Aug 202008

I love how you guys just let me prattle on and bounce randomly between subjects in these sorts of posts. But really, if you think I should just shut up, let me know ;)


I’m going to be reviewing for Babeland and Edenfantasys, now as well, and also will occasionally receive a toy from the high-end company LELO of Sweden who make quite a number of vibes that I find impressive (and rechargeable!). As with VibeReview, if you guys ever see things you like from these companies, please buy from my links and I’ll get credit for it!

Seriously. I need good, creative ideas for sex toy storage! We live in a somewhat small one-bedroom apartment and it’s full as it is. The steamer-trunk idea I had is falling to the wayside as there wouldn’t be any room for one! The problem with these cute toy box/containers on the sex toy websites is that they’re not meant for a lot of vibes, or the larger ones like Hitachi Magic Wand and Miracle Massager.
My closet doors don’t ever close, so the shoe-bag idea won’t work. The underbed area is limited. I have a headboard but not a nightstand. All bureaus and such are crammed full of clothes. *sigh*


Drinks-date tonight. Should be interesting….enough to “write home” about? Hoping so!

Friendship matters with R remain strong, and the sexual side is coming back slowly. We’re both busy. This too, shall pass.

FRIDAY – I still need something to do, somewhere to go!! Refuse to sit home. For some reason I’ve been terribly craving some good seafood from my favorite places down in Maryland (eastern shore, bay side area). Cannot afford, alas.

My ass

Rachel Kramer Bussel is a pretty big name in anthology books, right up there with Violet Blue. She’s an editor and a writer (and I hear something about cupcakes?? YUM). Her newest book right now, Spanked, is on a “virtual book tour” around some popular sex blogs who each got a copy and are reviewing it. On my last HNT Scrabble pic of my Spank Me ass, Marcello says “you should send RKB a link, she’d love this!” *shrugs* ok, sure.

Then yesterday I start noticing all these hits to the post in question. My ass (the actual picture) is up on her blog for the book, her tumblr, and her blog. HAHAHA!! When I realized this I was sitting here at work. Clapped a hand over my mouth to prevent a “LOL” moment in a quiet office, and then proceeded to blush as red as my ass was in the pic. Holy Crap!


I’m inviting all my readers to tell me about their best voyeuristic experience. Email me about it. Perhaps I’ll do a posting about it, leaving it anonymous for you of course. Perhaps I’ll create an erotic story from it for you. Just share :) Nothing lengthy, just some details about what/who/when/where this occurred.

And I’m serious about this request for stories! All you who’ve occasionally been brave enough, say hi again. Those who haven’t yet, don’t be shy….
Aug 052008

Thanks to the assistance of a very nice and generous fan, Michael, I was able to go visit Jack in New York City despite a lovely $500 car repair bill from Saturday. Yikes.

Jack has a thing for Scrabble, and knowing this and his multiple sets, I had the creative idea of him taking some pics of me with a few words spelled out on my body. You’ll see them soon ;)

I took the train the whole way from my city to NYC, which is something I’ve never done. I don’t like going into things blindly; I am the sort who wants to know why, how and exactly what’s going to happen. Getting to the train station, as piddly and minor as mine was, and not knowing quite where to go or how to do things left me a bit anxious, but I got over it. Wasn’t able to do anything naughty but flirt on the train, sadly. It was alot more crowded than I thought it would be. On the ride home a very cute young man was occasionally moving up in the seats (my car was split in half sort of with seats facing both directions. i was one row back from this meetup in the middle), each move closer to my row. At one point he was in the row ahead of me but facing me and we kept glancing at each other via reflections in the window, ha. Finally he moved to the set of seats across the aisle from me and we talked/flirted a bit.

I was a weird tourist. Empire State Building? Cool tall building. Next? (ain’t gettin my ass up to the top, no thank you sir). We spent most of the “tour guide” time in Central Park. I took some half decent photos.

There’s so many many people there… many options…god I felt like a predator, checking them out. Nice thing about Jack, he and I took note of the same girls, lol. We were walking behind a few girls on the way to Penn Station to drop me off in the evening, and one of the little group had on these shorts……if you can call them that. Ended just at the bottom of her ass, skin-tight lycra things….damn. Almost whipped out my cell phone ;)
The city is alive. Made my life and my city and hell my whole state seem boring and close-minded in comparison.

My very unrealistic fantasy is to go live there for just a month or two. But, that’ll never happen. Not just the money required, but I’d lose my job taking that long of an abscence. Shit, what would my mother say, lol. No one in my family would understand it. Just not a possibility. Ah well.

I did flash a few unsuspecting souls while at Jack’s apartment taking pictures. While he was up finding another light source, I stood up mostly naked and then looked out the window to find two guys just standing out there on the sidewalk, looking up at the window and grinning. Whoops. Hi.