Jun 302008

I must have looked at him with some fear mixed into my lust because he smiled and kissed my check tenderly. His lips moved back my cheek to my ear so he could whisper: Are you ready?

Did I mention he was strong?

Suddenly he grabbed me and dragged me into his lap with my back to his chest. One hand reached around and pinched my nipple, drawing it out. The other hand slid around and pulled my skirt up in the front (very easy to do as it was one of those floaty full things hitting just above the knee). I was about as exposed as I could get; my cunt bared and visible with the scent of my arousal heavy in the cab, and my breast hanging out as his personal plaything. All those red lights were really ending up in the cab drivers favor; with every one he was getting more and more bold with his watchful eye. In my position up on his lap my upper half was also visible to other people in other taxis and cars and I heard the occasional honk or holler. Half of me was embarrassed, my face burning in shame. The other half highly aroused and that half was a dead giveaway.

He suddenly told the driver to pull over and let us out. As the driver put the cab in park he turned around in his seat and stared at my body full on, mere inches away, with this horribly wonderful lecherous smirk. He let me slide off while he paid and I quickly fixed my shirt and bra, readjusting myself to be covered. I could see we were in a neighborhood full of brownstone style apartments and houses. The rain had let up and as we exited the cab I could feel only the sensuous humidity in the air.

He led me to the steps of the closest building. Staring at me with equal parts lust and power he stepped close and in 2 seconds flat had my shirt over my head and off before I had time to protest much less stop him. It might have been evening where I had the cover of darkness but this was no sleepy neighborhood. He backed up until he was sitting on the third step and pulled me onto his lap, straddling him. He reached underneath and I thought he would pull out his cock and fuck me right there – would I have cared? No, not at that point.

But as usual he was full of surprises. With the hand underneath me he began stroking my sopping wet cunt so lightly that I bucked on his hand, pressing into him, needing more. As he finally sunk two fingers into me, using his free hand he flipped the back of my skirt up and tucked it into my waistband, affording anyone walking by a full view of my ass and the hand under me. I no longer cared. Let the world watch. His thumb grazed my clit and I cried out. His thumb ground into my clit and I moaned with pent up frustration.

I pressed my pussy against his hand as hard as I could for the only care in my mind was the imminent orgasm approaching. As suddenly as he started, he stopped. He pulled his hand away. I begged him – please no, don’t stop, I need it. He reached around my back with both hands and quickly flicked my bra open; he yanked it in the middle of the cups up front to pull it off my body. As he took one nipple in his mouth he slowly leaned back, taking me with him. In this position my cunt was wide open and bared for all to see who walked by; and there were certainly people. The pain of his teeth on my nipple was so exquisite but I cried for release.

Go ahead then, he whispered. Use your own hand. Get yourself off for me, for these people. They’re all watching you.

My hand shot to my clit like lightning. While my fingers rubbed my clit furiously, and occasionally sank deep in me, my wrist was rubbing against his hard cock through his dress pants. As he kneaded my breasts, kissed and bit and sucked them, I orgasmed furiously on his lap, on the steps, in front of unknown strangers. I collapsed on his chest from exhaustion and he untucked my skirt and handed me my shirt to put on. The bra – he kept that in his hand, as a trophy as he led me to his apartment.

Jun 302008

I live on the second floor of the apartment building, so it’s alot less likely that people can see in the living room sliding glass doors (the bedroom window however is another story, it’s about street-level). But I’ve never been standing down there in the parking lot near those other buildings so I couldn’t quite say for sure.

Sometimes I wish that my apartment was on the first floor for purely exhibitionist reasons (but then there are so many other reasons why I wouldn’t want the first floor, so second floor won out). So many years ago that it seems like a past life, I was with a new boyfriend in his first floor apartment. He only had the curtains that came with the place and apparently they weren’t very heavy. He didn’t have much furniture at that point, and we were fucking on the floor of his living room, not thinking much of the fact that we were also right in front of the sliding glass door. A friend who lived in the same complex happened to be taking his trash out that night and to get to the dumpster he had to walk past our building and window/door. That night he saw me, riding my boyfriend like a bucking bronco, perfectly silhouetted through the curtains. Now, he claimed to have kept on walking, but I know better; he was a true perv and I know he stood there as long as he was able to get away with it. I didn’t tell my boyfriend that we were spotted and I made sure that we fucked on the living room floor at night more often.

(oh and no, my tits are not fake and they don’t stand at attention like that on their own, haha. My hands were not in the shot)

Jun 282008

College can be the best place for sexual exploration and in many cases the first time kids really get it on.

My freshman year roommate apparently either felt very comfortable with me or thought I was sleeping. We had our beds bunked to allow more space in the room for our stuff and hanging out (read: cluttered junk and smoking pot) and since I didn’t like light in the morning I had two throw blankets shoved underneath her mattress so that they hung down around my bed creating a cave-like environment. Perhaps being hidden away like this they forgot about me.

It was late when she came in and crawled up top but despite the dark room I wasn’t asleep. I quickly felt the beds shake as a second person climbed up with her. Soon I heard quiet giggling and whispers I couldn’t make out, followed by the unmistakable sounds of kissing. Unsure what to do I just laid there quietly hidden away thinking they would surely stop there. But no. The kissing kept up and despite my annoyance I was somewhat aroused. As soon as I heard the first breathy moan from one of them I knew I was in trouble. My heart was racing and that familiar tingle zipped down from my throat to my cunt and I was pretty wet. I saw the mattress sag down above my head heard the springs groan under the weight of them both and the bed rocked with their movements.

My hand snaked down under my clothes and tentatively dipped into my gushing pussy. Keep in mind I was a late-bloomer and so I had never really masturbated much – hardly at all in fact and rarely to orgasm. Afraid they would hear the sloppy sounds of my fingers I slowly moved my pillow and placed it over my lap. I pulled back my side blanket just a bit to look in our mirror and could see that she was on top and fluidly grinding on his body. The light from the alarm clocks didn’t get me much of a view but I could see her small pale breasts and a hint of her leg; her midnight lover had a palm to one breast and her head was thrown back. I couldn’t tell if she was completely naked or not – she later claimed they never had sex that night but I don’t think I believed her.

The sighs and heavy breathing were getting the better of me and my two fingers were pumping in and out of my cunt so quickly. I heard her high pitched soft moans and saw he had one hand at her mons. She got a little louder, my hand went a little faster, and I think we might have orgasmed together. But it didn’t help; I so desperately craved human contact of my own right then. I smoothed down my clothes and gingerly, quietly, quickly escaped from my bed and the 3 feet to our door. As I opened the door to our hallway, and the harsh light came in, I glanced back and saw my roommate’s surprised flushed face looking apologetic. I quickly let them get back to business.

Now then…a boy. 1.a.m. I tried calling one guy who was a friend I fooled around with but he didn’t answer. To distract myself I went down to the basement rec room to watch TV. RJ, a guy I fooled around with occasionally, was thankfully, miraculously, there watching a movie. His roommate was with him but saw me and left a minute later. RJ and I never had sex and never would; we both had someone back home and the illicit affair had its bounds. We started out on the horrible vinyl dorm couch but quickly moved to the pool table. He was one of the top 5 kissers in my career, still is on that list. We made out for an hour with hands roaming overtop clothes in the most erotic and naughty fashion. It didn’t take much of my hand stroking his cock through his silky basketball shorts for him to cum. I took great pride in that but he seemed a little embarrassed. We parted for the night shortly after; my cunt was still throbbing but I was mostly sated (if this were present day you can bet your ass I would have had a cock, real or silicone, slamming in and out with a vibe on my clit but alas I was young and untrained).

It never happened again – and when I returned to the room the boy was gone.

Jun 272008

I’m not sure if you all have read this, how long it has been circulating, and whatnot. I read a reposting of this on a social site I belong to. I, in turn, reposted it in my own journal and was inundated by some very uptight and defensive women complaining about it.

So I’m here today to share my particular thoughts on it. I won’t put up the whole thing, if you want to, you can go read it here.

I realize that there’s also a lot of women in kink who won’t feel this applies to them. For example, someone very dominant or very submissive. But as a switch exploring her submissive side, this all appeals to me.

When we get hot and heavy, please take charge. Please, please fuck me. Trust me, I’m not going to just lie still – I’ll get involved. But don’t make me force your hand into my panties. That makes me feel like a rapist. We’ve been kissing for a half hour and your hand keeps grazing my ass. That’s nice, but it’s time to move forward. Get on top of me. Don’t make me get on top right out of the gate and start bobbing up and down on your cock like I’m practicing some crazy new aerobic yoga because YOU won’t go down on me. Roll on top and start dry humping like a good boy should. Don’t gently suck my nipples and then pull back when I moan with pleasure. You being coy is totally not what I want.

Unfortunately for me I’ve been with a few guys who really should have read this beforehand. I was with a guy, in his bed, making out hot and heavy. Clothes were being removed, soon we were both down to underwear, my tits on display. I will give him credit, when I whispered “harder”, he did as told…and one cannot go assuming things like attention to the clit and nipples. However I did have to guide his hand downward finally (hey my hand went down all on its own and you enjoyed that thoroughly, what makes you think I don’t want reciprocation?) to which he replies “Oh I don’t have sex on the first date anymore.” Oh, nice. A. you could have mentioned that when conversation got intimate and raunchy online. 2. You could have mentioned that before we both got nearly naked and thoroughly worked up.

3. Most women like to be fucked, and fucked well. Yes, there are women out there who want to “make love” every time – sweet, gentle, rocking love with lots of eye contact and loving kisses. Those women are not the majority. The majority like to be pounded. The majority like to have their hair pulled. The majority like a good, solid jackhammering. A little roughness is nice. Do not pretend that you had no idea that some women like their hair pulled. Do not act shocked if she wants you to spank her (“Really? Spanking? Won’t it hurt?” – yes, it does. That’s the fucking point). We know you’ve read Stuff and Maxim, and that’s all those laddie mags talk about in their “How to Please Her” sections. Start with light, full handed smacks to the area of her ass that she sits on. Judge her response and continue on from there.

A few extra pointers. Hair pulling. I have told men that I like it. The only one who got it right, really, was the one to introduce it to me. The first time he pulled my hair while deeply kissing me it went straight to my cunt and I was immediately throbbing and wet, whimpering and moaning in the exquisite pleasurable pain. The place to grab is dead center nape of the neck, the last inch or two of hairline. Grab as close to the roots as possible. Even better, weave your fingers through her hair there and then grab. Sure, you can grab a ponytail and yank during doggystyle, but that elicits a sharper pain that begins to delve into more kink. The throb-inducing pressure/tug/dull pain is achieved as I mentioned.
The ass-smack…the only response I expect to hear from you when I tell you I like that it is a low, growling “good”.

Most women like dirty talk, in addition to the grunting. If you’d like to get some dirty talk going, ask her if she likes the way you fuck her. If she responds well, continue with something like, “I love fucking you. God, you look so fucking hot.” Is she still moaning in response? “Your tits are so beautiful.” Does that work? If she doesn’t respond well to the term “tits”, you might have to stop there. If she keeps moaning or responding, pass Go and collect $200.

Ok yes…basically this boils down to a combination of sexy ramblings and hot compliments. The bonus to starting things out in the online world? We already know what gets the other person off. Now you just have to have the balls to actually let those words fall off your lips.

Just LISTEN. When I tell you to suck my nipple harder, not lick it like a kitten, that’s great that you took it up a few notches. But when I then wince “ow” and make an attempt to pull back a little, unless this is a D/s session you really need to be pulling back and/or giving me that exquisite pain in shorter bursts.

You know what? I really do want to hear you tell me similar things, too. In one of the pictures I sent “M”, he described my expression as “come fuck me” eyes. At one point during our rendezvous I glanced up at him with that lust and it made him crazy.
Look at me again like that…yes…

And honey when I say “fuck me”, don’t you dare delay. At that point in the game I do not want a whole lot of pause going on. Again, this is all different in a good D/s session in which I have no control, but that’s all another matter, another day ;)

I’m no china doll…I won’t break.

Jun 272008

This is my first foray here into the fictional world. Please let me know if this arouses you like it did for me while writing it….enjoy…

We left the restaurant at 9 and it was raining hard. The evening had been nice so far, but I couldn’t translate the written words on our screens in the internet world into physical attraction in the here and now. He could, but I couldn’t. The flirtatious looks, the unnecessary contact and the way he smiled let me know exactly how he felt. We got along great, though, and if nothing else a wonderful friendship would come from this. He was trying to hail us a cab, but it was proving difficult given the rain. By the time we got one, we were both more than damp from the rain. My hair was beginning to stick to my face and neck in thick ropes; my top clinging to my breasts and my nipples protruding out all made for quite a site.

He leaned close and reminded me of a story he wrote me of a couple feverishly fucking in the backseat of a cab. His low voice quietly rumbled in my ear: Gee look at that, here we are in a cab. Are you feeling some deja vu yet, or is it just me?

He was well aware that it had been a fantasy I enjoyed and one that he had created for me. He began whispering words, snippets of his story. As I let his words flow over me I felt myself getting aroused despite my earlier reservations. A familiar heat pooled in my cunt; that telltale tingle running down my sternum into my belly into the heat of my sex, immediately followed by wetness. I was barely aware of myself….my head leaned back against the seat, eyes closed, legs drifting apart.

His hand lightly resting on my bare thigh, his lips to my ear I could barely hear him whisper…. I know you want my hand to move up your skirt, but the driver can’t see that low right now. I need to start higher up to clue him in on what I’m doing to you. I know you want him to see.

His hand trailed down the side of my neck, across my collarbone, teased around my cleavage. The deep “V” of my top allowed him to touch quite a bit of my breast without diving underneath clothing just yet. (I cannot think I just relish in sensations) I felt his lips graze the hollow on the side of my neck – seconds felt like minutes – finally he deeply suckled my neck, biting a bit. All that was heard from me was a sharp intake of breath and a low moan. Quickly his hand yanked my shirt and bra strap off of my shoulder, moved to my breast and pulled it into full view.I fluttered open my eyes to catch the quick glances of the driver from the rear-view mirror. Yes, this was what I wanted.

He had one hand on my thigh now and one hand cupping my breast, pinching my nipple. He was purposely avoiding going anywhere near my now-dripping pussy. I needed so many things at that moment but I could not voice them. I slid my ass forward a bit on the seat in an attempt to move his hand further up my thigh – all this caused was for my skirt to ride up along with his hand, and I could feel that my pussy was exposed. After a minute of my squirming on the seat, arching my body towards his hands, he moved a single finger towards me and ran it lightly up my slit but did not push in. This was just enough to convey that he was well aware of my arousal and what I wanted, but he was in control.

My clothes damp and hair wet, water dripping down my goosefleshed skin, my nipple was hard from the combination of the chill and the pinching. His hand moved away from my breast and any modesty that hand had been affording me was gone – I was fully exposed in that way. I tried to move my hand to his lap to search for signs of his own arousal but he wouldn’t let me. This was about my exposure right now, my vulnerability, my show to put on. I must have looked at him with some fear mixed into my lust because he smiled and kissed my check tenderly. His lips moved back my cheek to my ear so he could whisper: Are you ready?

To be continued……


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Jun 252008

Sex Toys and Vibrator Reviews

This site not only is fun (selling sex toys, woot!) but informative. It’s a really good place for women to go to make a more informed decision when buying their toys. After all, we don’t like spending $40 and upwards on a toy that we end up hating.

So I’m an affiliate of this site now, which means, if you wanna buy a sex toy click on that link or the banner down there on the side and I get monetary credit for it.

If you want help in buying your girl a sex toy or something for the both of you to use, I’ll be able to help as I’ll be reviewing toys from them a few times a month.

Edit: I am in love with this toy and would love to have it as a replacement for my dearly departed red bullet vibe (star of my masturbation sessions at my desk) Berry Delight – Bullet & Egg Vibes @ VibeReview