up to clue him in on what I’m doing to you. I know you want him to see.

His hand trailed down the side of my neck, across my collarbone, teased around my cleavage. The deep “V” of my top allowed him to touch quite a bit of my breast without diving underneath clothing just yet. (I cannot think I just relish in sensations) I felt his lips graze the hollow on the side of my neck – seconds felt like minutes – finally he deeply suckled my neck, biting a bit. All that was heard from me was a sharp intake of breath and a low moan. Quickly his hand yanked my shirt and bra strap off of my shoulder, moved to my breast and pulled it into full view.I fluttered open my eyes to catch the quick glances of the driver from the rear-view mirror. Yes, this was what I wanted.

He had one hand on my thigh now and one hand cupping my breast, pinching my nipple. He was purposely avoiding going anywhere near my now-dripping pussy. I needed so many things at that moment but I could not voice them. I slid my ass forward a bit on the seat in an attempt to move his hand further up my thigh – all this caused was for my skirt to ride up along with his hand, and I could feel that my pussy was exposed. After a minute of my squirming on the seat, arching my body towards his hands, he moved a single finger towards me and ran it lightly up my slit but did not push in. This was just enough to convey that he was well aware of my arousal and what I wanted, but he was in control.

My clothes damp and hair wet, water dripping down my goosefleshed skin, my nipple was hard from the combination of the chill and the pinching. His hand moved away from my breast and any modesty that hand had been affording me was gone – I was fully exposed in that way. I tried to move my hand to his lap to search for signs of his own arousal but he wouldn’t let me. This was about my exposure right now, my vulnerability, my show to put on. I must have looked at him with some fear mixed into my lust because he smiled and kissed my check tenderly. His lips moved back my cheek to my ear so he could whisper: Are you ready?

To be continued……