May 282009

I’m sitting at my desk right, I’m at work.

For some reason inspiration struck and my creative and perverted mind has been spinning the scenarios of upcoming parts to my latest erotica series……I’ve been trying to concentrate on work for the past 3 hours but sex keeps pushing it’s way in like a neon sign.

And so my cunt has been on a slow simmer until I started writing at 4pm, when a good portion of the office leaves for the day. Work for 5 minutes. Write for 5 minutes. Sit there in a seeming fugue while my mind is stuck on what it would feel like to have my fingers inside her right now and her nipple trapped between my teeth.

It’s now 4:20. 90% of the office is gone by 4:30, well more like 4:25 because these fuckers sneak out early. I am waiting impatiently and checking my little sideview mirror as I wait for the people in my row to leave.

It’s 4:28. All but two others now in my row are gone. This one guy, I can’t stand him, he has his afternoon snack at 4:30 and so he’s up and down from his seat about a million times. It’s hard to get anything naughty done when I have to keep alt-tabbing. Ok, he’s gone for a minute….and I’m getting my bullet vibe out. I pondered going to the restroom but the cleaning crew starts before we’re all gone, so it’s not possible.

Fuck it. I’m just going to unzip right here at my desk.

Bullet in. Bullet on. High. Immediately I feel the tightening in my chest of extreme arousal and the utter dire need to come. I’ll just get myself close and then finish off in the car.

4:40. I keep squirming and pressing my thighs together and finding a new short-lived spot that presses the bullet into my clit. Short-lived because I’m soaking wet and it’s slippery down there. I’m pretending to work and also alt-tabbing back to my “secret internet window” to write smut.

4:50 now. I wonder if I can sneak out early. Actually…..I wonder if I can just do it right here at my desk once that idiot leaves. I’m gonna try. I have to.

Christ. I am about 9.5 on the O-scale and it’s delicious fucking torture.

Jesus christ would he just LEAVE already????

4:58. Come ON dickhead just leave, for the love of pete I fucking need to come!

Ok, he’s gone. My work tote is up on my desk, blocking most of the view of where my left hand is. I have my jeans unzipped and my hand shoved down my panties, grinding that bullet against my clit. I am silently begging my body to just let go, release, go over the edge already.


I could just cry the need is so bad.

Oh fuck. Finally.


Damn that was a strong orgasm, and my batteries were half dead! When the orgasm finally kicked over the edge and the fluttering at my eyelids started, I tried like hell to keep my eyes open, but one lid betrayed and fluttered/winked a few times and then the wave crashed and I tried to be silent I tried to be inconspicuous but instead I bowed my head a little and jerked subtly and moaned at just above a whisper and my cunt contracted and spasmed so strong I nearly cried. Wow.

Bullet off…..back in my bag….zip up my pants (please don’t let anybody walk by right now)….my few minutes of recovery are good enough, I’m gone baby.

{Edit: I walked out of there with a smile on my face and feeling at peace. The girl I lust for happened to leave at the same time so I stopped and said a quick hello to someone else…..I just didn’t have the bravery for small talk in a small elevator when I know damn well I’m a little flushed and my fingers smell like pussy.}

{Edit 2: My need to pleasure a woman right now is at maximum. At this point I don’t fucking care if she doesn’t reciprocate, I’ll just hump my Hitachi while I fuck her senseless with my fingers and mouth. What the FUCK do I have to do to get myself a female, a naked horny hot female??? I suspect this question is asked daily by men around the world.}