Oct 282009

I like making people happy.

Sex makes people happy.

No, this doesn’t mean I’m going to become Lilly, International Prostitute (although some days I consider it, when the bank account balance weebles and wobbles). But it does mean that I am more than happy to help you pick out sex toys.

Hello, I am Lilly – your personal sextoy shopper!


I’ve had a few readers-who-aren’t-bloggers ask me for some recommendations after they’ve felt comfortable enough to do so. Men, namely. In fact most of those who ask for my help are men.  But giving recommendations to men for toys for them is actually alot less complicated than giving advice for a toy for a woman. On one of the forums that I’ve joined recently I put up a post letting all the pervs there know that I’m a toy reviewer and will gladly offer advice on which toys to purchase. I’ve answered about a dozen questions there and I have fun doing this.

I’m not the be-all-end-all sextoy expert, I know that there’s bloggers who’ve reviewed a lot more toys than me (but I think 80% of us are more qualified to recommend a toy than Sue Johannsen) but I’ve learned a whole hell of a lot in my time reviewing. I’ve learned which brands to avoid and which to trust. Which materials to avoid. How to give a real good educated guess on what a toy will be like that I haven’t tried, but have tried something similar. And how to wade through the reviews that others give in which opinions vary widely. For reviews on toys, there’s no site that I trust as a whole more than edenfantasys.com. The reviews on the site are a mixture of buyers and bloggers. For the most part bloggers kick ass at reviewing and I can glean pretty safe knowledge between the two types of reviews. Many other sites like Babeland and VibeReview don’t have a distinction of blogger reviews – every little blurb review appears the same no matter the person doing it. For the blogger review you have to go find the blogger’s site. Call me jaded but I’ve seen some “buyer” reviews on these sites that look suspicious to me and I have to doubt if it was done by an actual buyer person like myself.

Edenfantasys also has numerous other tools for buyers. The 1:1 viewer so you can see the true size; the ability to filter toys by their material, size, brand, etc. No, they’re not a super-store carrying 10 thousand items, but I quite like that. The super-store sites tend to carry 30% jelly, 40% cheap shit junk and 30% good stuff.

So. Fire away! Email your questions to me and it’ll all remain confidential. If I ever want to write a follow-up post to this with reader questions and my recommendations I will ask your approval first. Here’s a starting point of what I’ll need to know to begin helping you:

  • What gender is the toy for?
  • Is the toy for you, a partner, or a gift to a friend?
  • Do you have any known allergies to things like latex, etc?
  • Is the toy for you and just you, to be used sometimes by you and sometimes with your partner, solely as a couples thing or what?
  • What’s your general price range? Keep in mind that you can’t always get a really great toy for less than $20, especially in categories such as male masturbators. I’ll only recommend a toy over $100 if I truly feel there’s no other decent alternative for less.
  • Do you (or the recipient) have any health issues or known sexual issues that need to be taken into consideration?
  • Have you tried any sextoys in the past and if so, which ones and how did they work out for you?

  2 Responses to “Ask Lilly: Introducing Your Personal Shopper”

  1. I will vouch for Lil’s customer service, knowledge, and resources. She is very informative, friendly, and non-judgmental.

    I have ‘used’ Lil for advice, purchased her recommendations and would highly recommend her services.


  2. I think you’ve finally found your true calling!

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