Sex Blogger Co-Op


While this page previously resided over at e[lust], and the Co-Op was originally tied in with e[lust], since I no longer own and run e[lust] I’ve decided to separate the two entities and drop the connection.

What is this, you ask?

sexbloggercoopbutton ”A sanctuary of knowledge-sharing for all sex/adult bloggers”. Sex bloggers, IMO, have different bloggy needs than the day-to-day diarists or mommy/daddy bloggers. Namely, we’re various levels of “Not Safe for Work”. Which means that we have different issues and resources for blog directory listings, reader bases, advertising, contest giveaways, etc. I mean, no matter how much I might talk up XYZ makeup or something, I’m never going to be approached by the company or Sephora or whomever to do a review and a giveaway. They don’t want to be associated with adult bloggers. And, as example, back when I used Blogspot, I tried signing up for the google adsense….and got rejected. For awhile there I didn’t know that advertisers would ever want to affiliate with me.

 This social networking site is hosted at, and is a private, invite-only safe space for sex bloggers only. So who is considered to be a sex blogger?

  • If you’re on Blogspot and you have a Content Warning splashpage
  • If you put your own “Over 18!” warning in your blogs sidebar
  • If you talk about sex on your blog
  • If you blog but also post erotic/nude/pornographic photos
  • If you do adult product reviews on your own blog (if toy reviews are the only sex/adult part of your blog, you may find that the ToySwap Networkwould serve you better)
  • If you write and post erotica on your blog
  • If you run a podcast that is adult/sexual in nature

 And there’s more, I’m sure. And we’re all in various circles/cliques. But for the purposes of this site? We’re all just sex bloggers. Be it LGBTQ, kinky, perverted, affairs, dating, vanilla, educational….whatever your branch is, I don’t care – we all share a commonality. I hope to have members who are veteran bloggers as well as the newer bloggers. We all have something to give and something to learn.

However, due to the confidential nature of the group and things discussed we ask that you and your blog have a little bit of establishment cred. While I fully understand that someone who’s been blogging only a month really could use help, the fact is that many sex bloggers quit after a couple of months. Brand new bloggers will be considered on a case by case basis; you may be asked to re-apply in a few months. Give the blogging thing a go for a couple of months to be sure it’s your thing, and then join us.

 Want an invite? Keep in mind this isn’t a place to garner more readers and/or blog hits from, this is information-sharing between sex bloggers and we’re looking for members who are willing to participate and be active. 

Past members of the group can access it here:

 Some recent discussions include:

  • tutorial on hotlinking of photos
  • tutorial on advertising
  • discussion of affiliate programs
  • blogger vs wordpress, free vs self-hosted
  • discussion on advertisers we’ve been contacted by

To request an invite, fill out the info requested below and send it via email to: dangerouslilly(at)gmail(dot)com; your application will be considered. An email from the network containing your invite link will arrive in a few days.

  • Email – Please provide me with the email address you want to sign up with – this is the email where will receive notifications from the group so it should be one you check frequently.
  • Website – Where do you blog at? At this time I require that members be the owners of their blog and not a contributor to a group blog. Eligible: blogspot – livejournal – wordpress – self-hosted
  • Why do you want to join? – Just a simple, honest answer is all that’s necessary!
  • Twitter – Please provide a link to your Twitter account, that is associated with your blog, if you have one
  • How long have you had your blog? (If you’ve recently moved from Blogger to WordPress, for example, count the time at both sites provided it is the same sex blog. Ideally we expect that you’ve been blogging for at least 3 months to ensure it’s something you’re serious about, and that you’ve not just created a blog to see what is being discussed)
    • 3-6 Months
    • 6-12 Months
    • 12 Months or more


Please note: While I understand that many business owners and sex toy sellers/manufacturers also have a blog as a component of the business, this is a safe space for bloggers to discuss things such as affiliate programs, advertisers, etc and so the membership must be limited to protect this safe space. Things discussed here are private and cannot be disclosed outside of the forums.


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