Apr 302009

I just realized I haven’t posted anything since last week’s HNT. I’m just….not feeling it. A possible meet-up this week that has been postponed a bit made me antsy and nervous and sucked up everything in my head like a leech. It likely will continue to do so until it happens next week. It’s pretty major for me, but I won’t say anything more on it.

Work. Sucks. DONKEY BALLS.

I know I am lucky to have a job but holy fucking hell I’m miserable. I’m surrounded by idiots. The merge of half a dozen agencies into one office did not go as smoothly as they promised (surprise sooprise) despite months and months and untold dollars of planning. I get documents from 7 different areas now, all the same things, but yet….they’re all different. There is one good way, and many are just saying…..fuck it. It’s not how I was used to doing it, I’m not changing. It’s this attitude that’s going to cause me to go postal on their fucking asses. It makes my job SO much more difficult and patience-trying. Today I left in a mild rage. Only later did I find amusement in this: Picture a white girl – a pretty, feminine white girl who is obviously more suburban than urban and more office than street – in her white girl car, driving through the um more “shady” area of the city where the sidewalks are dappled with little clusters of tough-lookin black guys with their silly ass size 60 jeans belted around (or, more laughably, under) their boxer-covered asses doing their best to be cool/intimidating/rough, and the pretty feminine white girl is sitting there in the slow-moving traffic down their street simultaneously smoking a slim cigarette and filing her nails while Limp Bizkit’s “Break Something” is blasting from her speakers and pouring out of the car windows. To say that I got some looks is putting it mildly. One even made sure to cross the street right in front of my car with a mildly confused/amused look on his face as he made certain that it was my car blasting the angry metal music.

So yeah, work is getting progressively worse. They say it’ll get better but I’m not so sure.

So what GOOD has happened you ask?

Not much.

I miss my girls, I barely talk to my friends anymore online since the job change.

Oh, my hair looks fabulous lately. I usually don’t like my hair, it doesn’t look good for long because it’s fine/thin and refuses to hold a curl longer than 5 minutes. It’s lazier than I am. I got this stuff from Aveda called Pure Abundance Hair Potion. It’s weird, it comes out as a powder, the active ingredients include kaolin clay and silica and other stuff. It’s not as “bad” on my hair as usual styling products, I only use it on my roots but MAN does it add volume! Sexy hair!

UPS pissed me off this week, a Babeland item for review got sent back to shipper after mishaps. If a sig is required, they just won’t ever leave it, and they refused to come when someone would be here – instead they show up in the 3 hours someone is NOT here.

My birthday is next month (May) my one year blogiversary is the month after (June). Perhaps some good things for those two, we’ll see!

Until then…..


Your best bet is to just stay away mother fucker
Its just one of those days

Apr 222009

In a nutshell……it sucks. Hardcore.

What sucks, you ask? Let me give you a brief (ish) rundown:

My supervisor:

I had not worked in the same office as her before, so I never had to deal with her full time. I can’t stand her.  She’s a giggler, at everything and at inappropriate times. Laughing at people’s inability to perform a job function that is new to them, AS she’s making a shitty attempt to explain it again. She’s really not being a very good supervisor.

My cubicle:

Oh hell. Now you all know I was “on display” before, being at a receptionist type desk with the 4 foot wall in front of me, open to everybody that walked by. Now, the walls are 5 feet to my front and my back, and about 6 feet to my left where the overhead cabinet is. To my right is the separating aisle and then a mirror of my cube, where sits my supervisor. To the front is a wall that allows people to peer at me and down the row, which I’m finding annoying. It’s a main through-way-aisle, and being on the corner of aisles I get a lot of loiterers, busybodies and other disrupters.

I moved my computer from the standard of being in the corner of the U, to looking out at that main aisle that’s now in front of me. I did this to attempt to angle my monitor so that what’s up on the screen is just a bit less fucking visible – otherwise totally visible to everyone that walks up the aisle coming towards my desk from the back. It helped a little bit, but as soon as you get to the back wall of my cube you can see my monitor and what’s on it.

My solutions? Well the monitor can only be resolved by buying one of those privacy filters, but they are just NOT affordable right now. I also need to purchase some new clothes for a slightly less casual dress code. anyways. I bought some plants, they just need to grow so I can create my jungle foliage fence. I have one here today, bringing the other two tomorrow. I just set this one in this old fashioned wooden double inbox thing so that it was a little higher….but it looks like a potted plant sitting in an inbox, lol. I need some ideas though to make that look nicer.


(there will be another, slightly smaller, potted plant joining this one in the inbox tomorrow)

My worktime shenanigans:

As for naughtiness and online time and all that…..I’ve temporarily snagged an aspect of the new job that requires me to be at my own desk. Otherwise, if I’m in the imaging room, I’m at another computer and cannot be online. I can access a Yahoo chat application through my phone, so I’m not totally disconnected but, enough.

I’m still able to access m remote log in sites so that I can do what I did before….all browsing and chatting is happening on the home computer.But, since the monitor is visible when people are passing my desk….the window is shrunken, its crappy quality and B&W, I can’t use Twitter, I can’t really visit blogs…it sucks.

For some reason my preferred remote site, gotomypc.com, isn’t working here and there’s no reason that I can see why not. Logmein.com works. Anybody familiar with gotomypc should shoot me an email.

I don’t talk to my friends as much. I still am concerned about the relationship with Q deteriorating severly, slowly. We’ll see.

Apr 202009

Recently I bought a bunch of cases from Vera, owner of For Your Nymphomation. My lot are from the older style of cases, so the zipper closure that locks isn’t as awesome as it is currently – but I don’t have kids or nosy parents/roommates, so I didn’t care.

I got a bunch of  different things – a Bigfoot case, a Foot long case, a Hide n Seek case, and a Size Does Matter case.

One of the things I love about the Hide n Seek case is the material – which, sadly, Vera is discontinuing. It’s the textured black. This isn’t the typical faux leather, it’s a more stiff, bumpy matte-finish vinyl. (Shown here in a smaller case than the one I got) Masculine, really. But I love it because it’s very stiff and sturdy and I know my somewhat-delicate bullet vibe is safe in there to get tossed around my big work bag and not get broken. Stuffed in that case is the bullet vibe I reviewed recently (the battery pack is bigger, other bullet vibes I’ll have more room), 5 AA’s, my Pocket Rocket, and another tiny little vibe. If  I remove the other stuff, I can fit in just the bullet and the wooden dildo, plus spare batteries.

My Size Does Matter case is actually being used for my digital camera accessories like memory cards, the usb stick card reader, and spare batteries.

The Foot Long case is being used by my partner for his few toys – it’s overkill, not like anything he has is a foot long! But I wanted something bigger rather than smaller. I got this one in the purple and it’s really nice! Soft faux flexible leather in a realistic faux-leather look and it’s a pretty dark purple.

Big Foot is nice – firm sides, straps inside for things, straps on the lid. I haven’t truly put it to proper use, as most of my toys stay in the Adult Toybox XL, but I did test to make sure it’ll fit the Hitachi – and it does. Barely, the cord end pushes the material out just a smidge to get it in there, but it fits.

I’m not kissing Vera’s ass here, lol, I really do like these cases. I’d get more of the Hide n Seek if I had the spare money, and not for sex toy purposes! It’s a great size for a lot things. I think these are better than the Devine brand, and there’s a ton more sizes and options. When you go to the average online sex toy retailer, the For Your Nymphomation cases are really the only ones worth looking at. If you have ANY reason whatsoever to need your privacy – these cases are the way to go.

The discount for my readers (use code DangerousFYN at checkout) is still valid until I hear otherwise, so take advantage of it! Also check out her sale page, there’s a brown Foot Long case that’s perfect for a guy, or if you simply like brown “leather”. She’s not going to be making cases in this color any more, so get on it!

Apr 192009

I need a muse.

I want to write smut and erotica but it’s just lurking back there in the recesses of my mind. It’s not coming out. Also a reason why there haven’t been any pics except for spontaneous camera-phone pics is because I can’t think up anything fresh and doable.

So, I’m hiring a muse.

What’s the pay? First look at what I write, input on it, first look at photos and helping to choose the versions I post if there’s more than 1 good one.

What’s the requirement? Someone who’s online daily and has creative thoughts. Oh and relatively familiar with my blog, what I’ve written, photos I’ve posted…..just so all your ideas aren’t repeats of what I’ve done.

Your incentive……


Taken while driving/in traffic on my way home from work one day after being teased…


Please list your level of desire, qualifications, etc below. If you are too shy to leave your application in the comments then by all means email me. And if you can’t find my email address…..then you shouldn’t be applying  ;)

Apr 162009

You find the funniest things when you’re doing fun google image searches. I won’t tell you how I got to this blog posting.

No, I won’t. Stop asking.

When I read posts like this it makes me thankful for the men (most of them) currently in my life and that they would never be this…….ignorant. Stupid. Chauvinistic. And just….downright….icky! Yes I’m so….ARGH that I’m at a loss for descriptive words.

Gee, I’m a slut.

I didn’t know that…..did you?!?!?!

  • She broaches the subject of sex first.

The more explicitly she talks about sex before you’ve banged her, the likelier she has a storied slutty past.

  • She suggests kinky sex acts.

If you’ve been dating a short while and she eagerly implores you for public sex before the glow of bedroom missionary sex has worn off, you’ve got a slut.

  • She shows a lot of cleavage all the time.

No worries if she’s accentuating her tits on the first date to entice you, but if she’s got those colliding death stars displayed for the world to admire every time you’re out with her, you’ve got a woman on your hands who is addicted to advertising herself. And there will be buyers, oh yes!

Wow. Yeah. Slutttttttty! Ding ding ding! Sign me up baby!

Here’s where it starts to piss me off:

  • She’s neurotic and disagreeable.

Emotionally flighty girls are vaginally flighty girls. They are ruled by their vaginas. If she’s the gossipy, backstabbing, conniving sort who drips with sarcasm and generally disdains everyone around her, you can bet her black soul will seek sustenance on a carousel of cock.

No, fucktard, maybe she just needs a fucking ORGASM that you obviously aren’t very capable of giving her. Or, wait, would her ability to orgasm also be deemed a clue to her slutdom?

  • She seems “hard”.

If she’s got that tough, tankgrrl aura about her, like she’s been through dating hell and back, and her cynicism is worse than yours, you know she’s been used like a cheap whore.

  • She tells you about all the places she’s traveled.

Yeah, chicks love to travel, but how many have put their dreams into action? If your date has been around the world twice with multiple stops in Rome, Rio, Vegas, LA, or some Appalachian backwater you can be sure she’s “traveled” straight into the crotch of an exotic local at every destination.

Traveling?? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

  • She’s black.

Sorry, folks, hate to say it, but going by my personal experience and what I’ve heard from friends, black chicks seem to sleep around more. Don’t blame me, I’m just the Deliverer Of Truths Best Left Unsaid But I’m Going To Say Anyhow.

So now he’s not only a chauvinistic sexist prick, he’s racist too.

  • Her cunt is cavernous.

Some of you wonder if this is an urban legend or a frat boy joke, but it’s got a kernel of truth. If you feel big with most girls, but small with her (and she doesn’t have the excuse of being a seacow), she has a stretched out pussy that has happily accommodated a parade of giant cocks. Why do you think Kegels are all the rage with the city slutterati? Chicks are onto the fact that their distended pussies betray their loose ways, and anything to tighten up that love hole helps them hide their pecker pounded tracks. When I feel humongous with a girl, I know she has a normal sized snatch that hasn’t been used like the town orifice. The more I feel like I’m ripping her insides to shreds, the likelier I am to move her to the front of my cherished girlfriend queue.


Wow. I’m sure I’m as flabbergasted by this “stretched out pussy” bullshit as AAG was.

What’s worse is the comments on this post. Sure there’s some that are calling this guy every bad name in the book but honestly there’s way too many in agreement for my taste.

If one would take this list seriously, it’s safe to say that 90% of women in the dating age range are to be considered a slut by this author and his flock of idiot sheep.

Edit: This is not the only post on his site, in case you didn’t look at it or browse around. This isn’t a troll post, he is really and truly like this, it’s the “theme” of his blog.

Apr 142009

I’m approaching my final 3 days in the office. Therefore, I’m taking request for naughty office pics that I could potentially snap.

Or….other suggestions, if you can think of anything.

Now, I’m not saying I’ll be able to do every request/suggestion, but I’ll certainly try! Click on the tags associated with this post to see past escapades. Today is Tuesday….Friday is my last day, but that day will also be kinda hectic here, I assume. I know moving people are going to arrive late afternoon that day. So if you have any requests……hurry up!!

I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m really feeling nervous as to what my new office life will be like come Monday morning. Not just with regards to my online time and my naughtiness, but everything.